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  • Hey, Seejay - so glad to hear you've done a run! Sounds very promising - glad you had a nice break, too.

    Well, here's the story - we all meant to have our post-race recce after a quiet run as is usual. A few wanted to go one way, 3 of us decided to take the easiest route and we ended up doing 5 miles in 42mins - so some easy run!!! (It takes in a few hills, too) Legs were tired but no aches - I'd iced my muscles, had put on compression socks and I think taking the dogs for a very long walk in the evening all helped preventing the DOMS.  

    Oh, and I've just realised that I'm into week 2 of my marathon training.

  • PS - don't laugh - I came 75th out of a field of 82!!! Loads of people chickened out because of the weather. But honest to goodness, there wasn't a fun runner amongst us and it was really, really hard-core. Oh yes,and I did get a chip time - 2:42:51. 

  • Thanks Toby, you seem to be on a good year so far, take advantage!!!!! image

    Ffran, I hope you are right, I really want this to work. I managed to get to the club tonight, good rides both ways but first one was a little warm but thats ok, it was still an enjoyable ride!!! sorry Ffran, what Marathon are you doing???

    I did 2.5 miles to the club and 3.9 on the way back, did a detour to get the extra mileage back home!!! If the weather is ok I may try another short run tomorrow night, if not then thurs!!!

    Ffran, dont worry about your placing, its taking part that matters and it sounds like you had a great time even with the bad weather!!! Very respectable time for such a tough course!!!

  • well just 4 miles yesterday took just over 33 minutes will be in the garage today for a gym session

    ffRUN don't worry about the 75th placing when me and my O/H ran Boscombe last year we finished last but one but still really enjoyed it and the O/H knocked 4 minutes of her PB

  • Well thats my second run done and dusted!!!! 1.11 in 11:58, no problems again so hopefully things are starting to look up!!!! Saw my Osteopath today just so she could assess my progress and she has suggested to keep this running and cycling lark for another couple of weeks to let things settle down before considering lengthening my runs.

  • Seejay greart news about the runhope it keeps up

  • Great news Seejay.

    ffRAN no race on Sun as it was fathers day so we were out for the day.

    Great run tonight though in the wind and rain around North Dock - very invigorating.
  • morning all

    had a rest day yesterday i am hoping the weather improves some what as i want to try a 13 miler today but it rains as heavy as it has done all night then it will be in the garage

    finally signed up for the Bristol H/M on the 30th September and bought my Brighton photos yesterday

  • Hope you got your run in, Toby!

    Good for you, Kev, getting out in the bad weather.....I'm like you, don't mind too much if I get wet, just as long as when I stop, I can get warm straightaway.

    Had a busy day, walked dogs first thing ...and stayed dry! Then a mammoth cook off to load up the freezer with nutritious meals for the week. Plus one or two meals for a lad from work. Deal is, he doesn't eat very healthily so I make him the odd meal - and he makes me wine!!! Bargain!

    Just off to run to the gym, 5.5 miles, for Spin class.
  • Afternoon all

    well 13 miles done weather was a mix of sunshine and showers but still managed to get out side for the run in just t-shirt running vest and shorts

    the whole run took 2:05:49 with an Avg pace of 9:37 so pleased with that

  • Well done Toby, I must admit I used to never run if it was raining at the start but didnt mind if it rained on the way. Now though I would just get out there as I need the exercise and you cant always choose the weather on race day!!!!

    Kev, I see they have a new route for Cardiff Half, I hope it is not as breezy as it has been recently, that would have been bracing!!!!! image

    Ffran, I am just piling on the pounds at the minute so my OH and I will hopefully be starting diets on Monday and help each other along!!!! Good to see you are still fitting in some runs to your busy dog walking schedule!!! image

    Have a great weekend everyone, I think it might be a little wet but I will hopefully get another run in!!!

  • well just back from my second park run i was given permission by O/H to go for a time today as she knew i was inching to see how fast i could do it in got round in 25:39 with an Avg pace of 8:14

    Did struggle a little as yesterdays run caught up with me a bit won’t be there next week as were off to Leicester as the wife and daughter are doing the 10k race for life

  • I must get down for a Park Run sometime once I am up to 5K, only problem is in 2 weeks its Silverstone for my one and only time and then a big bike ride round North Devon so it may be a few weeks yet!!!

    Did another run this morning, 1.3 miles, which is more convenient cause it means three laps of the park, in 13:44, so very happy with it. I will get a couple more in this week I hope and then maybe up the distance slightly!!!

  • Well done Seejay! Your are being so sensible. You'll be back to top form very soon I know!

    Brill run, Toby. Good for you.

    Had a busy day yesterday. Ran to gym did a Body Pump class, together with new, explosive squats ( shot my calves!) then ran home - a LOT slower than my first run. Good miles for me this week (30.5) with no aches, but I have been meticulously ( and violently) stretching and the miles on mud and grass are definitely kinder to my old bones.
  • Ffran, sounds like a very determined lady who wont be beaten!!!!!! image Sensible is not always best but I think to start with it has to be!!!!! Thats good mileage, are you training for another race??

  • Seejay- I'll be building up length of runs gradually towards Chester Marathon. I'm not yet entered as I didn't have the confidence until I'd managed the Beast because of the pain I've had in my ankles etc. I do feel up to it now so will enter - OH has booked the weekend off, too. I'm going to TRY my damnest to get a good time at Chester and then enjoy Snowdon a few weeks later Early days to nail my colours but you can all watch me burn if it doesn't work out!
  • Just take it easy, we dont want to see you burn out and not be able to run again!!!!!! Sensible training will still get the results!!!!!! I suppose 4 months should be ok considering the distances you have been running, just dont try to storm it. A Marathon is just another race, you are just on your feet for longer!!!! I found that at Edinburgh.

  • morning all

    have to juggle the training plan around this week as i said before were off to Leicester on Friday so have counted the park run Saturday as the 3 miler i should have done today and replace it with my LSR of 8 miles then it's a 5 tomorrow and the gym session on Wednesday well that's the plan any way

    ffRAN your making me feel tired just reading what you've been up toimage

  • Well another three laps of the Park, a little slower than yesterday but not surprised. Had to run tonight to fit in with his weeks plans so no I am not doing too much!!!! image

    Well done Toby, using the plan like that makes it fit your lifestyle and thats what they are for, as long as you are happy with your weekly mileage thats the important bit!!!

  • morning all

    well 8 miles done yesterday not shore about the time as i had to call into the dentist to arrange an appointment and forgot to turn my Gramin back on only realized when i had gone about half a mile

    Seejay did you run down through highridge village yesterday if so i was the chap you past in the black running vest going the other way

  • Well did the 5 miles am feeling wiped out today so did them on the tread mill as recovery run i.e. walk 1 k run 1k will do the gym session tomorrow then that will be done for this week won’t run again then till next Monday

  • Another run closer to a come back, Seejay xxx

    Toby, you're training as consistently as ever - good running.

    Good run tonight, no watch so no idea of time. Good to just "do" it sometimes and I'm definitely feeling stronger. More of those squats yesterday in class pm and I got to Spin in the morning and, instead of my legs feeling fatigued, I felt better.

    Only problem, my running pal was telling me that seagulls have been attacking her when she takes a certain route, and, indeed, when we ran along that road, gulls swooped and threatened us again- any ideas how to thwart them? They are probably nesting somewhere but no reason to spoil our runs, eh?
  • how about a shotgun or failing that and air horn image

  • Thought of an air rifle Toby, but police may object on a highway, but I think I have an attack alarm somewhere from my last job that we could use!!!

    If it goes on any length of time, it may get professionally sorted as the route lies between the Swans and the Ospreys training grounds. They won't put up with it!!!
  • Beautiful evening so a lovely, gentle 4 miles tonight, with the dogs. Ran along a great forest trail with lots of muddy puddles. From babyhood, I have been averse to getting dirty, so splashing through mud is quite a revelation!

    Hope everyone is ok?...
  • Morning all

    Well was supposed to do a gym session yesterday but got up feeling shattered so in the end had a rest day instead will defiantly have to do it today as i won’t have time Friday

    gone very quite on here were everyone gone

  • Toby, all my running so far has been in Greville Smyth and I drive there so probably not me. I was dressed in light blue running top, white cap and and navy shorts. It really sounds like this is your year, I think there are a few more pb's to come!!!

    Ffran, Seagulls are very territorial and will atack anything coming anywhere near their nest. I had to run some temporary telephone cable from the roof of a building once in BT and there was a nesting gull about 20 yards away. We had to get someone to stand shotgun for us and the council would not attempt to move them because they where nesting. I suspect you will just have to wear helmets until the fledglings have left. I dont think it takes long for them to get out and fly!!!! Anyway, back to running, yes it was a beautiful evening but so warm in Bristol, I only ran 1.3 miles again and I was soaked as if I had done a half marathon!!!!!

    As I just said, I did another run tonight, 1.3 in 11.58, I am hoping in the next couple of runs to start increasing the mileage but still on grass!!!!! Stil feeling ok  but getting a little nervous about preparation time before Cardiff and Bristol!!!!

  • morning all

    well off to Leicester later today staying the night in our favorite hotel and then it's my turn to stand on the sidelines and cheer tomorrow for the wife and daughter instead of the other way around then traveling home on Saturday afternoon

  • Afternoon All

    well back from Leicester not quite the weekend we had planed go up there all right traffic not to bad found the park Ok were just checking in to the hotel when the wife got a text to say it had been cancelled and rearranged for July so we stayed any way went over to Morrison’s to tell the daughter as she was working there she was disappointed

    So in the end the wife and daughter went out for a run this morning i went with them in spirit but the bed needed keeping warm you understand so i volunteer to do it was just one of those dirty jobs that had to be done

  • Toby, I am not surprised it was cancelled, the rain up there has been horrendous, there will be other races, I know thats not much of a consellation when you have spent all that money getting there and the hotel as well!!!! I know what you mean about the dirty jobs, these women just dont understand the hardships we go through!!!!!

    Plan is to do another run tomorrow, and probably monday, I wont be running next weekend as I will be at Silverstone for the Grand Prix for the whole weekend!!!! image I just hope the weather is fair, my first ever F1, would be nice evn if it is just dry!!!!!!

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