Brilliant Photos yet again taken By Bryan Dale Photos, and free to download.


  • Totally meaningless post without any context.

    What on earth are you talking about.

  • @bikermouse - from the subject and the post, "Bryan Dale Photos has some pictures of the Wolves Marathon that are free to download".
  • God knows how you find them, though. The site ( is really, really, really bad. Utterly supendous in terms of design and usability. Clearly built by a blind, one-armed pixie.
  • it is not Race Photos try Bryan Dale Photos- are you the one eyed blind thick pixie - try writing something constructive or just don't bother, idiot.
  • Roy, you know that you can post links on here?  While your original post is useful information, and thank you for posting it, it would be better with a link to the website.  It would be even better posted on the relevant thread in the events section, where the people who did the race are likely to hang out.
  • If you google for "bryan dale photos" you get this as the very first result, idiot:

    Search Results
    racephotos - 08:58
    An interactive map showing photos taken at different locations around the course. ... Site maintained by: Bryan Dale

    And another thing, you dumbfsck, if you're going to spam, at least post the link to the correct site.
  • Roy Grew 2 wrote (see)
    it is not Race Photos try Bryan Dale Photos- are you the one eyed blind thick pixie - try writing something constructive or just don't bother, idiot.
    What a charming post! image
  • Ooh, interesting. Another post spamming BDP, but this time with a URL - the Race Photos!
  • So much for the theory that running helps combat stress image
  • Hi,

    On Sunday I ran my first half marathon & was thrilled to be under 2 hours. I had such a great time & had worked hard to train for the distance.

    It was therefore so nice that Brian Dale had taken and uploaded to his website bucket loads of photos from the race that were available for free download.  What a great momento!

    This man is awesome, I emailed him to ask when the photos might be downloaded & was amazed how he took the trouble to actually find me in his photos & email them to me. What a fantastic guy! This website is well worth a look, the photos are amazing.

    Find him at  [b][/b]

    Thanks Bryan!!!

  • @kate Hodgkins 2 - according to your friend Roy Grew 2, that isn't Bryan Dale's web site.
  • Kate Hodgkins 2 wrote (see)

    This man is awesome

    What a fantastic guy!

    Thanks Bryan!!!

    In my darkest hour, my moment of light was when Brian Dale rescued me

     Thanks Brian !!!

  • This is a little bit harsh isn't it? The guy has taken the trouble to go down for the day and take photos that you can download from his website for free, even if they are difficult to find.image
  • @cold war kid - the point is that he's using two aliases to spam the forum about them.
  • Calm down you guys, why all this hurt?  Life is too short.

    I am Bryan Dale, of  Racephotos. 

    I started the website 8 years ago, after I tore my cartledge so badly I could not race myself no more.  It was just my way of putting something back into the sport that I have loved for nearly 30 years.

    In that time Racephotos has had 644.000 hits.

    Since Sunday's Wolverhampton Half and Full Marathon, the site has had over 6,000 hits.

    I have had 42 requests for high resolution photos which I provided for free.

    Roy Grew who posted above runs for the Road Runners Club and ran the full marathon in  4:08, not bad for M70.

    Kate Hodgkins who again posted above is unattached and ran the Half in 2:00:04

    Kind regards.


  • Intermanuat - FFS, chill yer ferrets.  The guy offers free downloads and this is being shared with those who might find it useful.  Hardly on a spamming par with Chinese Air Jordans.

    IIRC (I recognise the website format) Bryan's taken some decent snaps of me in the past and I think he does an excellent job.  Hi Bryan!


    PhilPub, aka Roy Grew, aka Kate Hodgkins (at weekends)

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