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  • Thanks Seejay, I still struggle to believe that I have gone from a 1:55 half to a 1:35 half in a year, guess all the hard training with LBB, Bidders and Steve is paying off. Don't think I would be running those times without those guys

    LBB/Seejay, Bridge Inn 5k would be a nice little race for your sprint finish imageimage

    Binx do you put the treadmill on a incline when you run? 

    Wish they would change this forum so you can view previous pages and not lose what your writing, I always forget who said what etc imageimage
  •  Morning Allimage 

    Seejay - Chocolate and Share, hmmmmm pretty sure thats not two words that go in the same sentenceimage

    Lbb - Thank you.image

    Stret09 - Yes I have it on a slight incline but it still feels easier than being outside. I like it for doing speed stuff though as once the speed is set you just got to go with it and you know exactly what speed you are going at.image 

    Know what you mean about the forgetting what people have said, I sometimes have two tabs open, one that Im writing on and the other so I can go back and read what everyone has put.image

    Nessie - Im still racking my brains for a nickname for you with 10 in it.image

    Binx x

  • just a super quick one from me as i'm at uni and have to be back at lectures in 10 mins!

    Seejay - WOW!! fantastic time! i think i saw you before the start (with a young lady (rsb??) black hair in bunches, sole sisters top?) and where the band were (you were headed home, i was still plodding out!)

    I am slightly annoyed with my time 1hour and 3 seconds. 3 flipping seconds!!! image must find another one now, just to shave 4 seconds off!! i'm thinking about wyvern xmas cracker. but my navigational skills leave a lot to be desired!!

    Nessie - well done!! image it's great when you do that isn't it?

    Toby - you are having a right time of it with injuries aren't you? hope you stop crashing into things in time for leicester! good luck for that too!

    binx - chocolate and sharing do NOT go together!! image don't know how you managed to save half a pack - i don't have anywhere near enough will power for that!!

    hi to everyone else!

  • Afternoon all

    Just a quick post

    Just back from the Gym struggled 8 miles on the treadmill then in to the pool for a swim then had to suffer the horrors of the Jacuzzi will have to get the fitness level up if i hope to run all of Leicester

  • <sneaks in and pinches rest of Revels>   Well if they are not being shared? image 

    4 miles this evening.  Really enjoyed it but went a bit faster than I should have as a <70% run.  Still really slow but if I keep at it I'm sure I'll get better. image

  • Hey guys (girls included in the guys lol)

    Binx, it makes all the difference having the treadmill on an incline when transferring those times to the road. I must admit I used to enjoy the treadmill but nowadays I try to avoid it imageimage Myself and a couple of others are going to start back at the track if anyone (Bristol/Yate) want to join us on a Friday evening?

    I did the Bridge Inn 5k tonight, my Garmin moving time was 19:57 so fingers crossed my official time is under 20 minutes, slightly annoyed that I got carried away and did a 6 minute mile for the first and paid for it on the last two miles imageimage

  • Been a bit subdued - in awe of all these fab times.

    Had 2 bad days at work as I'd been off a week and came back to horrendous problems - my people just can't do without me!

    "Rest" day yesterday so that meant Spin @ 6:30 and Body Pump at 17:00. Home at a decent time for a nice family meal with OH and son, who then cadged cash to go to the Ryder Cup Practice Day today - "once in a lifetime" opportunity, apparently - he doesn't even like golf!

    Hectic 10 hr day at work so got to theGym late today( - our running group leave at 18:00), only to find that everyone had made excuses. The runs from the Gym are very dark and secluded so was a bit worried about going alone, so resorted to the scheduled RW session on the treddy. 1 mile warm-up, 5 x 8 min miles with 200m recovery - followed by a 1.5 mile cool down  - I make that 8? Despite feeling a cold coming on - I have cold sores this evening, I felt really great. I know it's physically easier than running on road but I find it so boring I'm usually worse on the treadmill.

    So feeling good again. Albeit VERY tired!

  • Hi everyone, Binx, didnt need your Revels anyway, I ate a whole box of Asda chocolate brazils myself tonight after my club run!!! YUM!!! image

    Tazi, I totally forgot you where running Swansea, you should have come over and poked me and yes it was RSB and only a little younger!!! image We met up with Ffran and if I had realised we could have met up as well. We didnt leave until nearly everyone had gone as RSB waited for some physio treatment! It is very frustrating when you are so near yet so far from the magic SUB, I went through it a few times over the years with halves and 10K's. Dont worry it will come soon! Christmas Cracker is not really a 'sub' course unless you are fast cross country, it is a little bit tough on the sand!!

    Toby, sounds like the healing is well on its way!!! Yeah those jacuzzi's are real punishers arent they!!! image

    SD, dont worry about being a little faster than the session should be, it wont do you any harm, specially when you enjoy it!

    Stret, well done on the 5K, doing a Club race on sunday but as its our first organied run its only for Southvillle runners. Its being run a little different from most, you predict your finish time and whoever is closest to thet predicted time wins. No watches, music, or any other timing assistance is allowed, difficult to police on a large race but easy with small numbers.

    When I first went to the gym the instructor told me never to run on the treddie without at least on incline3 or more as it was too easy to run on the flat. I have always done that and found my workouts better and I progressed quicker.

    Ffran, sorry to hear you are having such a bad time of it, dont worry it will get better once you have sorted out everyone elses problems in work!!!! image I find club running is getting difficult because the light dissapears so quick now!!! I always found the treadie boring but at least I could look out the window at a lovely forest!!!

  • Tazi, well done - sub 60 next time for sure.

    Well done on your 8 Toby and your 4 Soup Dragon.

    Stret, you always tell me to go off fast and hang on, are you going to change your strategy ?

    Good luck with your Club Race SEEJAY

    Got my heart rate up tonight watching the Rovers, funny thing these rest days. Up the Gas !

  • Seejay, sounds fun your club race, hope it goes well image

    LBB, ummm, definitely gonna change my strategy for the next Bridge Inn, 6 minute miles the whole way imageimage Got my official time 20.04 imageimageimage Garmin was faster, oh well maybe next time. 

  • Fran, sorry missed you out.

    Looks like you had a busy rest day, followed by some excellent running tonight.

  • imageMorning Peeps, thank you all so much for kind words & encouragement, much appreciated x

    imageStret09 - Double Wee Wow Eeeeeeeee - 1.35 for a half & under 20mins for 5k , 6min miles , fantastic you must be so chuffed, I am exhausted just thinking about those times - LOL

    imageBinx, how did you manage to save revels - you are "Super Willpower Girl" !  Do you have treddy at home?  I tried the treddy at the gym a while back & it took some getting used to - it really put me off seeing my very red & sweaty face bobbing up & down in the mirror infront of me - (Not a pretty sight) - Must admit I love being outdoors, no matter what the weather , so much to see, smell etc

    imageTazi, Whoo Hoo well done to you, 60.03 sounds ace to me but I know what you mean 3 secs................... soooooooooooooo close to being under 60 - still there is always the next one, where abouts are you , the Cracker is at Weston Super Mare.

    imageToby well done on 8miles & then a swim, what does the jacuzzi do? Is it for injuries?

    imageSoupDragon, Well done on  4miles - no one could be slower than me so you will defintely get there !!

    imageBlimey Ffran , if that was a rest day & can't imagine what a none rest day is like - I am worn out just reading about it - you must be sooooooooooooooo fit, there's hope for ole Ness yet????

    imageHi LBB & SeeJ  any word from HG & how he is doing?  Also how RSB injury do you know?

    imageI ran this am, very wet & windy here only 3miles & didn't bother with a watch today.

    imageHope everyone else getting on ok today TTFN Nessie

    imageBinx - got my nickname yet??????


  • Afternoon all

    Off to the gym in a minute may try some speed work today or just a gentle 5 miler  or may just go for a swim have to see how i feel when i get there

    Lop a Long the Jacuzzi is like a giant bath tub filled with warm water which then has air pushed through it which i find help relax those aching muscles to be honest could say sod the exercise and just spend all my time in there but that would kind of defeat the point of joining the gym in the first place

    Binx I to find speed work easier on the treadmill normally i just plod around a run i find that you are forced to run at the higher speed once you set the treadmill to it and yes it does make it easier to know when you’ve hit the mile mark

  • Evening all.

    Still absolutely cream crackered. I had an epic sleep, for me (6 hrs) and went to a spin class early. I've started to regain control of the different issues pressing at work, so things much better. Plus... I've had an offer to work in the office that's a mile from my home. The decision is difficult because I love the actual job I do, and could be asked to do a more humdrum job in the new office - I don't think I could demand to keep my role. But as I'm often out of the house 11 hrs, travelling time would reduce from an hour to 5mins or, even better, a nice walk, Whatever, it's flattering to be asked.

    Lop a Long- you are very stoic if you ran in similar weather to us this morniing - well done.

    LLB - I wouldn't dream of saying it's only a game - after all, my grandson's initials are ITFC after Ipswich!

    Stret09 - I would be so pleased if I coud do a 5k in 20mins -my PB was totally cheating - slight slope with a following wind. 

    Toby - considering your injuries, you are doing so well - take care.

    Tazi - I wish we'd known you were at  Swansea - I'd love to have met you.

    Seejay - my treadmill last night was flat - still found it tough! BTW, Dele = RSB?

    I decided to come straight home from work instead of running - I'm still getting in my week's running sessions in, so don't feel guilty. Really early night with a nice book, I think. Nos da pawb!

  • ffRAN - Hope things work out for you.

    Nice run for me along the beach and around the lake tonight. The 3m lap I did was the fastest I've done this year image

    Also ran 6 days out of the last 9 so really pleased with progress.

  • Morning All

    Went  to the  gym  Yesterday and did 5 miles set the treadmill 3% slope then ran half mile at 5.5mph then up it to 7mphfor the next half a mile then walked for half a mile and repeated then again went for a swim

    Must get out for a run Friday to see how the shine holds up

    got my Leicester T-shirt with the race pack on Monday let’s just say it would be very nice if  your a lady but perhaps not suitable for a man it has a pink and purple transfer on it with a giant sunflower running towards you

    Needless to say the O/h will be getting a free T- Shirt

    FFran i hope you make the right choice and everything works out for you

    Kev well done on the run

  • Hey Speedy Kev - new name???

    Lop a Long - just thought - like the kid's programme - Speedy-Ness?

    Toby: REAL men can definitely wear pink! However all my race Tshirts live in the night attire drawer for chilly evenings - always feel too self concious to wear them out - maybe when I get my Kona Ironman T I'll feel different -LOL! (P.S Male Runners = Real Men)

    LLB- how's your tum coping with high mileage? Mine's really poor (and that's nothing to do with last week's bug) (= I know this is an indelicate subject before breakfast!') It was same for my first mara, then I thought I'd got my GI under control for the next two. Now I'm worse than ever! 

    Great night sleep again - for someone who sometimes struggles to get 4 hours, 7:30 is BLISS! 

    Slow 7 for me tonight then an hour in the gym. Roast dinner all prepared for supper!

  • Hi all

     FFran - Yay Speedy-Ness I like thatimage. Where do you get all you energy from, you do more on your rest day than I do on a busy day!! My OH has sleep issues, he struggles to get a full nights sleep while im out for the count completely oblivious to his exasperation!image

    Toby - I agree with ffran real men can wear pink. my OH's shirts seem to all have an element of pink in them. Sounds like your training is going great, all systems go for Leicester hey. image

    Running Kev - Well done on your speedy run. imageYour runs always sound scenic and interesting what with beach and lake etc. Its mainly roads here although we do have a little bit of trails but nothing as nice as beaches and lakes. image

    Soup Dragon - How many of my revels did you pinch! I went in the front room to sit and enjoy them and there was only a handful left!! Well if it wasnt you it must have been my darling children! Everyone consider my chocolate shared even if it wasnt voluntarily!!image

    Nessie - Not a true Super Willpower, I cant always manage to save half ,sometimes my hand just keeps putting it in my mouth when quite clearly I dont want anymoreimage Yes Ive got a treddy at home, OH bought it for me when I first started running and couldnt leave the children to run outside, I look out onto my garden so it isnt too bad a view.

    Seejay - Good luck with your race on Sunday.

    Only did a couple of miles on treddy last night and a little bit on the crosstrainer, ive got running club tonight so that usually ends up being 4 miles of varying sorts and then the planned 9 for Sunday. Hope everyones training is going well.

    Binx x

  • Binx - I put the all the coffee Revels back. 

    VLM Reject mag recieved in the post today.  (phew!)  I only entered to keep up the 5 consecutive entries while they are still doing it. 

    3.5 miles plodded in 43mins at a steady/easy pace which is sort of getting to be my average for the discance now.  But I'm still on base training and speed sessions don't start till next week.  Not looking forward to those at all. image

    toby3 - nothing wrong with pink.  I think a lot of men look good in pink, my OH included.  Not sure abotu the sunflower though!

    Got to dash now.  Need to get dinner done then off out for the evening.  Barbican Bad Film Club. image

  • Thanks for positive comments guys! 

     Hi Soup Dragon - your not alone - I got my rejection magazine as well image

    Did 2 laps on the lake in the rain tonight image

    Binx - yes I am lucky where I leave. Two weeks ago I was sitting on the sea wall pointing my house out to ffRAN - I'm only 400m from the beach - on the Millennium Coastal Park.

  • 7 miles done -as is the  lovely roast dinner. Bit  hurried as my poor hubby works nights so was off to work as soon as he cleared his plate.

    My son sat his Army test today - got 100% in super quick time, so is being put forward for the Sandhurst exam - he is so thrilled.... and I am so worried. I'm sure there are safer jobs around.

  • Kev - I posted the same time as you - I can verify you live a a fantastic location - I want to move just down the road! Milesand miles of beaches, cycle/running paths, lakes, golf courses and all with views of the Gower Peninsula.
  • Hi everyone, too many posts to comment on but one or two little points I wll reply to.

    Yes Dele is RSB (Runner String Bean)

    I also got my rejection package today but have just entered Edinburgh online so hopefully wil get a place there!!

    Everyone is running so well, no matter whether on treddie or outdoors. I did 8 hilly miles from work in 1:15, difficult coming back up but stuck it out for a reasonable time.

    FFran, I know what you mean, my daughter is in the TA and now wants to join the regs, wants to get to Afghanistan for some reason!!!!! image I suppose they must do what they must do and I admire her for that but none the less worried!!!!

  • Great to see the consistent running continuing for everyone.

    Fran no problems with Tum although I still have not built up courage to try a gel yet on a run, bit late as I am considering taking them in the  race.

    I had a disaster yesterday at work, caught my quad on the corner of a desk and didnt feel too bad so went for a run.  Pain kicked in about 5 and stayed til I finished 8 in around 1.20.  Then stiffened up quite badly.  I think it's a dead leg.

    Got a physio appointment tomorrow to sort out a few niggles tomorrow, but I think this one could be very painful.  Despite the pain last night I must say it was one of the most positive runs I have had in ages, felt like I could have gone on and on, did same run 6 weeks ago and I was knackered at the end.

    Sorry you did not get in VLM Seejay but Edinburgh will be good.  As you know me and Mrs LBB are in, so  we will represent you lovely lot - unless any of you are in too.

  • ffRAN - it would be lovely to have you as a neighbour image

    Seejay - sorry to hear you're a "no" as well. Good luck with Edinburgh!

  • Should have said - sorry to you other guys and gals who did not get in VLM too
  • Am I waiting for an email or a letter from VLM? - Nothing as yet but my post always comes late.

    If I don't get in, I've vowed that I'll give Spring a miss and concentrate on training to bring my shorter distance times down, but Prague is tempting me - anyone know anything about it? 

  • ffRAN - you'll get a magazine through the post.
  • Just been down to God's country, Kev - walked the dogs from Loughor down to Machynys, then over to Trostre. Did some grocery shopping, then, as I was unloading the bags, I found an envelope in the back of my OH's car (- we usually collect the mail on the way in and out of the drive) - "been there ages" apparently!!! It's only my blooming acceptance letter from VLM - which I didn't want, remember, due to it clashing with the due date of my second grandchild.

    To think I've been so upset to get a rejection time after time, and now I'm almost as upset once again. Will now log on to find out if/how I can withdraw.  

  • Well will do - 6 miles first - 1 mile warmup, 4 fast, then a mile cool down. Writing it down seems to make it happen.

    PS. will be down on the Millenium path to do my 22 on Sunday come rain or shine so if you fancy joining me for a few miles RK, be lovely to see you. 

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