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  • Nessie consider it thrownimage

    Pyramids are good, hard core runners do it for longer amounts of time prob , but Im of the opinion every little helps. The word Fartlek causes much hilarity if used in the company of my 15 year old, cant think why!! Bless him.

    I think while on holiday will def have a few Vodkas with fruit juice of some description, at least I will be being healthy as well as naughty at the same timeimage Just got to drink five of them, I think i can manage that.

    I wont tell if you dont. Anyway we do healthy stuff like running to counter it out. image  Thats my reasoning and im sticking with it.

    Binx x

  • Toby - Thankyou, my children are 15,13 and 10 and hopefully they will appreciate me when I get back! Get a little bored with repeating the same things everday! Dont think they are any different than anyone elses though. Children seem to have selective hearing dont they. We wont worry about your spelling Toby, mines not always that great.image

    I do my long runs at 10 min mile but im in westbury so a bit far for me to go and im a rubbish driver with no sense of direction so god knows where id end up!

    Nessie - Back to running Oops forgot thats what this site is for!, bit disappointing you couldnt get into Swansea is there any other 10ks near you? My friend and I are going to enter a couple to see how we get on with them.

    TTFN Binx x

  • imageBinx, looking around to see what runs are on - I'm in Gloucestershire but was interested in Swansea 'cos a few from "Our  Gang" are going & I thought I might tag along - never mind will find another

    imageHope you have a fab hol, no kids hmmmmmmmmm sounds like bliss (love 'em really but they can wear you out!!!).

    imageToby, def no worries about spelling - look at mine closley sometimes if you want a good laugh LOL (I blame it on keyboard not working properly LOL)

    imageJust had leg massage & she found a few tight bits & some sore bits that needed draining, legs feel good now but I am very tired - diet has been rubbish this week so must start properly tomorrow being good -

    TTFN Nessie x

  • Morning all

    Must admit i am getting itchy feet at the moment and its only been5 days what it’s going to be like if on Monday the phyiso tell me to lay off running again

    I feel like a bit of a fraud at the moment posting on here as i am not running at the moment what with reading about all these wonderful runs going on

      just a question is this thread just going to be about running and only running and anything not about running is taboo i only ask as i will bow out now as i think a thread will give help and support to the members of that thread even if the post about none running related matters

    as we all need that at times as these things can in fact effect or running

    i only ask as when i asked Binx about her children all though she answered she then went on to say

    Binx wrote (see)

    Nessie - Back to running Oops forgot thats what this site is for!, bit disappointing you couldnt get into Swansea is there any other 10ks near you? My friend and I are going to enter a couple to see how we get on with them.

    TTFN Binx x

    answers on a post card

  • Thanks for all your speedwork ideas. My 10k route has a mile of straight footpaths with lamp posts so I think I'll use that bit to try out sprints. Never heard of pyramids but I'll give them a go.
    Toby- surely no harm in going off on a tangent! Get it off your chest!!!! Can't see that anyone will mind. I get the impression none of us take our training as seriously as the elite athlete. There's always time for a detour!
    Ended up doing speedwork on the stepper yesterday evening as i worked into the evening. Really enjoyed it, but climbed off with jelly legs. Must be working!! Physio and general all round Running adviser has written me up a 6 week plan to see me through to Cardiff so I'm feeling more focussed now. Fast 10k tonight then long run tomorrow. Hangover Sunday as I'm off to Bristol for my brother in law's 40th. I'm not a drinker but thought I'd better plan ahead. If I am unscathed I'll do a 5k. What training have others got planned for the weekend?
  • Toby that was in just in jest as Nessie had said it in previous we were chatting more about alcohol and other things. image Didnt want to say too much about my babes as I have been known to bore people to death talking about them.image i agree, everyday events and feelings can effect how we are all running. Sorry if it came across offish..xx

    LOL like that youve booked your hangover in Ro, thats what we do and then organise our runs around itimage

    Thaks Nessie Im sure I will have a great time. Ive been told I have to ring regularly so they know im ok, ahh bless them.x

    Dragging OH our for a run Saturday morning, thought Id better squeeze an easy in before my break, only 2 days to go. x

  • imageToby - I am always going off at a tangent LOL - I know we are meant to chat about running but as Binx says sometimes "Life & other stuff" can affect our efforts - so sometimes it is good to have achat about things - don't worry about joining in even if your not running  you are more than welcome to put your penny worth in - we will always listen - there will be plenty of help & ideas etc about rest, recovery etc from the more experienced runners on here as they can advise what will help while your not able to run  - there is always room for everyones ideas & offers of help & of course hopefully imagelittle chatter boxes like me & Binx !!!

    imageGot up at 6 this am & went for swim & did exercises in the pool - Boy O Boy was it busy !!

    TTFN Nessie

  • This thread is for any subject, the idea is to kep us together and get to know each other so no subject is barred other than religion and politics!!!!!!! Toby dont you dare go anywhere else, imageimage
  • Morning all

    Just been out on my 6 miler easy!!! I dont think so, it was blooming hard. took everything to keep plodding!! OH was on his bike having a little whinge as he wanted to stay in bed, bless him hey. 

    Needed to squeeze that one in before my three days of drinking copious amounts of pimpom (if available) and scoffing all food available,it is an all inclusive holiday after all !!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend and some nice easy runnings.xx

  • Hello!
    Binx-I've just been all inclusive. Now trying to shed the pounds I gained but it was SO worth it! Enjoy! Where are you going?
    Just ran 8 miles - longest since the op. It felt fine considering I did a quick 10k last night. However I now have a MONSTER blood blister on my little toe. Do I leave it or lance it? My gait has totally changed since the op. I think I'm avoiding running on my big toe joints so my other toes are taking the strain. Still, at least the breaks themselves aren't hurting.
    Enjoy your runs and rests this weekend. I'm off to a family birthday party so bring on the Pimms!
  • imageRo - am so impressed with you - 8 miler well done & on top of 10k - you fit young thing you !!!!! - don't know what to advise about blister - I would worry about lancing in case it gets infected - but hopefully others with experience will advise properly for you - have you got different shoes if your gait has changed?

    imageSave a pimms for me LOL

    imageLOL Binx - are we in sync or what???? - I went for easy???? 3.5 this morn  & boy did I struggle - legs wouldn't work & had to have walk breaks - Whats that all about on short downhill run for goodness sake???? - wore a long sleeved top & waterproof waistcoat 'cos it was very windy & wet as I set off - 2mins later sun was out & cracking the flags & I was boiling!!!

    imageYesterday am before work I went for swim & did exercises in the pool & then in the afternoon I cycled to horsie & thats the first time on bike this year - perhaps that didn't help my run today but I thought the exercise would do me good ???

    imageBinx have a great time  & enjoy your break - remember plenty of fresh fruit juice Oh & a drop or two of pimms!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    imagePlanning longer run in the morning - so if anyone can stand the excitement I will let you all know how it goes -

    imageHope everyone else running / exercising ok this week end

    TTFN Nessie x

  • Evening allHope all the training is going well fingers cross for Monday or hoping he may be able to suggest a suitable train plan to get me through the H/FLast week of driving instructing next week as it has become unviable to carry on

     lop-a- long we’ve all had runs were we struggled you may be right about the training the day before not helping

    Ro well done on the run sorry to hear about the blister sounds painful

    Binx well done for keeping going hope the holiday goes well

  • hi all

     back to running this week (decided that doing nothing last week was a good idea - needed a rest after the marathon). legs have felt really heavy, i'm assuming they're still not fully recovered from the marathon, but it could be cos i've been naughty image and have been eating way too much junk food in the last week. i'll start eating healthily again on monday, promise! image and see what happens!
    i've not done any other exercise this week cos i've had a really pants week at work - i've been left pretty much in charge (argh!) and nothing is going right image

     i'd like to start doing speedwork with the club, but i'm not sure how to get there. i'll have to study the map book.

    Ro & soup dragon - good to hear from you both again!

    Hope everyone has a good weekend

  • Hi everyone, good to see everyone back in the groove.

    20 for me this morning in 3.20, last 4 miles were a blur - 6 weeks to Dublin 

    Hope everyones having a good weekend

    Good luck to those Chippenham bound tomorrow 

  • Ro, personally I would lance it and put a plaster on it but thats me!!! image Well done on your 2 runs and enjoy the Pimms!!!

    Nessie, i would say that all that cycling left your legs empty so dont be too dissapointed with your run!!! Good luck tomorrow but take it easy!!

    Toby, sorry to hear about your DI stopping, not a good time for anyone at the moment!!! Good luck for Monday!!!

    Binx, have a great holiday, and not too many Pimmpoms, you will have to pay for it when you get home!!! image

    Tazi, I see you are starting to pay!!! image What club do you run with? I hope you find it and work off some of your overindulgences....... image

    LBB, most impressed with that run, I suppose I will need to work of to those distances soon!!! 6 weeks wont be long coming in!!!

    Echo LBB regards Chippenham and also those out training, get it done early, forecast is hot!!!!

  • Also meant to wish HG good luck on your first training run after injury, take it easy!!!
  • Seejay thanks for your kind comments

    All - It was unbelievably hot this morning, so if the forecast is better for tomorrow get plenty of hydration drinks down you.

    HG - sorry I have not picked up that you have been injured, good luck with the comeback

  • Found you !!!
  • Yay FFran, good to have you on board!!!

    Did an 8 miler this morning down the Portway, my right leg was quite uncomfortable but eased after the half way but will have to get it sorted!! Did it in 1:10 which is quicker than my last Lliswerry so well pleased, must start bumping the mileage up soon!!!!

    LBB, as you know I dont give praise unless its earned and you earned that, you have done amazingly well considering the problems you had at the beginning of the year. I think the brothers have helped push you along a little but you have done the work!!!!

  • ffran welcome nice to see you found us

    seejay well done on the run hope there nothig to serious worng with your leg

  • SeeJay and LBB thanks for good wishes.

    Went around Downs with a girl from work and we did 3.34 miles - non stop - no walks- in 44 minutes. We even pushed the pace in last 1/3 of mile back to car. Was pleased with effort and looking forward to getting back into flow, must admit I have been worried about what is wrong but even though I still have the cough I am not now worried about it.

    Hope to be able to do a couple more weeks and then I will be back to club SeeJay.

     Well done all - especially Nessie and LBB who have come through some tough times.

    RR are we going to see you at the Slog (or in my case the back of you) . Good luck with your recovery.

  • imageGo HG go - good run, you'll soon be back in the swing !!

    imageHiya Fran - welcome aboard x

    imageTazi, you deserve a rest & a bit of TLC & a bit of what ever you fancy to eat after comleteing a mara BUT lay off the junk food soon (Sorry to nag but you know its for your'e good) back onto the healthy stuff next week - we will be watching !!!!LOL

    imageLBB - howdy, 20 miler - well what can I say - that is amazing - you'll do well in Dublin just think of all that lovely Guiness at the end !!!! x

    imageSeeJ hope you get your leg sorted - don't leave it - (Nurse Nessie nagging!!!)

    imageToby, good luck for Monday.

    imageWell, went for run this am & all went well, really amazed - I did a 5mile route to horsie with planned walk breaks - I ran first two miles then walked for .20 of a mile  - then ran one mile & walked .20 of a mile & so on - image(Bathed horsie so she is clean as I need to clip her later today ) - then I ran/walked home the shorter route of 3.36 miles BUT that is all up a pigimageof a hill & that only took me 43 mins where as yesterday it took me 40 mins to go down that hill !!!!

    imageSo sorry to ramble on again but I am constantly amazed that I can ever run as I only took this malarky up only a couple of years ago & I am not 21 any more !!!!!

    TTFN Nessie

  • Busy busy on this thread.. I have read back but am useless at remembering, glad most people seem to be running good so well done to all of you. Would also lance the blister image.. Binx have a lovely holiday, you have earned it with all the effort you have been putting in image Hope you get the injuries sorted Toby and are able to do the half...

    Chippenham Half this morning for me 1:35.09 imageimage really wanted sub 1:35 but one bad mile at 11 cost me. It really was a nice race with great organisation, decent goodie bag with a technical t-shirt and medal. 

  • WOW image well done at chippenham stret!

    my run this morning felt a lot better! image i plan to behave next week! i'll let you know how i get on.

     Seejay - i'm with GWR. they do speed sessions at the rugby development club on the portway. i know where it is, i'm just not sure how to get there. i'm coming from shirehampton way and the rugby club is on the other side, so i can't quite figure out how to get there (without breaking the law or killing myself!). i'll have to ask on wednesday.

    nessie - (trying to say this in a genuine (not having a go) way) i'm quite surprised you're clipping horsie already. i used to ride, but it always seemed to be much colder when the horses got clipped (probably memory playing tricks! i'm sure you know what's best!). well done with your run(s). hills are good for you. honest!

  • imageWow Stret - amazing time - well done - here's old nessie getting quite excited at being in the 2.30's for a half - LOL - good for you - Keep up the good work - Tell me , why do you run ? I never ever did when I was younger - just now getting older am worrying about putting on the weight etc & want to stay active - wished I'd thought about it when I was young LOL

    imageTazi, So glad your run was better & glad you planning to behave !!!!   Horsie is hogged 'cos she's a show cob , so not full clip but need to keep mane off &  legs tidy etc - & she works up a sweat when she is worked even this time of year,  so i tend to give her a bib clip to start off with & as coat thickens she gets trace clip etc - also will rug her prob at night  soon as she is piebald & trying to keep her clean - but don't want to do it too soon as its still pretty warm at night for her  - No probs you mentioning , always delighted to chat about horsie as it is a real passion of mine - imageProb bore the pants off the other runners LOL - Do you have the chance to ride now? Do you miss it? Don't worry if no interest now, just reply if yu want - no probs if you don't . x

    TTFN Nessie x

  • Nessie - I know nothing about horsies despite my daughter having 2 beauties, but I do know that your running sounds ace - really good progression - well done!

    I did a nice long run today as a recce (how on earth do you spell that?) for my Coaster run next week. I'll be picking up the baton at Swansea Marina and running to Mumbles -sort of  replicating the Swansea 10k - 6 miles then handing it on. I'll pick it up again on Saturday and run along the North Gower coastline to Llanelli - 18.5 miles. Gorgeous, picturesque and very challenging!

    Well I thought I'd check it out this morning as my LSR, and good job too. I crossed a few fields as per Ordnance survey only to be faced with a field of frisky bullocks - I don't do bovine, so had to retrace my steps and ended up doing just under 21 miles - but what a beautiful day - I'm sunburnt and "something" bit me on the back of my leg - huge red lump and bite mark - won't tell you how it happened.

    Talking of Swansea 10k - I've had my number etc but am questioning whether it's going to fit in with my next few weeks' training - Seejay, do you still know someone who wants to do the run - I'm only in 2 minds but it would be nice to think it would be used, if I decide not to do it. 

  • FFran, this is always the problem with running plans and one reason why I dont use them, they interfere with the whole reason we run, to race!! Dont know what your plans are with regards your training but races can be just as good for you as just simple training. Sometimes missing a full training run for a race prob wont set you back at all providing you have been reasonably rigid with the rest of your plan. They are only guides and instead of running say 20 kms you only run 10 it probably wont do you any harm at all. I would seriously think twice before dumping Swansea. Hopefully Nessie is sorted with a place but I think someone has posted on Swansea thread looking for a place!

    Tazi, I know there is a club between the Portway and the river down by Sea Mills, you should be able to get under the Portway from Shirehampton via Sea Mills Lane, which is off Shirehampton Road, as you cross under the Portway turn left and at the top of the hill is the Portway, turn left again and the club is about 200 yds on your left!

    Stret, well done, fantastic time at Chippenham, never done it before, whats the course like?

    Nessie, hope to get it sorted soon, in the mean time just stretching and massaging, thanks for caring nursie!!!!! image

  • Hi Guys,

    Thought I'd pop in and join you if that's ok? Over the weekend I've (virtually) met ffRAN, Seejay and Lop a Long and everyone seems really friendly so hello!!!

    A bit about me. I'm a fairly new runner who started to lose a bit of weight. 3 stone later I'm still going and still losing image

    I live in Llanelli, West Wales - about 400yds from the sea and right on the Millennium Coastal Path - so a fantastic place to live / run.

    Having said that I really like Bristol and have close ties. I worked in Avonmouth for 4 years, visited Portishead a lot to see family, have holidayed in the Caravan Club site in Baltic Wharf, had loads of hotel weekends in Bristol and even now regulary go to our office in Queens Square.

    Hope to get to know you all and maybee see you at a race in the future image


  • Hey Kev, welcome to the thread, we do seem to be getting quite a contingent from Wales now!!! Newcomers always welcome and so glad you where able to help Nessie (lop a long) out!!!
  • Ness, I started running within the last two years mainly to get fit and found I actually really enjoy the training and the racing. Have made some good friends now as well. My first half mara was Bristol 2009 which I did in 1:55 and now I'm down to 1:35, next year 1:25 ha ha maybe imageimage I rode a horse once and it did absolutely nothing I wanted it too imageimage

    Seejay, course was alright, a lot of country lanes etc and I wouldn't say it was flat. The mile markers were bang on and the water stations were every 3 miles as they said. It really is a nice race and one I will definitely be doing next year.

    Thanks Tazi, I was doing speed work on the track recently and really enjoyed it, definitely recommend it.

    Hi Kev image Welcome to the thread.. 

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