New Anytime Challenge - The Four Trigs Traipse

 The Four Trigs Traipse
Here's a new anytime challenge for you all.
I did the inaugural Traipse this saturday, 4 September

Starting and finishing at the Knot Inn, Rushton Spencer Staffordshire, its a 27mile round robin (with somewhere between 4000-4500ft ascent i think) that involves traipsing round the four trigs of The Cloud, Shutlingsloe, The Roaches, and The Gun . About 3 miles tops of tarmac the rest off road

Start from the Knot and head off road up to The Cloud, via Church in the Wilderness, Woodhouse Green ,Bridestones, approaching the Cloud from the West.
From the Cloud its down the gritstone trail, leaving it eventuality to head into Wincle, up to the Wild Boar, Hammerton Knowl, Higher Nabbs, dropping down to the Cragg Inn and then up to Shutlingsloe

Descending Shutlingsloe we head over to Tagsclough Hill, Gradbach YH and up through Forest Wood to Roach End and up to the Roaches trig

From the trig we head along the Roaches to Rockhall, drop down to Windygates and cross country to Meerbrook. Here we head on to Lower Wetwood and up to Oldhay Top before our final ascent over Gun Moor to the final trig, The Gun

Off the Gun, and head down back into Rushton Spencer and whatever takes your fancy at the Knot

this route covers in bits the following events

cloud nine, kipling kaper, shutlingsloe, the roaches, passing clouds, xmas cracker, leek half, meerbrook 15, gun run

Hope you enjoy it!


  • AGTFUTLD1002011 !!
  • sp..the new and improved SIX trigs traipse (may call it six trigs saunter) is to be run early dec..longer and better..from shuts we'll head down through macc forest over teggs and an to white nancy via gritstone trail then up to rhonas / lamaload and shining tor to cnf and back down to wildboarclough to pick up the route over to the roaches

    without looking id say it'd be 40 odd miles and around 7500ft or so of climb..will do check on map stuff

    as fr would thats a proper day out

    AGTFUTLD1002011 !!
  • Ever heard of the 7 clouds summits ? Apparently it starts at the cat and fiddle ?

  • Is the route online somewhere?
  •  We already have a 4 Trigs fell race in sidmouth devon. 20 ish miles , an obscene amount of climb and a pasty for all finishers. Most of the runners also run with Dogs. 

  • Not found it Dave, apparently it's 33 miles long approx.
  • Apparently was a LDWA event which used to start from Rushton Spencer, The summits are Shining Tor, Teggs Nose, Croker Hill, Bosley Cloud, Gun Hill, Hen Cloud and Shutlingslow.

  • ah very similar gonna to do the traipse hopefully soon or maybe the six trigs for the first time

    IB2 sounds like a belter. my charlie would love long as the dogs get a pasty tooimage

  • Also like the sound of the Sidmouth race. Did a 10k (or 10 miles, can't remember) off roader there a few years back and really enjoyed it. South West coast path is a cracking area.

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