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  • Good Luck for tomorrow Toby.x
  • Good luck for tomorrow toby.  Looking forward to hearing how it goes and sending some positive (non-injury) vibes. image

    ffRan -hope you have a great time with your family.  Sounds lovely.

    Still no running for me.  Biked to the London Festival Hall on Thursday night which was a 35 mile round trip (scarey too!) then a hard track session on the bike yesterday and today I'm shattered.  Planned a short run this morning but I think a rest is in order, but may do a slow recovery run this afternoon.   My last club bike ride of the year tomorrow probably (before the awful weather starts) of 45 miles which I don't want to miss so my next run will be Monday or Tuesday.  So much for my carefully planned schedule, and Hellrunner is approaching. image 

    On a more exciting note - I've just spotted the date for next year's Bristol half.  I missed it this year so its in my diary now and I've got nearly a year to train for a stonking pb. image

    Have a good weekend everyone.

  • imageHi everyone, glad to see we are alll busy, one way or another !

    imageToby - lots of luck for tomorrow, you will be fine - just take it steady.

    imageFfran - Hope you have a great time with your family, time passes so quickly, I can't believe where the years have gone???? One minute babes , next minute grown ups........................ x Also good luck about job decision, an extra hour to run  hmmmmmmmm imagesounds as though that could swing it - or an extra hour to sit in garden, enjoy the sunshine with feet up & glass or two of vino????????

    imageBinx, glad treddy repaired , no excuse now -get those leggies going -  no couch & chocolate for you girl -  LOL

    imageGo Kev Go - I know all about 'one man (or woman) 10k's LOL -  Hope it went well for you -

    imageWoo Hoo SoupDragon, we will meet up at Bristol half - thats a date for all of us I hope, what about Bristol 10k or is that too far to travel fr a short race???? Impressive cycling well done

    imageHi Seej - any word from HG or have I missed a post from him??? Don't recall hearing from him for a while, also how's RSB doing??

    imageFunny old week for me - I went to water workout on Mon eve - Not well with guts again, Also had to go to Docs twice this week as I have a damaged right eye (stuck my thumb in it end of last year image I know stupid thing to do)  & it's still not healed - so have to go back to hospital-  Wed managed to ride horsie but wasn't well enough to run in the eve so went for 2 mile walk instead - Sooooooooooooooo yesterday went for imagehill run (walk /run hill) & the route is only 3.32miles but I did it in 36.42 which is the fastest ( I use that word loosely)  but I did that route 4 weeks ago & I was 1min slower & also did that same route 8 weeks ago & was 2mins slower!!!!!!!! imageAND my 2nd mile was done in 9.34 which is a time I have never done before, I've always been 10mins or more.

    imageHope you all followed that cos I will test you all on it later !!!!!

    imageBet youv'e all nodded off so will give someone else a chance to have a word - OK Binx your turn! x

    TTFN Chatti-ness

  • Afternoon all

    Well took the car back this morning and then went to Victoria pack and found a place to meet the wife and daughter after the race and found a couple of cheer points

    Then back to the hotel and spent the day by the pool being to wonder if it will take place with all the violence that went on and still hearing police sirens

    Will they have time to set things up

    I am going to have a look at the Leicester web site to see if there’s any news

    me the wife and daughter have just entered next years 10k

  • Toby - GOOD LUCK tomorrow. hope it goes ahead and it all goes well for you!

    am i correct in thinking next years bristol half is september 11th?? if so, i hope we have a minutes silence (or something) before the start as it will be 10 years...... (now, THATS a scary thought!)

    i have just updated fetch with my training, pretty much since the marathon image i've been soooooo lazy i've done almost no cross training and i've skipped a fair few runs image. mental note: start again proper on monday. nag me people!! image

    i did skip my long run last week cos it was peeing it down and i had a stinking cold. i would have gone out if it had been dry, or even in the rain if i wasn't feeling crap (i'd never have heard the end of it if i had gone out...) of course, as soon as i decided not to go out, and had breakfast, it stopped raining! i'm just about over the cold now, still a bit snuffly, but up for an 8 miler tomorrow.

  • toby - just seen the news about Leicester.  Hope the race goes off okay.
  • Hi Toby, I hope you managed to finish Leicester today, not heard any news regarding riots so hopefully it went ahead ok!!

    Kev, sorry mate, I totally forgot you are recovering, I actually enjoy my 'one man' 10k's, then if I fail noone else knows or I can bluff I was faster than normal race pace!!! image

    Soup Dragon, I hope you are a little more comfortable after the bike ride, I know whats its like, I did Bristols Biggest Bike ride year before last with no training, my backside was so sore I couldnt finish!!!!!! image

    Nessie, not heard from HG but ran with RSB this morn in prep for Cardiff, she is still hurting but getting better, I think Cardiff will just be a finish unless there is a miracle!!! Didnt realise you where still suffering with your eye, thta has been a while now, will it ever get sorted? Will keep my eyes open for Bristol 10K date or has it already been broadcast?

    Tazi, I didnt know you where a Fetchie? I hae been on there for years and always use their site for my Garmin!!! Do I remember you saying you where running Cardiff?

    Is there anyone here doing Cardiff?? I did 9.3 this morn in 1:36, kept it slow for RSB but happy as I didnt want to overdo it for my Half double!!!

  • imageHi SeeJ - eye still giving me probs, the hospital did say it would take months to heal, but I also tore the eyeball in June, so that hasn't helped the healing!!!!

    imageHope all is well with HG , shame you havent heard,  - glad RSB is getting better - Bristol 10k entries now open - I will def do that one again as I want to get another PB!!!!!!

    imageNot one of my better runs today but all my own fault!!!! imagehad too much sparkling wine last night - & had real bad upset guts again - will I ever learn????  Only managed 5.70miles & it took me 63.08 & that was the time I managed 10k in the other week - Silly old tart arent I???

    imageHope all went well for Toby today

    imageHave decided to have the little Jack Russell puppy, she will come home mid Nov, I have called her Rooby, cos her Mum is called Roo and I thought she was a 'Roo Baby' and I have two friends with little girls called Robyn & Rubiya, both names I really like so 'Rooby' came to me as a good name for a little puppy girl -image I still miss my other dog soooooooooooooo much & nothing will replace her but hope little 'Rooby' will be company for our old collie.

    imageHope everyone ok & had a good weekend TTFN - Dopey - Ness x

  • hi all, race went ok, struggled towards the end and my left calf muscle locked up tight, but kept going.  Got round in 2:02;34 so not too bad, a little disappointed as at one stage it looked like I was on for a sub 2hr 

    The weather started overcast and cool, just right for running in and the start was well organized and the race started bang on time. 

    The route wasn’t all flat but nothing to worry about, started off at a steady pace as I did not want to blow up too early

     The support in the town was good, very little once you got out of the city but what there was enthusiastic, the Marshalls were very good helpful and again enthusiastic in their support 

    Used my usual plan of just trying to catch the person in front and as I passed one lady happened to look around to find it was Pam or super girl an amazing lady I met at Brighton who has run over a hundred Marathons  

    by about the 6 mile mark was running quite easy and was looking at a sub 2hr but things then went downhill, my  left calf muscle began to tighten up and despite my best efforts would not loosen, but now the sun was out and it had turned in to a beautiful day

      Slowly but surely my left calf muscle got tighter and tighter until it had almost locked completely and the steam was running out, all those missed runs and inadequate  training was catching up and the pace got slower  

    Got to the last mile and knew a sub 2 hr was no longer on the cards it had become a case of just keeping going as I was so close.  

    Grabbed a bottle of water from the daughter as I went up new walk which was a steady climb that took you back to the finish

     Loved the course some nice scenery with the lakes and canal made a nice change from running through streets, although you were running on the pavements at some points and even went under a pedestrian under pass that’s something I’ve never done before have always been used to the roads being closed

    All in all though a good day and a nice race would definitely do it again

     just a couple of things let it down not sure about running when you have traffic coming the other way and the only thing keeping you apart is someone shouting keep left 

    And the water stations were too few and far between and cups no, give me bottles any day 

    Plus no goody bag at the end

  • Seejay, Bristol 10k is on 15th May 2011 and entries are open

    Bristol 10k 2011

    Ran 20 miles this morning in 2.51 image Tapering for the next 3 weeks so I'm ready for Snowdonia imageimage 

  • Hi Guys.

    Seejay - no probs!

    Stet09 - 20 miles - fab running.

    No running for me this weekend due to other commitments. Dissapointed not to run but had a fab time including a nice roast dinner out today!

  • Thanks RK, I honestly never thought I would be able to run 10k when I first started let alone attempt a marathon.

    Roast sounds nice, shame I'm gonna have to make do with a over priced hotdog at the cinema imageimage

  • VERY WELL DONE Toby !!! Brilliant time for someone getting over an injury and a great report.

    Same to you, Stret09- enjoy your taper. A few friends of mine are doing Snowdon - it's one for the future for me.

    But hang on, I've got to get through this one first and I haven't had a good week. 15 miler today was very slow and I was hoping to have done it at M.P. Oh well, see what the next 2 weeks bring.

    I have had a very good but tiring, weekend for late, long breakfasts (ie, me up at crack of dawn with little one whilst everyone else has lie-in), leisurely walks with baby and dogs, seemingly hours of Fireman Sam and Peppa Pig and very wet and bubbly bathtimes. Most importantly baby telling me as he snuggles down - "Wuv you, Nanna!" - Priceless! 

    Oh Lop A Long - Rooby is a lovely name - she will bring you and your collie a lot of love, I'm sure. x

    Seejay - I have a pal getting rid of a Cardiff bib - just in case you know someone wanting to run.

    Have a good week everyone  xxx 

  • Well doneToby. image Cracking time given your injury and doubts.  Well done.  But a bit of a let down with no goody bag (even though the majority are a disapointment I still like to get one).

    LopALong - Rooby sounds lovely.  Will you post a picture when he comes home please?

    I had a lovely 40 mile bike ride today.  I'm lucky that so far I've not "suffered" much  in the saddle.  I'm really tempted with the Bristol harbourside tri next year.  It got good reviews on its first outing this year.  The 10k is a bit too far for me to go to and I'm doing the London Bupa 10k in May but I wish you all the best for it.

    ffran - sounds like you've had a lovely time.  Made me go all warm and soppy. image

  • seejay - i'm not doing cardiff, i thought about it, but at the time had no way of getting there, and by the time i got the car back i think they had sold out image it is on my list though, maybe next year...

    Toby - well done image

    Ness - awwwwwwwww Rooby is a lovely name, bet she's gorgeous! when do you get to take her home (you've probably already said but my memory's appauling!)

    managed 8 miles yesterday, legs felt empty though. hoping it's just that i'm still getting over the cold.
    tried powerade (in preparation for GSR). i much prefer to make up my own sports drinks - i always find ready made ones too sweet and they always seem to make me more thirsty image train tickets booked too.

  • Hi Folks.

    And you thought you could hide from me...image

     I see some of you are doing well, and others not so much. 

     I've been avoiding RW for the last few months, as injury keeps plaguing me, and it just got too depressing.

     So my goal this year was to do a half in 2:30, and that hasn't happend. My training had been going really well. I did a lesuirely 12 mile easy run in 2:30, so I thought for sure I'd be able to do 13.1 in 2:30 as my pace was nice and comfortable.

     Then my rotten knee decided it didn't want to co-operate. I made a Drs appt, and 7 weeks later saw the Dr, who then referred me to physio. 2 weeks later she said it was probably a patella tracking issue. Lots of exercies and tape later that seemed to be on the mend. 

     Then I ran the Disneylad Half in california, the race was almost entirely on concrete. Knee was unhappy again. Then shin splints, and a few other problems, all with the same leg!

     After resting for the last five weeks, only doing the odd run on the treadie, I ran Royal Parks Half yesterday. The knee was fine, the shin splints didn't rear their ugly head, but the lack of training meant it was a long hard slog, and I'm very sore now. I did manage a PB, but it's no where near my target of 2:30 (2:48). 

    I am supposed to be doing Cardiff this weekend, but whether I run or not will be determined by how long it takes me to be able to walk stairs again. Hubby and I are heading to Cardiff regardless of if I run as we've already paid for the hotel and train tickets. 

     A shame they moved the start, we booked a hotel right the the old start, before they announced the change. So it'll be a long hike to the new start now image Also don't like the new logo, they old one was cuter image

     Anyhoo, after (or not) cardiff, physio says I need to take a break, do all her exercises and knee should be right as rain.

    Good luck to anyone else running Cardiff.

    (you see now why I've been avoiding RW, sorry the post is so moany)

  • Well home now may go swimming this week as walking is not a option at the let alone running moment

    Calf is still quite tight I have leant again two valuable lessons though I have to be a lot fitter and need to lose some weight

    Madaussie you have had a time of it I too am under the physio at the moment as I have a trapped nerve in my hip and those shin splints are painful lI ran the Leicester half yesterday and like you the lack of training meant I struggled round missing my P/B by a good  10 minutes

    Tazi they had Power aid at Brighton got to say give me lucozade sport any time yesterday at Leicester it was hi five and that was just like drinking sherbet

    Soup Dragon well done on the bike ride

    ffRAN  sorry that your week hasn’t gone well and sorry your run never went well as for the grandson must be nice for you to have him to stay

    stret 09 well done on the 20 miles and good luck with Sonwdonia

    Lop-a-Long torn eyeball sounds really painful hope the puppy settles in well

    Waves to everyone I have missed

  • Hi everyone .

    Sorry you've had a rotten time, Madaussie - I will not moan anymore. Take care.

    Tazi - I may know of someone who is looking to hand off her bib for Cardiff - might you be interested? 

    Toby - good excuse for a nice massage - not the sports variety?

  • Evening all - what a lovely day weatherwise.

    Still hate Mondays though.

  • Stret, thanks fo the info, got to check my diary to make sure I dont clash!!! Well done on your 20, thats a time I could only dream of, will never get near that now but will be happy with my own pb when it comes!!! Good luck in Snowdonia.

    Tazi, Ffran knows someone getting rid of a place and you are more than welcome to travel with RSB and myself though it will be an early start!!! Have you tried Gatorade? Its the only energy drink I use cause it doesnt have Aspartame in it!!!

    Ffran, sounds like you had a busy weekend without running!!!

    Soup Dragon, well done on your 40 miler, spose if i got the bike out I could do that distance but I would have to work up to it. Serioulsy thinking of getting rid of my bike to be honest, not ridden it in a couple of years, seem to do more running than riding!!!

    Madaussie, whao you have been well and truely through the mill!! If you are going to Cardiff, look out for an old bloke in a white cap and green top with Southville Running Club on it and scream or wave at me!! Would be great to meet you both but dont know the layout there so will prob end up missing each other!!! image

    The conqueror returns, well done Toby, may not have been a pb but it was good running to finish in that time, I struggle to do that when I am fit!!! image Whats your next race??

  • Another vote for Gatorade here.  By far the best.

    madaussie - its good to have a moan sometimes.  Well done on finishing the HM.  You finished - be proud.

    seejay - you can't sell your bike!!!  Thats like getting rid of a faithful family pet!  I've got 2 bikes and might buy another in the spring.  Cycling has changed my life over the last 12 months and Ive even managed to move jobs just because I got fit enough to cycle there which would othewise mean 2 busses that I'd never have put up with. It gives me a real sense of freedom.  It is hard though to fit in the training for 2 (or3!) sports.  I'm now just planning to keep it ticking over while I get my running back up to form. 

    Housework day today for me. image  Running tomorrow - can't wait. image

  • hi seejay nothing planed at the moment untill bath next year
  • Lovely 5 mile run today in the cool sunshine.  I took the bus to work and ran the 5 miles home again.  But as I absolutely hated the bus on the way in I thought about running into work next time as well as back again.  Could any of you lovely experts advise me if this is a good idea or not and/or how much it will help my running improve?  I've never run twice in the same day and as I only work 6 hours a day I'll only get that much rest before setting off again.  I'm thinking that if I take it slow enough I might survive.  The only other option is to leave my beloved bike overnight and run back the next moring.  And and all suggestions welcome. image  Ta. image
  • Now for some good news. image

    I had my first proper lecture for my BA in History and archaeology last night. Very exciting, after such a long wait. Last nights lecture was Archaeology method and practice, and tomorrow night it's Ancient Greece.


    Seejay, I'm not familiar with the new start area either, and the "map" isn't really helpful. I suspect I'll just follow others who look like they might be runner. I'm not looking forward to the nealry 2m walk back to the hotel after the race image

    If you want I can give you my mobile, it would be nice to finally meet after all these years.

    Lop a long, sorry your eye still isn't healed.

    For sports drinks, I've started using elete water when running (an electrolyte additive to any drink)., as I'm getting less tolerant of sports drinks while exercising. I find it very good both during and after runs, I add it to my tea after a run and it's all good image

  • Evening all image
  • Hi everyone

    just a flying visit.

    Toby - well done thats a fantastic time you must be pleased with that.

    Im doing Cardiff this Sunday really looking forward to it.

    Good luck to all doing races on Sunday.

    Bye for now

    Binx x

  • Afternoon all

    No running or gym for me today as we have guest coming over to night for a meal and I was under strict instructions from the O/H that i was to help prepare everything as it was my idea guess who’s the boss in our house

    Shall go for a swim tomorrow had a nasty shock when I got on the weighing scales today I was 13st 03lbs

    So as from tomorrow will have to make a concretive effort to loses the extra weight and get my fitness back up

    Binx a little disappointed as at one stage looked on for a sub 2 hr and as i have no plans to run another race this year it was my last chance to beat my P/B but hey there’s always next year good luck with Cardiff on Sunday

    Madaussie Archaeology is that at Bristol uni for ages that what my son wanted to do but he then got a work experience place at BAC earlier this year and has since changed his mind

  • Good luck for Sunday Binx.

    ‎3 mile run down the beach for me tonight and home to "10 miles worth" of sausage casserole!!


  • Madaussie, sent you a message!!!

    Soup Dragon, I would have thought that would be too much initially, you would be well knackered by the end of the first week and no energy for races. Building up to it would be the way to go but always bear in mind you should be having rest days and for long races you should be tapering.Dont really know how you could get round it unless you got a lift in or home depending on which way you are running, to work or to home!!

    Toby, maybe a good idea anyway, give you a chance to recover and get fit again, come back much stronger!!!

    Binx, what top are you running in, maybe be meet up with Madaussie and I!!!

    Kev, your intake is usually supposed to be less or equal to your usage, 10 mls worth of sausage casserole is not less than a 3 mile run!!!!! imageimage Sounds really lovely though, enjoy!!!

  • Seejay - thanks for the advice.  I perhaps should have mentioned I only intended it on one day a week but think even that would be stretching it at the moment.  I'm just getting over enthusiastic so going back to my schedule.  I enjoy running home and its a good use of time so guess I'll just have to put up with the bus once or later perhaps twice a week.

    Is Cardiff this weekend?  Good luck to everyone if it is.

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