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  • imageToby, a big well done on just over 2hrs with an injury, I think that is brilliant

    imageWoo Hoo Stret09 - 20 miles wow - good for you

    imageAh Ffran 'Wuv you Nanna' made me go all doey eyed - my eldest lad got engaged last christmas soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo am still waiting to hear thse gorgeous words!!!!!

    imageSoup Dragon - have got some gorgeous pics of Rooby already, just have to workout how I get them on???? She is like a little fat guinea pig tumbling around with her brothers & sisters , went yesterday for another cuddle!!!!

    imageTazi - Roobs will come home mid nov, so I expect there will be some sleepless nights for me for a while LOL

    imageMadaussie, glad to hear from you again but so sorry to hear your probs, you poor thing, how long a break do they advise you to take ?  AND you are more than welcome to have a moan after all that x

    imageHi Binx - Good luck for Cardiff & to everyone else competing

    imageI ran on Wed doing the same route I did on Sun (& struggled with) & blow me down if I didn't knock 5 mins off my Sun time - I did 5.7miles in 58mins & Sun took me 63 mins WOO HOO

    imageAlways drink water as most other things make me feel sick but the Gatorade flavour (think its strawberry) well its the red one, is  usually ok for me BUT on Wed I tried Coconut Water & thought it was great & I didn't feel sick - people tell just ordinary water is not really good enough 'cos it doesnt replace all the thingys you lose through running

    imageHope everyone ok TTFN Nessie AKA Lop A Long x

  • Toby, I'm in London (the course is through Birkbeck).

    Seejay, message received (eventually worked out where messages are now?). Not sure when I'll be around the start area, as not entirely sure how long it will take to walk there from the hotel, but will text you when I arrive. Good luck for the race if I don't see you at the start.

    Good luck to Binx too!

    At the moment I'm thinking I will run, as legs seem to have recovered from last Sunday. Looks like I'll have to wear some of my new winter kit though. 

    Nessie, why don't you look at elete water, its a great alternative to sports drinks cos you add it to any drink, inlcuding water and has almost no taste.
  • Hi all

    Thanks for all well wishes

    Seejay - not sure what im wearing yet depends on the weather but it will be a yellow top either long or short sleeved and black full length bottoms and red/white trainers.  Will look out for you. White Cap and Green Southville Running Club top. image

    Stret09 - Well done on your 20 miles you guys are fab.

    Ffran - Ahh bless how cute, Ive got ages until Im likely to hear those words. Well done on your 15 miler.

    Soup Dragon- 40 miles my bum gets saddle sore after about 10!!

    Tazi - I drink the tesco own brand energy drinks most of the time. If I drink too much of any of them they make me feel sickimage

    madaussie - Well done on you PB. The medal for the Royal Parks looked really nice almost tempted to enter next year. Im a bit partial to a nice medal! We're staying in Cardiff saturday night too. Im going to do a spot of shopping after.

    Toby - Hope your calf  and hip is easing up a bit now. Now youve got Leicester out the way you can get yourself fully repaired for Bath.

    Nessie - Rooby sounds so cute and cuddly cant wait to see the pics.Well done on your run 5mins faster! Very impressive. 

    Well not sure how im going to do on Sunday Ive managed to do somethign to my ankle it feels quite tender, think it may be the speed training. Got it strapped up so hopefully it will be ok by Sunday.

    Good Luck to all doing any races and wish good training for all

    Binx x

  • Hello all - been a bit down as my left ankle and right calf have been troubling me and I've been a worried about not managing my marathon.

    Well I finally saw my Goddess of a physio - she's been away doing a charity 500 mile cycle ride (as you do), Had my usual hour session with her -  6pm to 7:55! She told me I didn't have shin splints, just a strained muscle - relief, but my ankle pain was related to a dislocated metatarsal. She gave me a really deep sports massage, but wasn't able to replace the bone (had it done in the hospital 2 years ago but it displaced again).Seems very sore today so I didn't run.

    We went to our friend's funeral today- full police ceremony with motorbike outriders, police horses, hundreds of police in full dress, including top brass etc - very moving. His wife and children were so dignified- he'd have been proud. So trying to show my OH how much I appreciate him with a lovely candle-lit dinner but he's now on the PC! Typical.

    I would have loved to come to watch Cardiff but I'm doggy-sitting for my friend - 2 Springers, so a bit lively in our household again this weekend.

    Good luck all racing - can't wait to hear how you've done (including Ness, who races herself!).xxx

  • Goodluck for Sunday Binx, Seejay and anyone else image Wish I was joining you all now.

    Toby, well done for completing the half and a decent time considering all the injuries etc

    Not sure what I'm gonna do for the next two weeks, I dislike tapering already imageimageimage although I am marshaling for the first time on Saturday, hmmm just praying I don't send the runners the wrong way imageimage

    Ness try the link below, you just add them to water. Cheap and easy to use, I don't go running without them. 

    Nuun hydration

  • Soup Dragon, I didnt realise it was only one day a week and if thats the case then it would be great for you, as you say if you just take it easy. I thought it would be every work day, would certainly give it a try sometime!!!

    Nessie, well done on your run, so happy for you, when you do improve you really do IMPROVE!!! image I agree about the water not replacing electrolites but it is ok to replace them after the run and Gatorade and other energy drinks do that, try other things but do it in traiing dont experiment during a race!!

    Madaussie, if we meet it would be great but if not I am sure eventually it will happen, its just with you so far away its good to take the opportunity when you come over to the dark side!!! imageimage

    Binx, I will keep a look out!! I take it you dont want a lift over then??

    FFran, so sorry to hear you are now injured, definately need to get that one sorted before you do much running, it will give you all sorts of problems later!!! Funerals are such depressing things and unfortunately as you get older you seem to be going to more and more!!! image Shame you cant cheer us on in Cardiff!!

    Stret, must be difficult when you are so used to doing big mileages having to cut down!!!

    Just got my Stroud number and not very happy. 1313!!!!!! How unlucky is that one!!!! imageimage I will let you know how I get on in Cardiff!!!

  • Seejay - Im ok but thank you. Going with other half and friend, both are running too. Going down Saturday afternoon and staying in Band B.  Good Luck. Hopefully we'll all have a good race.image

  • RR - Not sure how long my break from running will be, as I was too afraid to ask. I am seeing the physio next Tue so I guess I find out then. Hopefully she'll say a week image

    I can also second Stret's nomination for nuun. They are great, try the flavours and you'll find one you just love.

    Binx - The "medal" this year for Royal Parks was a big improvement. The shape was fantastic (a leaf) and it was varnished. My other medals are a little warped now, and seem to have something growingimage

    I believe (based on the fact that RP used the dreaded word on their website), that entry next year will be by BALLOT image

    This will make it unlikely I'll get to run again, as I'm unlucky in ballots. I don't see what was wrong with the old system. If you wanted a place enough, then you just had to persevere. This year I signed myself and hubby up. My friend and her hubby were also able to get places. Now who knows image

    Seejay, looking forward to Sunday. 

  • Morning all

    Well went over the gym yesterday with the O/H did 10 minutes on the bike 10 on the cross trainer and the same on the treadmill using one of the built in programs then a swim so begins the road to recover

    I really need to lose the stone in weight I have put on over the last two months but ideally would love to lose at least 2st but have been trying that for the last 2 year without much luck so have just joined the weight loss name and shame thread started by Julia T who i meet at Brighton this year

    Let’s hope with a bit of support I will be more successfulI

    may change physio as every time I ask how long he thinks i should lay off the running he never seems to want to offer the advice and in fact when I said about laying off the running to Christmas got the reply the longer you lay off the harder it is to get back into

  • trying not to panic...

    I've just been offered a place in the 2011 MdS, thats just 5 and a bit months away image

  • Sorry not been touch for a few days.

    Hope the injuries improve soon and good luck to you guys still running and racing this weekend.

    Had a pretty traumatic week, did last long run last Sat of 17.3, with really bad hip and hamstring pain for last 6 miles.   tried running this week but in pain after a few yards with hamstring pain.

    Saw fiz today who diagnosed a really tight left hip especially flexors.  45 mins of pain followed but hopefully all worth it as he has told me to run 4 tomorrow, 5 Monday and 5 Thursday and then the marathon.  Hamstring pain was all referred from hips so should be no problem now.

    Fran, hope its feeling better now

  • Hi Guys,

    ffRAN - saw in the paper about your friend. Wahat a shame as he had just retired from full time duties.

    Good luck to all those running and recovering!


  • Hi RK - your running seems to be going from strength to strength! Do you fancy doing that Sospan run through Pembrey in November?

    LLB - I've been concerned not to have heard from you - perhaps we can meet up in Dublin and hobble around the course! Take care - I'm sure it'll all loosen up and we'll be fine - it's sciatica this morning - I'm sure my troubles are psychosomatic. Incidently, the weather seems to be getting so much colder - I may have to rethink my packing - I usually run in as little as possible as I get so hot but may have wear long sleeves under my Welsh vest (compulsory for ALL runs outside the Principality).

    Toby - listen to your body when it comes to your running but rest may be a good idea - remember, you're doing so well with all the cross training so you'll keep your fitness up.

    MadAussie - now I know how you've acquired your name!!! I'm planning an Ultra in 2012 but not on that scale - respect! xxx

    I'll be with you in spirit tomorrow all you Cardiff runners. xxx

  • does anybody the name of a good phyiso in bristol
  • Sorry to hear about all these injuries.  If its any consolation you are reminding me to to push too far too quickly. I must learn patience.  Here's hoping you are you all mended soon.

    Madaussie - are you really doing MdS??  5 months doesn't sound long to train for something of that magnitude. 

    I got a new toy this morning of a new HRM.  Remember the one I ordered "accidentally" on Amazon? Well it was a con.  Looked really cheap but didn't say that it was coming from the States and I got a note to say I had to pay £25 VAT plus £8 handling charge which made it the most expensive on the web.  So I didn't collect it and I'm getting a refund when it finally goes back for non-delivery.   Today I got one of these: Posh HRM with whistles and bells.  I got an older version from Evans so a bit of money off but still expensive at £119 and out of my own account this time - ouch.  So now I've got to get out there and use it.  I'm preferring to run to heart rate than pace as I did with my garmin before it bust and got injured by setting targets too high.   

     Sorry - I'm prattling on.  Will shut up now.image

    Good luck this weekend to everyone racing tho. image

  • David Adler physio - look up Portland Therapy centre on Google Toby
  • Enjoy your toy Soup Dragon.

    ffRAN - I do fancy the Sospan MT10 but there is a few things putting me off - no entry on the day, the price increase this year and a cut off at 7miles.

    There is a "free to enter" Bill Macfarlane RNLI 15k from Bynea Gateway Car Park to Burry Port Harbour on  20 November (I think), with water stations / marshalls etc. which I prefer the sound of? If you drive over Lougher Bridge there is a banner there advertising it - can't find it on the net.

    Good luck with the fiz Toby

    Madaussie MdS - Wow!

  • RK - I see what you mean - price is quite steep for a local run. You'd be fine for cutoff though. Go on, go on, go on (- practising my Irish) !

    I'm just off for a nice soak in the bath - having already done my "long run" for the week - 12 miles. We're going to a wedding do tonight so I'm going to glam up (for once) and have a little drinkie - last one until the evening of the the 25th - honest!

    Great running tomorrow, all.  XXXXXXXXXXX

  • PS. Soupdragon - let me know how you get on with HRM - I want to get something like that for OH's Xmas pressie.
  • I haven't yet decided to take up the MdS place. I will need to see how my knee holds up on Sunday, and what the physio says Tuesday. I had planned on doing MdS 2013 or 2012 if a spot became available.

    will keep you posted!

  • Morning all

    New week new start

     I must try and get out for  a run this week I have managed to get over the gym at least twice last week and we have been swimming nearly every day but the calf muscle has still been quite tight it does now seem to have easing of

    This however is the longest it has taken me to recover from an H/M normally I run the race in the morning and is mange to go to work on the evening with no side effects but this time I could hardly walk for 2 days

    Old age is caching up I think and I did wonder when I started running 2 years ago how long the body would last before it fell apart

    Back to work on Monday or I would be if I didn’t have a 3 day first aid course to go to so I am on days this week which will make a nice change and it does mean I will be home on the evening for another week

    So I won’t be able to get over the gym until Thursday so I will either have to use the one in the garage or go out for a run the weight loss is going badly but now I am back to work it may help

    LBB thanks will look them up now

  • I took over 10 minutes off my pb today at cardiff, but I am hurting so much. I don't think MdS in five months is achievable if I'm honest image
  • Really well done, madaussie - what time did you do? Come on - 10 minutes off  a PB - that's incredible!!! You can get training for a little jaunt like MdS, I'm sure.
  • Fab stuff madaussie.  10mins is a massive improvement, well done. imageimage    I think I'd need 5 years training for MdS!  But what does the training schedule for it say?  And what are your aims?  You've obviously got a good base to build from. 

  • Hi all

    Well done Madaussie thats a fantastic chunk of your pb, congratulations.You'll do MdS no sweat.

    Seejay - looked out for you but couldnt see you, hope you got on ok.

    Too tired to write much, had dreadful nights sleep last night in our hotel with doors banging etc.Going to have a very early night tonight as soon as finished going through my little mans homework and doing his reading. I am really chuffed beat my last time managed to do it in 1hr 51 24secs. 

    Night all 

    Congrats to all

    Binx x

  • Hi everyone, Madaussie, sorry I missed you, no signal in car park so missed your txt. 10 minutes is an incredible time to chop off your pb, specially when injured!!!! I reckon if you take a couple of weeks off running and slowly start coming back you probably do MdS, but if you yourself dont hink you can do it then dont try, there is always another race!!!

    Toby, I definately think you should do the same as Madaussie, have a break and come back slow after seeing the physio!!!

    Binx, sorry I missed you as well, so many paople there itwe prob could have walked straight past each other and not noticed!!! Well done on your time, the weather was cracking and the course was flat but there were so many people started in the wrong pace band. At 4 miles I was passing people who where totally knackered and walking and others where running at 2:15 or so pace in the 1:45 group. Of course this along with the narrow gateways and other restrictions meant you couldnt get clear road till after about 6 miles!!!

    Still loved the race and I did exactly what I didnt want to do, I PB'd, 1:50:33!!! So pleased but worried it may hurt me at Stroud!!!! I think short slow runs this week for recovery!!! RSB did a great time of 2:10, she was till running injured and nearly didnt run it but was so pleased with her time!!!

  • Blooming marvellous times, Binx, RSB and Seejay - congratulations all. Still reeling from Madaussie's PB too!

    My pal is doing Snowdon, so as a training run, did 8 miles, then raced - had a good time too.

  • well done everyone who did cardiff today.

    madaussie - good to see you back! MdS.... wow!

    i think i need new shoes - i'm getting sore muscles by my shins (i don't think it's shin splints cos its muscle pain, or is that shin splints???)

    did a very slow 9 miles this morning, didn't really get into it. late start cos GSR doesn't start till nearly 11am. i'm in the same wave as the elite men though image right at the back of the wave methinks or i'll get squashed! from recent runs it looks like it'll be slow, but it is 'flat' so you never know.....

    SIS are my favourite sports drinks, but not many races use them, so i figured it was a good idea to try out the ones they use. (i've also found that sports drinks are good when i give blood...)

    anyhoo, hope everyone has a good week! image

  • Well done everyone who ran Cardiff Half today imageimage, especially Binx and Seejay, your times are well derserved, imageimage, Sub 1:50 for you both next i think image.

    Hope everyone has a good week of running.

  • Congrats to everyone at Cardif today.  Well done on another good splattering of pbs.  image
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