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  • Good luck ffFran 64 miles is mega.

    Did another lap of Downs last night (no sorry Wednesday) with girl from work. It was quite windy and we dikd a couple of walks across roads so thought would be slower than Sunday. As it was we were 2 minutes quicker. Real pleased.

    Hoping for 6 miles Sunday.

  • What a gorgeous day again! Not going to run today but will pop to gym later for some weights etc - Save myself for tomorrow. Hope the weather's like this!

    Toby - my time will be slow but I hope to beat my PB = 4:31. IF I achieved my dream of 4:15 (V.ambitious!) I'd get a GFA place in 2012. I can dream.May sound silly to think of knocking off 16 mins but there are extenuating circumstances.

    RK: Did my Swansea to Mumbles stage last night - it was quite an occasion at the Sailbridge - Fast Legs arrived with an entourage, and Sebby turned up too. What with an "Official Photographer", (one of the runner's OH?) my husband and various dogs, we caused quite a stir. Whether it was Barry the baton or the thought of WA waiting for me, I flew along the seafront - I've never run 5.5 (my Garmin measured 5.8) miles so quick. (46.04)

    So guess what - I really want to do Swansea again now - women - fickle - nah!!!!

    See you tomorrow, RK - Can I ring you as I approach? - have to have my specs on to text.

  • Hi all hope everyone has a great weekend

    Excellent running last night at the Westom Prom 5 miler

    Stret 34+ PB

    LBB 39+ PB

    Tyango 44+ PB

    Mrs LBB 55+ PB

    Also great to see Musketeer amongst other regular faces.

  • Hi all,just a quickie from me

    Wow you guys did fab at Weston very impressed with all those PBs Congratulations.

    My 6 miles easy turned into 4 due to time and did it in 33.30 was pleased with that, going to have another go at the 6 tomorrow early.

    Hope Everyone has a great weekend 

    TTFN Binx xx

  • Thanks Binx and well done on your run
  • *pencils chippenham in for next year* is it a big race?

    toby - did you do leicester marathon? i've got that on my shortlist for next year (Great Wales being the other main contender), how hilly (or not) is it?

    Ffran - i'm impressed by your mileage!

    Nessie - i bet horsie is gorgeous! i'd love to ride but i'm too (time and money) poor image haven't ridden for about 10 years i think.

    Who's going to swansea? i'm getting excited now i've got my race pack through! i'll (hopefully) be wearing a GWR vest (and probably mulling around with a load of other GWRers)

    *bounces* i've got my legs back! image did my 3 miler on tuesday in about 10 min miles (my normal pace) and legs felt normal (not brilliant, but not heavy like they were before) and then went out with club on weds - we did about 5 miles at about 9.30 pace and i nearly made it up stoke hill image (challenge for next week: run the whole thing). there's something about stoke hill - if i manage it (or nearly manage it image) i have a good day at work the next day image - presumably its a mental, feeling good thing. not complaining!

    hope everyone has a good weekend image

  • Tazi

    Leicester isn’t until the 10th of October but due to the injury i have had to drop down to the half they run at the same time

  • Toby, I think all distance runners are a little stubborn, its part of our mentality to not give up!!!!!!! I do hope your recovery keeps up but keep doing what u r doing until you feel fit then leave it for another few days!! Wise words I got from HG long time ago and I do believe it should be adhered to. Good luck anyway, fingers crossed for you!!!

    Binx, whao what a ramble, that was nearly War and Peace!!!!!!image I think you missed a couple of years in your early childhood but other than that you have just about covered your life there!!!! Glad you had a good holiday with not too much falling down water, Pimmpoms would only have made it worse!!!

    FFran, fickle as ever!!! image You know you want to run Swansea so indulge yourself, looking at your weekly mileage I reckon you could loose the odd mile or two and it wouldnt do you any harm at all, might even do you good!!!!!! Fantastic training, I cant see any reason why you cant get your PB, you have worked hard enough for it!!!

    LBB, Mrs LBB, Musketeer, Tyango and Stret, cracking pb's and well deserved, most impressed!!!

    HG, well done mate, good to hear you are getting back into it, you should bring your workmate to the club, you both seem to run well together!!!

    Tazi, well I know Nessie is now running it, RSB, maybe FFran, myself and I cant remember who else, hopefully we can all meet up before the start!!! I will have my Southville shirt and white cap!!

  • Hello again everyone.  I've just got back from a week away in the Yorkshire Dales - bliss.  While there I re-read Parker's Compleat Idiot guide to HR training (image)!  So after a well earned rest from my half ironman the other week, running starts again on Monday and I'm going to follow Parker's 12 week 10k schedule instead of the RW mile.  I'm actually looking forward to it so will report back.  Not run much for months so I'm going to struggle to begin with but I'm swapping one run session for a bike session.

    Its been busy on here and I've had a quick read back but can't remember now what everyone did.  Well done on the races that folk have done and pbs - yeh! image

    tobi - hope you mend soon and able to get out there again. 

    Tazi - congrats on getting your legs back!

    Happy running all.

  • Just back from my Coasters run - picked up the baton from ffRAN and ran along the beach / cycle track to Burry Port harbour image
  • Kev - well done, and nice to see Barry doing so well.  He must be nearly home now. 

  • I am struggling to keep up here, but seems like people are going really well.  Well done to the coasters today.

    I ran just over 14 this morning and just hope this consistent running carries on.

  • Cheers Guys - nice 14 LBB
  • Morning all

    hope everyone’s weekend went well  i will be back up to Leicester next weekend as we have to take the daughter back to university  shine splint seems to have gone so i will try a gentle run on Tuesday as i am back to the phyiso on Monday and won’t have time

    Feeling old now as my son turns 16 this month so were off out 10 pin bowling and a meal later today it’s a bit early his birthdays not until the end of the month but we are now a way the next 3 weekends and he wanted to do something while his sister was still down here bless his little cotton socks

    And what with the daughter now 22 looking back can only wish i started running years ago but hay ho was young and lazy then

     Starting this weekend i am going to try and lose the weight i put on but as i said before when it comes to food i have no will power at all so we will see how that goes ?

    Tried on my Brighton T-Shirt fits nicely but there a gain i did order and extra large so looking forward to wearing that on my first run

    Well done to everyone some very good runs going on as some really impressive mileage as well

    But must say FFrun 64 miles i can only dream of ever doing that sort of mileage

    Keep up the good every one and thanks for all the kind words

    May your training runs go well and the injuries are few

  • imageWell done all the Chippenham guys

    imageFfran - 64 mile is amazing - how do you find the time ???? I am so impressed & rather imageashamed I don't try harder & push myself further -

    imageLLB nice one - 14 miles Brill x

    imageKev , well done to you and all the Coasters

    imageBinx, glad you had good rest & enjoyed a few dinkies!!!!!! - Hats off to you that was a good ole ramble - BUT watch out when Nessies on form there's no stopping her!!!!!!!! LOL

    imageToby, losing weight is never easy but if you can manage to go fat free for a short while that will gve you a kick start - I hate having to go hungry & it's not good if you are running you need the fuel , so cutting right down on fats , particularly the bad ones , means you can still eat loads with out the added calories of fat -  I know what you mean about time passing - my lads are 23 & 20 & I don't know where the years have gone - I too wish I'd started this running malarky when I was young - but hey ho at least we are doing something now - Cheers Ness

    imageGot up at silly "O" Clock on Fri before work to do Fartleck - I only did about 20mins but I can really feel my front thigh muscles + ribs as well - is 20mins enough & should I do it earlier in the week as on Sun morn is meant to be longer runs???

    imageDid 6.16 miles this am in 68.23 - well disappointed 'cos 10k time is still 66mins - soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo want to get under that for Swansea next week !!!!!  Must admit I had a couple of walk breaks 'cos I did a new route today & there were some very long inclines BOO HOO

    imageHope everyone ok & gets some good runs in this weekend TTFN Nessie x

  • Hi - just did the weekly shop but walked there and back to the supernarkrt - a whole new meaning to health eating!

    Nessie - hopefully the race adrenaline will pull you through image

  • Well done to all you guys and gals at Weston.

    Especially well done to fFran that's amazing. Nessie good luck at Swansea - it will be a breeze after the hills (nothing wrong with walking up them - I nearly crawled at times this morning).

    Did 4.80 miles this morning in Leigh Woods and Towpath - hell going up Burwalls Wood - had to walk it (500+ feet from bottom) - took 1.11 but feel good, but tired now.

    SeeJay hope to see you week on Tuesday.

  • imageThanks Kev & HG - will def be glad to get away from these b****y imagehills - Good for walking to shops Kev - & good run HG


  • Hi all

    Did my 6 miles this morning went ok. Going to do 12 miles lsr tomorrow evening, tuesday rest day, weds running club not planned any further than that.

    Well done you Coast runners, you did really well.image

    LLB - Which marathon is it your doing? Youve prob already said but Ive got the retention period of a goldfish! Sounds like the training is going well.image

    Toby - Ahh bless him,  doubt my son would do that, my two do nothing but argue. Hopefully they'll grow out of it. I too wish I'd took up running a long time ago. Ah well at least we're enjoying it now. Good news on the shin splint going these niggles can be so soul destroying .I have found the weightloss thing difficult, what  i tend do is have a smaller plate and have less potato/carbs and pile up on the veg or salad as long as im full im ok.image

    Nessie - Was quite a good one but then I had had a few days break to build it up!  I think they say treat a speed session as hard session which means at least one rest day after if thats any help.Your doing great with your training Im sure with your added speed stuff you will definatley get your pb for the 10k. Have faith you can do it.image

    Head Gone - Well done on you run, it sounds lovely and very pretty. I much prefer doing those sort of runs rather than all pavement stuff.image

     Running Kev - Well done on walk to the shops bet your arms killing you by the time you got home.image

    Hope your all ok and have some fab runs this week.

    Binx x ( Think youve beat me this time Nessieimage)

  • Hi all - some great training going on - Nessie - you'll be great in Swansea - hope to see you!

    Kev, I loved hearing about your running story - inspirational! Are you going to do the Marathon at Llanelli?

    As far as time is concerned, my brood are 34,33 and 19 so no responsibilities there and, although I work very long days, I've condensed my hours into 4 days so am very lucky to have time to myself. Also that mileage is exceptional for me and yesterday, as I was finishing my Coaster run, I felt absolutely pooped. I've even had an afternoon nap today (unheard of!) but I was up quite early with my adorable grandson. Speed session tomorrow if I can bear to drag myself away from him for an hour. We'll be back in Wales Tuesday, so I have to make the most of every minute with my daughter and little one.

  • Hi Binx - my wife took the car to take the shopping home!

    Thanks ffRAN. I'm really hoping to do the Llanelli Marathon as long as I can fit in the training around work, my Masters Degree and my 3 children!!

    Feeling good this week. Ran Tues, Thurs, Sat (and walked back from Burry Port) and had a bit more exercise to / from the supermarket today image

    Really on the up!!!!

    Glad you're having a nice time with the family.

  • Good luck with the physio Toby

    Nessie, you should be saving the fast run for the race so dont worry.  I keep telling Mrs LBB that when she's slow and she keeps coming up trumps in the race.

    HG glad your getting back in the groove.

    Binx I am running Dublin - same as Fran (5 weeks tomorrow), glad your 6 went well and good luck tomorrow.

    Good luck with speed session tomorrow Fran

    Hope things continue to go well for you Kev.

    60 mins Cross Trainer for me this morning and a long session on foam roller tonight, the muscles are suffering with all the mileage.  10 for Mrs LBB this morning, she's on the up after her perforamce thursday at Weston and it's great to see her confidence piking up.

  • Running Kev - Good plan, LOL had visions of you looking like an orangutang by the time you got home. imageYouve got quite a few runs in this week. Doing a masters degree thats very impressive well done. God knows how you fit it all in.

    FFran - Not surprising you pooped, all that running takes it out of you and you need your sleep to recover. im looking forward to grandchildren but apparently my daughter isnt having any as children are horrrible!! thats coming from her at 13 lets hope she changes her mind!! Bless her. image 

  • Binx: My eldest said the same at 13 ... and has stuck to her guns - 2 horses and 3 dogs - the only "grandchildren" I'm going to get, she tells me!!!!  She is a very unique young lady, though and adores her little nephew.

  • Ffran as long as they're happy thats all that really matters isnt it, she just made me laugh when she said that children are horrible. I said but your a child!! She said I know and I can be really horrible!!But she has a little sister at her Dads and she adores her. Bless her.x
  • Binx: What an insightful thoughtful young lady! I'm really fortunate to have the most happy and content kids.

    Kev: Chidren, partner, job, studying AND training!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So who's in Swansea next Sunday????????????

  • Ffran - Im not in Swansea I havent anything until Cardiff.

    LBB - sorry missed your post, thankyou. 5 weeks not long now, I wll be brave enough to do one, one day. Well done Mrs LBB  on her 10 it feels good when you hit double numbers.image

  • Thanks Binx
  • Morning all

    Well fates are conspiring just when i thought i be back running have now come down with a sinker of a cold


    Sorry just needed that

    Weekend went well the ten pin bowling was great fun and the meal after words was nice the boy enjoyed himself which was all that mattered

    Will still try a run tomorrow as the colds all in my head at the moment and not on my chest

    ffRAN no the next one for me is Leicester fingers crossed the only hope i have for grand children is the my son the daughter has no intention of having kids she said her brother put her off when he was a baby

     as for a nap on a Sunday i always suffer from LSAS which stands for (long Sunday afternoon sleep) the bout of LSAS is directly proportional to the length of the run the longer the run the long the sleep

    Binx i to use the small meal method as that way you not cutting anything out and don’t feel like you’re missing out

    lop a long keep going your get there

    waves to every one eles

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