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  • Hi everyone, hope you're all doing well image

    Since I last posted, I've managed two runs, with no adverse stomach problems whatsoever image I have developed a bit of a tight right hamstring which comes on about halfway through the run and painful quads at the end of the run. Last night's run was slightly better and I guess it's just the body's way of telling me it hasn't run in a while. Plenty of pre and post run stretching with some Biofreeze massage in between and I'm sure the aches and pains will disappear. Anyway, the detail.....Saturday's run was 4 miles in 34:04 (ave 8:31) and last night's was 4.5 miles in 39:36 (ave 8:48).

    SeeJay, I feel the same as you now......get the mileage in the bag. I'm not aiming for a time and as I'm running Bristol in memory of my Father-in-Law, I just want to make sure I finish. Sorry to hear about Silverstone. I did think of you and wondered how you were coping!

    Ffran, the wedding was a nice quiet affair, just what we wanted image. The weather could have been better, but in saying that, the bride looked stunning and the groom scrubbed up ok considering image. After the ceremony, which included just parents and children, we headed back to our local and spent the next few hours with our extended family and close friends. An early night was followed by an early start the next morning, two weeks of very decent weather in Menorca. I'll try and post a pic of the happy couple on the day!

    Happy running everyone!



  • What a fantastic photo. You both look wonderfully happy. Glad all went well.
  • Congrats CB.

    All good here ffRAN. Still plodding away.

    We are off to Manorbeir in the caravan this weekend.

  • Seejay sorry to hear sliverstone was a wash out

    CB i hope the niggles sort them self out

    waves to ffRAN and Running Kev

  • morning all

    had a rest day yesterday will be cycling into work and back tonight as i need to be i early and the wife has the car and as it's a 6 mile round trip i am counting that as my training for today have to be in early on Thursday as well but will run to work as the wife will be in a position to drop the car off so i can drive home

  • CB many congrats lovley pic

    Seej so sorry it was a washout for you- i know it must have been great disappointment

    Everyone else going well i hope??

    No run today- flloored again with severe IBS attack again last night so feeling pretty rough this morn - guess ill have to have no food again for a few days to rest the guts and stop the cramping!!!!

    So sorry to moan but this is so wearing!!!!!

    Ttfn Fedup ness x
  • nessie sorry your not well again get well soon

  • Thaks Toby

    Just wears me out this IBS - shouldnt grumble as others have worse i know but its very painful hen guts go into spasms!!!!

  • bike ride into work was lovely sun was out but boy did i think i was in for a soaking on the way home the heavens opened for about an hour last night it was torrential fortunately for me by the time i had to come home it had stop and dried up so kept dry on the way home as well

  • Morning all,

    I used to suffer from IBS when I wa younger Ness - you have my sympathy.


    I have just bought a new shed for my bike rather than having to move 2 cars in the drive to open the garage door. Hopefully that way I will get a bit more cycling done as well.

    Off to the Cricket in Sophia Gardens (Cardiff) at 3:30pm - hope the rain stays off.

  • Evening all.

    Nessie- much love x

    Toby- here's a suggestion. Your running is fantastic at the moment, you are getting some great cycling in, all this wet weather.....what about a triathlon?

    Kev - great place for cycling. Don't think the weather was that kind, was it?

    I've been watching Faster, Higher, Stronger on iPlayer, and am so amazed by these amazing athletes - particularly enjoyed the programmes about the 1500m + 100m racers. Can't wait for the Olympics.

    Anyways...been breaking my own records.

    I really felt the effort of the speed session I did Monday- quads particularly felt the effort, so intended the run on Tuesday to be quiet. For one reason or another, we were a depleted band - just 3 of us, and part way, the guys decided to make it a short one. But I felt extraordinarily good,so decided to do the full 7. They told me to catch them up from the longer loop so I went for it and my times were, from mile 5, 7:34, 8:37(a hill) and 7:24!!! Well either my Garmin went bonkers or I really pulled it out of the bag. And I almost caught them up! A rest - a proper one, yesterday and Body Pump and some hill repeats tonight -the latter, in pouring rain.

    I feel so much better.
  • Morning all

     well the run to work went ok Yesterday got a little soggy but had a change of  at clothes at work and with a swill using the sinks in the toilets felt ok left the house about 3pm and was in work 29 minutes later not the quickest run but not bad

     The wife dropped the car off as promised which i was glad off as it turned into a long all day never left work till 4am making it 12 and a quarter hour day

     It’s our 27thwedding anniversary today to may shame had to call in the 24 ASAD to get a card and present as i had totally forgotten about it until i opened a card from my sister

     ffRAN don’t mean to be rued but i always think you have to be some kind of nutter to want to a triathlon


  • Thanks for the congrats image

    Kev, have a good time in Manorbier, Pembrokeshire is a lovely part of the country!

    Ness, sorry to hear you're suffering. I've not experienced it myself but I can sympathise as my daughters suffer similar, one's gluten intolerant and the other is coeliac image

    Ffran, I really don't know where you get all your energy from image

    Toby, Congratulations! image

    I almost forgot this was a running forum image After the recent niggles, I ran with a friend last night who's just starting out so I thought it would be a good idea to run at his pace. 3 miles in 29 mins (ave 9:40) was just what I needed. No tight hamstring and no painful quads. I've learnt a lesson, I'm going to ease down on the pace until my legs are back into this running malarky! 5 miles planned tomorrow image

    Have a good weekend everyone!


  • Nessie, so sorry to hear you are having another bout of IBS, I know it knocks you for six!!! Wish all these clever well paid chemists and scientists would find a cure of at least some way to ease it!!!!

    Toby, still going well, I must agree about the Triathalon, I do however have a lot of respect for those who do!!!!!

    Ffran, you are getting so quick, I canot believe how fast you are running these days, well done, its great to see it!!!!

    Kev, how was the cricket???

    Chris, sometimes its a really good move to ease down and build up again. I had that problem a few years ago at the gym, just didnt seem to be improving at all. I dropeed the number of exercises and duration for a week or two and lo and behold my pace started to come back to me. Good luck anyway.

    Well another tough run tonight, still running rounds Greville Smyth ark but doing a figure of 8 that includes some tough inclines. Good quick run tonight, 3.03 in 28:13, thats an average of 9.19 so really pleased. Next week I will start to increase my flat distance round the harbourside, will let you know how I get on. Off to Bideford this weekend on my motorbike for a rideout on Sunday. Hoping the weather is dryish for my run down, forecast says no!!!!!! image Have a great weekend everyone.

  • Afternoon all

    Should have done 9 yesterday but what with the 12hr day and then not sleeping well was just to tiered so never got around to it so went to the park run this morning never went for a time ran with the wife she also has 5 miles to do to morrow so will go out with her to make up for missing the 9 on Friday


  • Brilliant run, Seejay - to do that pace when you've been through such a lot. Are you doing Swansea 10k? I think you'll be back on form by Autumn.

    CB- get a fine balance between the pace and the pain and you'll crack it. Have you looked into taping the calf with kinesio tape? Lots on YouTube showing techniques for support etc, but you could go to a good physio first, - see if it helps.

    Toby - how was the Parkrun? I dipped out of my long run today. I sat, fully kitted up, in my conservatory, waiting for a tiny break in the pouring rain. Didn't happen. I don't mind getting soaked, but not straight away, especially when I feel cold to start. I'll do it in the morning then we're out for a celebratory lunch for my aunt's 90th birthday.
  • Afternoon all

    went out for a run with O/H today she was only meant to be doing 5 miles as her training for the Cricklade H/M has now kicked off but we decided to do our 3.2 mile route that we used to run when training for the Bristol 10k which takes in the docks and as it was a lovely day in the end she decided to run it twice making just over 6 miles

    the Bristol triathlon was on today so we got to see parts of the cycling and runners as we trotted past as we got back to the end of the second time around i still felt ok so while O/H went into the ASDA to get some drinks i ran the loop again to make it 9 miles which is what i should have done on Friday

  • Oh Toby so very well done. Uare one determined guy!!!!! Well done to your OH for doing her 6 miles

    Infact everyone going greay guns and i think all your good vibes have rubbed off on me - i have just entered Bristol half marathon!!!!!!

    Just back from 9 mile cycle

    Training plan for Bristol starts tomo- ive got 11 weeks till 30th Sept with a holiday for 2 weeks in South of France in August but im taking my bike with me and there are plenty of hills to train on!!!!!!!!

    Feeling better but a bit week cos still not back to eating much but look on the brightside ive lost a load of weight this week!!!!

    Hope LBB Towner RSB and others we havent beard from for a while are all ok

    Good going Seej and Fran x

    Ttfn nessie x
  • Well done to you and Mrs T, Toby. And good for you having entered the Half, Nessie. So glad you are feeling much better, but take care of that tum - your training will be great with all the exercise you do!

    My long slow run scheduled for yesterday finally took place at 7:30 this morning and I really enjoyed it. Took a route that was a compromise between an easy run along flat roads and my beloved hilly off-road paths. But my internal sat-nav went askew and I ended up running up side lanes and paths to make the distance. But, considering it was "challenging" over all, pleased with 13.75 miles in 2:16. Perfect weather, cool but sunny.

    Then had to get togged up for a huge family get together- Sunday lunch at a lovely country hotel, (stunning setting,) for my Aunt's 90th birthday. Really enjoyed being with my brothers and sisters and seeing all my cousins, their children and grandchildren. One of the little lads asked what Iwas to him- I couldn't work it out?Only one missing was my cousin's son. He's a major in the Army and a doctor, and was on duty today as a medical officer for Team GB in the Olympics, which I thought interesting.

    Lovely time.
  • I think I've cracked it......I pretty much did what most of you have suggested and just eased back. Last Thurday's run proved as much and so I started out on Saturday's run a bit slower and it worked image 5.25 miles in 46:34 (ave 8:52). I was pleased to finish with no adverse reactions whatsoever! Running again tonight.

    Sorry It's such a short post, only I'm really pressed for time. Will look back over all your posts soon. Hope you're all ok!

  • CB glad the run went well great Avg pace as well

    nessie glad your feeling better and well done on entering the Bristol H/M

    ffRAN great training as always sound like you had a great time i can never work who's a cousin or nephew or niece


  • I'm off today as I have to go on a course Friday (my usual non-work day) and boy, do I feel cheated! It has poured down since I got up. We were supposed to be away in caravan but decided to cancel as forecast poor and we would have interrupted our stay for yesterday's party anyway. Just about managed to get the dogs out in the driving wind and rain and will go to that Speed training tonight - not the best plan as it will mean 3 tough runs in 3 days. But as it's a one off, I'm sure I'll be ok.

    Good news, CB, and still good pace. When you're sure you are comfortable running at that speed, try a tinier bit faster - but do it slowly.

    Nessie- do you have a programme for your Half? The "coaches" are giving out programmes at tonight's session.
  • Lol Fran ive got loads of programmes but always willing to look at others so if u can get one that would be great.

    Did just over 3 miles this morn in pouring rain and ran apart of it that i have always walked/ran until this morn. So quite chuffed.

    Did horsie as ususl first thing as rain is so unrelenting i brought her in to give her a break from the wet.

    Off to Docs now to get x ray results about shoulders - then down to farm to do horsie again.

    CB glad your run was better

    Ttfn nessi
  • I had remembered about your X-ray results - was the news ok,, Nessie? You don't stop, do you?
  • Fran - Xrays show calcium deposits again thr rotary cuff. V painful - off to physio on Thursday before i go down the injection route again!!!!

    Over your way on Wednesday for youngest lads presentation ceremony for his degree gained in Civil Engineering & Environmental Management.

    30 started this course and only 3 finished it and one of them failed. So it wasnt an easy course so one very proud mum here. Tomorrow im off to buy the tear proof mascara!!!!! LOL x
  • Yeah Nessie, back to good old Bristol Half!!! So good you are feeling better, we will be practically starting together as I am about similar level in training, actually you are probably ahead of me as I still havent done a 10K yet!!!! You have just as much determination as anyone else on here if not more. You work so hard and still manage to find time to train, you are such an inspiration!!!!!

    Ffran, yes I am doing Cardiff 10K and Swansea 10K, I hope I can be nearly as quick as last year but it may be too big a task!!! Ffran, the thoughts of running 13 miles scares me at the moment but hopefully in a month or so I will fell differently. You are realy running so well this year, it is so good to se you running so well.

    Toby, well done but dont let little setbacks like missing a planned run knock you back, you will pick it up again just like you did and you are back on track again. Timing is not really that important, you already are running big distances and it now only a case of building stamina and spped which will come with training!!!

    Chris, so glad to hear your great news, as Ffran says, initally increase your distance slowly until you see if it is staying away and then you can start to push. Funny things our bodies, we think we are doing everthing right and suddenly we are actually doing everything wrong!!!!! Anyway, keep up the good work, we will get a Bitton run done this year!!!!

    Well I had a great weekend and an amazing run on Sunday, the weather was perfect and the sights where amazing. I had such a good day and the bike was great even though I still have some tweaking to do. Only problem was while on the moors we crossed three cattle grids, first two where fine but the third had a little dip as you came on it. This caused my centre stand to catch on the grid and luckily for me the casting was weak and it ripped one leg of the stand off. I didnt realise until the run was finished and couldnt stand the bike up. Fortunately a marshall at the grid picked it up and gave it to me but i think the old original one will have to go back on!!!! Anyway got totally soaked on the way home today but I actually didnt mind, I was comfortable except when coming to roundabouts and I see the multicouloured stain on the tarmac and smmell of diesel. Really frightening but I survived!!!!

    Anyway, managed to get out for another run tonight, this time on tarmac around the harbourside, ended up slightly longer than I had planned but what the heck!!!! 4.86 miles in 46:45 so well pleased and hopefully will return to form soon!!!!!

  • PS, Nessie, how did the Xray go???

  • Sorry Nessie, just noticed your post, that is what my wifes Osteopath is hoping not to see in her Xray!!!!!!

  • morning all

    did 3 yesterday have decided to have a treadmill and telly week this week all but Friday that is when i shall go out for my long run 4 today then a gym session on Wednesday

    well i won't be running Bath this year not with a £41 entry fee anyway i thought £39 pounds was bad enough last year

  • Toby i agree these prices are crazy. Bristol is nearly as dear but i enter it as it was the first race i did when i first took up running about 4/5 years ago so its ssentimental reasons really. Plus i know where we are going , parking, route etc and its not too far from home so this keeps my anxiety levels down which helps my IBS !!!!!!

    Blimey what a hopeless case i am LOL -

    SEEJ many sympathy to Mrs Seej if she has calcium deposits in rotary cuff. Soooooooo painful its unbelievable. Mind you the injection did help when i had this before in my other shoulder (about 6/7 years ago?) But the injection itself was pretty horrific but dont tell her that!!!!!!!!!

    Glad you had good time. Have u heard from LBB HG TOWNER ETC ETC?????

    Hi to everyone else Kev - CB thanks for good wishes for me getting better.

    Ness x
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