New Nike shoe already?

Been looking around for some lunar racers only to find limited sizes and that some online stores are claiming they are disconntinued. Surley not after only being around 8 months? Are Nike releasing another arcer soon hence the disconntinuation? The same goes for the Lunar Elites as I love those shoes.


  • Surely they`re not canning the Lunaracer II ? The Lunaracer was in mho the best racer Nike ever produced.
  • Devoted2Distance wrote (see)

    Not sure about Lunar Elites/Racers but Glides have moved onto updated version.

    Changed already, as in a different shoe?  Not just a weird new colour scheme?  I bought the older one last week and have only done 6 miles in them!
  • I've been looking around for Lunaracer's too, yet to see a high street shop stock them and reluctant to buy them online without trying them on first.

     The Lunar range always seems to be in a state of flux, there's the new Lunareclipse and the Lunarfly which doesn't seem to have made it over to the UK

     I'm very happy with my Glides, and want a lighter 'racier' version. Will probably end up having to go to Nike Town in London (do they have a running section ?) to try out the Swift, Racer and Elite to see which one I prefer

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