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This group of runners was formed in Bristol on Runners world a few years ago and we just follow races and train and encourage each other in our attempts to run a better race. It is not restricted to Bristolians and we welcome newcomers who just need to chat and be encouraged to run. I hope you get some good from all our help and advice!!



  • imagePeep O, its me again!!

    imageLOL Seej - shall I catch you all on here do you think???

    ta Nessie

  • Hellllooo

    Found you. Im just writing up a new mini plan to follow between now and Cardiff. Have a read around Seejay and looks like my tired legs after mile 9 could be down to fuelling and maybe not having done enough tempo runs. What do you think to that? Possible?  So going to throw one of those in each week between now and Oct 17th to see if that helps.

    Hi Nessie (wave)

    Binx x

  • imageHi Binx - you really dont want to see my pics, !!!!!!!image


  • Hi all

    Still hoping i will be fit enough to run Leicester H/M in October but will have to see how the physiotherapy goes it’s funny  my legs were stiffer yesterday than they were Sunday iam still feeling it a bit today

  • Ah but I do Nessie, so I can recognise you to say hello at the next communial race. image

    Tops of my legs were a little stiff yesterday Toby but have eased off today. Hope you hurry up and mend in time for Leicester.

    Binx x

  • Hi, can I join in please?  I found everyone on the Bristol thread last year really helpful and need to get my running back into gear.   Hope you all had a good race on Sunday, though I didn't do it this year.  I hear it rained - thats a first.  But I've now got to train for Hellrunner, Wokingham half mara and Brighton marathon.  Better get me trainers out..........I've been swimming and biking mostly for the last 6 months. 
  • Hi Nessie, wasnt sure if you would find me stuck in the General category!!!!! image I hope everyone will migrate here but yet still use our other threads as we need them, its a comfort zone shal we say!!!!! imageimage

    Yes it is possible, I think you could also look at your sugar and carb input prior to the race, it can cause heavy legs if you have too much sugar! How much hill work do you do? I swear by a mixture of hill work, fast short runs and slow distances but then agan we are all different and what works for one doesnt necessarily work for another. How many miles are you doing a week, I found when I started running I sufferd like that and I just wasnt putting the miles in but then again it could be you havent recovered from your last race!!!

    Toby, take it easy and rest so your body can recover, better to loose a week and finish a race than keep training and not make it to the start line!!!! I hope the exercises work for you!!

    Soup Dragon, of course you are welcome, I am glad you got some help from our thread, hopefully we can help some more!!

    I will try to come up with some dates for a 'get together' run at Bitton, bacon butties and cake!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Help all. Found thread. Hope you are well with no aches and pains. Will post soon with tales of broken feet and Cardiff training to remind you it could be worse!!!!
  • Hi all  I found you, ran 6.6 with Gary Stret and bidders tonight in 57 mins,  both are looking good for Chippenham on Sunday.
  • Morning all

    Glad to see the thread is taking off

    soup dragon may well see you at Brighton next year as i have also entered will this be the first time you have run it i ran this years and it was amazing we only went for a couple of days but next year are having a week’s holiday which will be nice as it will be the first one in a long time

    Ro Runner broken feet sounds painful

    2010 LBB good luck with Chippenham on Sunday

    See jay bacon butties sound nice

  • imageToby , as Seej says dont try too much too soon, I know you want to get back to it but "slowly slowy catchie monkey" as they say, whoever "they" are !!!! Just take care of yourself.

    imageHi SoupDragon, welcome aboard again

    imageRo poor you, hope all mending well for you

    imageSeeJ - I'd run anywhere for a bacon buttie!!!!!! - I have dodgy tum etc &  have to be very carefull about food & drink  BUT the smell of bacon sizzeling away in the fresh air is just tooooooooooooooooooooooo much YUM YUM

    imageHad good intention of doing aqua aerobics last night & got to the pool for 6.30 (which is a real rush from leaving work in Bristol & doing horsie on way home ) only to find pool shut for my session as they were having to clean up ????? but would be open again for 7.30 class -  imageapparently someone had an accident but I didn't like to ask!!!!!!!!

    imageWent home & had a Pimms instead ! (Paying for that this morn !!!)

    imageGoing to wear new shoes today & go for run shortly after done horsie, had little lie in today as Wed is my day off  -Yippee

    imageLBB & guys, good running - I will keep trying but you won't have to fear of me overtaking you LOL

    imageSorry rambling on again, someone elses turn now , TTFN Nessie x

  • Hi All New and Old

    Seeyay - My last race before Bristol was in June so dont think it was that. I do just over 20 miles a week consisting of one long slow run, one speed session and a shorter easyish one and running club. My thinking is that the 6 mile easy should be more of a tempo run. Also on sunday forgot to eat my Jelly Babies on the way round so whether that made a difference I dont know.

    I have got running club tonight, 6 miles easy on Thursday and a short run Saturday morning. Going on a 3 night holiday to spain Sunday morning so no running then until next Wednesday. Think my legs should be well and truly recovered by then so will start some hill training and tempo sessions for Cardiff obviously not overdo it though.

    Nessie - Mmm Pimms I like the sound of that. Could that be classed  as racing fuel?? image We had a episode of pool shut for cleaning the other week, doesnt make you want to rush back and jump in does it.image

    LBB- Good running, Hope Chippenham goes well, Good Luck, although with your training Im sure you dont need it.image

     Good Training everyone Talk soon

    Binx x ( What a ramble, on a par with yours me thinks Nessie x)

  • imageBinx - The New Ramble Queen ?????

    imageNot if I've got anything to do with it LOL

    imageDid just under 3miles this am to test new shoes & I was flying, legs all ok - slight tightness of left hamstring so am off for  leg massage tomorrow night after work.

    imageNeed to look at good plan for my running as I have not really been sure of what I'm doing - run 3 to 4 times a week - should I do fartlek once week ? I already include imagehill work 'cos I don't have a choice where I live - will try to increase my mileage on a Sunday when I try long runs, should I increase mileage on other runs ???

    imageAdvice please O wise ones - or anyone whose got any bright ideas for moi !! Ta

    imageJust back from shopping with youngest lad who is back off to Uni today, we went to get a jacket/coat for him & he found one he liked & as he was trying it on I thought "Hmmm I quite like that"  sooooooooooooooooo I tried a small size on & thought it looked pretty cool - imagePoor lad was horrified & whipped his off pretty smartish saying "No way were we ever going to have matching jackets Mother " !!! 

    imageOff to ride horsie now as she has had a weeks rest & it's gorgeous weather here , should be doing housework !!!

    TTFN Nessie Hope everyone after Sun all ok x

  • imageBinx - as long as you have Pimms with fruit/fruit juice, like pommegranite I reckon that counts as one of your five a day !!!!!!!!!!!!! (thats a Pimpom)Great name - just love it .


  • Afternoon all.  all this talk of Pimms and bacon butties is making my mouth water. image  One Pimpom for me please!

    toby3 -  I did Brighton marathon last year too and loved it.  But it took me just over 6 hours so I'd really like to improve on that this time round.  Sub 5 would be great or even just to match my pb of 5.20. 

    Lopalong - LOL at buying same as your son.  What a spoilsport!

    Okay wise ones.  I'm putting a training plan together and for the last few months I've just plodded along at an aerobic heart rate but know that I need to do some harder sessions.  I'm wondering about trying this 1 mile plan that RW are promoting to try and sharpen my speed up.  A mile at the moment will take me about 11 minutes!!!!  Is this a good idea or should I just stick to some fartlek sessions or yasoo whatsits?   Thanks. 


  • Nessie, Fartleks certainly wont do any harm, only good and certainly increase your mileage at the weekend rather than during the week, you have more time and it allows your body to adjust. I wouldnt have a clue about a plan, I cant stick to one, I just run as and when I can fit it in and try to increase my mileage as and when possible!!

    Soup Dragon, I personally cant use training plans as my lifestyle doesnt allow it but it wont do any harm, give it a try for a couple of weeks and see if it suits you, sometimes these plans dont suit everyone. Certainly Fartleks and Yassoo's will help, are you in a club? Running clubs are excellant for people who find it hard to structure their training, they can give help, advice and support in the form of confidence. A lot of people just lack confidence in themselves and just need someone to push them a little to show how well they can run! I would honestly suggest initially trying the RW plan and if you cant notice any improvement in a few weeks then try the Fartlelk and Yassoo method!! image Always listen to your body though and also give yourself rest days, muscles need time to recover and build!!

  • Thanks SeeJay.  I'll do that - sounds good sense. I'm rubbish at keeping to a schedule but even worse if I don't.   I'm not in a club.  I used to be but I was always at the back and people had to wait for me at road junctions so I lost interest.  I can run on my own without paying  for the honour. LOL.  I run with my OH though who pushes me on shorter runs.   You are right on confidence too.  I'm running with a heart rate monitor now to guide me.  I'll let you know how it goes.  image
  • I have been running with a heart rate monitor for a few years now and I swear by it, you can push without doing yourself harm and if you keep and eye you can slowly build your speed up. I also suggest you get some good hill running in, long gentle ones first before tackling the steep ones!! Most clubs will have someone run at your pace or run back for you, gives them a better work out, I would be very annoyed if someone left our club for that reason!!!
  • Hello! Didn't mean 'help all' on my last message. Predictive text. Meant to say hello all.
    LBB - good luck for Chippenham. Mrs LBB did well at Bristol too I see.
    Binx - I've just started a 6 week programme for Cardiff. Watch this space - work is getting in the way at the mo though. Speed work really helped me last year. Teaches you to push on when you're knackered.
    Toby- what's Brighton like? Is it flat or hilly? My feet are pinned and on the mend now, but prone to swelling and a pin sticks out. I haven't quite got used to the sensation. X-ray pic to follow.

  • Nessie -pimms and new shoes - I like your style! Going to try Newtons for my next purchase on my consultant's advice. Could be interesting but I'll train up and give it a try...

    Soup Dragon - I run alone for the same reason. I wasn't built for speed, just endurance. Nearest group is Quantock Harriers and I heard they're fast. Too much pressure mind you I'm sure the social side is great fun.

    Seejay- heart rate monitor training is really useful and interesting but I can never keep up with my virtual partner! I think he/she takes performance enhancing drugs. Damn it's speedy stick legs.
  • Ro, must admit I have never used the virtual partner, I usually run alone and only go to club 1 night a week. Its good to be in a club but I tend to push myself outside that environment! I would suggest you try using one or the other cause the partner might push you past your heartrate max, which is ok for short periods like sprints but not much longer. If you try running close to your MHR only, you may find things improve after a few runs. I used to find somtimes in the gym my performance was getting worse so I would back off for a week or so and try again, the performance came back and I was able to push further.

    Clubs are sometimes a problem for slow pace runners and they tend to forget that they are not elite clubs and should cater for all paces. I have seen normally fast runners (7:30 to 8 min pace) taking our social group (10:30 to 11 min pace) just so people can run!!

  • hi Ro have a look

    swimming on Saturday we were sent some free vouchers by the gas board as a promotion we went last Saturday but must admit i did not do a lot of swimming just sat in the spar pool and relaxed ready for Sunday

  • Seejay- interesting. Sounds like your group has a good balance. I'm more of a 10 minute plus miler too. Maybe I should look into other groups in the area. I find gym runs (which I have to do to protect the feet right now) help me push myself, but I'm trying to get out and run more as I don't want to rely on the forward motion. Going to leave my virtual partner in the drawer for a while I think and just get some long distance runs in without worrying about times. Sometimes it can be all consuming looking at the stick man. Might switch to heart rate display when it comes out again and focus on improving that.
    Toby - thanks for the link. I'll have a look later. Hoping to go for a marathon next year so I'm choosing carefully based on how the plates of meat cope at Cardiff.
    So, speed work after work tonight. Looking forward to it after a day of stats and data analysis. I know how to live!!!! Any ideas for mixing up the speed work?
  • I'd love to find a running club near me that caters for slower runners.  There was just me and one other doing 11min miles at my local club and if she didn't go then I was on my own at the back.  The faster group would wait for me every now and again but it was no fun so I stopped going.  The only good thing was the 5k time trial once a month but the club was expensive so not worth it just for that when Park Runs do the the same job for free. 

    I think Brighton marathon is full by the way? image 

    Happy running everyone.

  • Hi all

    Well running club was nice and last night, we had to stick with the back pace group and be encourgaging, really enjoyed it. I expect leader will crank us back up next week after our recovery!

    Ro Runner/Soup Dragon - My friend and I have been doing all sorts of Speed Training, running fast to one lampost recover to next. Doing pyramids 20 secs fast 20 secs recovery 30secs fast 30sec recovery 45 fast 45 recovery and back down until back to 20 again. Warm up and then running a mile as fast as we can comfortably go and then cool down. Its definatley all helped. Pretty impressed Ro that your still running even though you have pins!!!  

    Nessie - LOL that was like deja vue, did the same thing with a bodywarmer with my daughter, her face could have turned the milk sour!! I didnt buy it but her face was priceless!!. Pimpom do you think they will have heard of it in Spain. A fantastic way to input 1 of yr five a day I think.

    Seejay - Thanks for advice, Im definatley going to do some more of the hill work, was really pleased with my pace until last 4 miles so hopefully the hills and the tempo runs will help me hold the pace until the end.

     Im getting quite excited only a few more days until my break and I'll have my feet up in the sunshine with a book, no looking after children or my man. with all food cooked for me, ahhh bliss. The children are already complaining about me not being here and I havent even gone yet!! Bless them.

    Happy Training Talk Soon

    Binx xx

  • imageHi Suop Dragon & Ro, I too am not sure about clubs, I like to plod on my own - I did go to a club once but felt too self concious about being slow , (they were very friendly)- plus I am happy not to be tied for meeting up at a certain time  - I am lucky that I don't work fulltime (wish I didn't work at allimage LOL)  So I am able to run on Wed & Fri pm as well as weekends.

    imageSeeJ  was kind enough to come out & run with me once & I would like to try to meet up with "Our Gang" on runs & I have been brave enough to do a few 10ks & half maras, seriously thinking of doing a full mara next year but need to do a couple more halfs before that to get better time.

    imageSo all in all, (if you haven't nodded off by now) i think clubs are good for some people but don't stress about not joining - us slowies can always compare with one another on here if that helps at all???

    TTFN Nessie 

  • I think my ramble on this occasion tops yours Ness!!image
  • imageLOL Binx - you throwing down the gauntlet or what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    imageHavent tried "Pyramids" - only just got head round  "Fartlek" -

    imageIf they haven't heard of Pimpoms, then you will just have to introduced them to it!!  & lots of it with plenty of ice - my other fave healthy drink (apart from Champers) is vodka with fresh fruit juce, pineapple for example - again one of your five a day & if you have 5 drinks - JOB DONE!!!!!  (clear sprits are better for you than the dark spirits - less of a headache if one at all the next day)

    imageBlimey - sounds like AA here not a running group - (Binx don't tell the others what we discuss LOL )

    imageSpooky about the waiscoat whoooo whooo - thats me trying ghostly sounds but may sound more like a train!!

     Ness x

  • imageBack to running - forgot to say, just looked as Swansea 10k & its closed BOO HOO


  • Afternoon all

    i meant to say you will have to forgive any spelling mistakes as it is not my strong point i usually type everything up in word and transfer it across

    Running club sounds like a good idler but unfortunately for me i work nights and have to be out the door for work at 6pm so a club is out of the question i did run with southville running club on one occasion when i happened to be on holiday and did enjoy it

    This dose mean however i am around during the day so if anyone wants a to go for a run in the afternoon then let me know that’s is when i am up and running for give the pun

    i do go for a run with a lady every now and again but to be honest she a bit to good for me and makes me look silly and inevitable i have to tell her to go on as i am holding her back so i end up running on my own anyway would like to run with someone who is happy to run at my pace as working nights i cannot afford to go to fast and end up to tiered for work

    i usually train at a about 10 minute pace but am happy to run at any speed would just like some company every now and again as i do find that when you are constantly running on your own motivation becomes hard to maintain

    Rambling Rose as you can see i am in the same boat i can also run any afternoon and as i don’t work Friday  can run on an evening Saturday and Sunday

    Binx have a lovely holiday how old are the kids it will do them good not to have someone running around after them for a while they might even appreciate you more when you get back image

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