Chip Timing at Cancer Reasearch Events

Hi All,

 I am running the 10K round Victoria Park in London on the 17th October 2010 and I was just wondering if it will be chip timed. I can't find this info out anyway. Help please image Thanks.


  • Hi Cheg,

    I was wondering the same thing about my run in Tatton Park, but I've just checked the Cancer Research website and it says "Cancer Research UK does not provide official timings for the runs, but there will be a clock on the start and finish line for you to note your own time".

  • Hi Cheg, I'm doing that one too.  I'll be the person in the red vest looking like she's about to drop dead....
  • Are they officially measured 10ks ? Or just approximate like the Race For Lifes ?
  • The ones I have done in the past haven't been chip timed. Thinking about it, I don't remember any charity races being chip timed as it comes down to cost.

    Like Cougie says, they probably won't be an accurate distance anyway.

  • Ok thanks guys. I have plenty more races to aim for PB's at. I'm running with a friend so I'll just potter around with her and enjoy the day and earn some money for a good cause.
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