What pace would a jog be

Hi I have only just started running and im using the London Marathon training guide. When it says jog what pace should this be. Ive listed my first 4 runs below but I think there to fast. My most recent run today, 17 min jog (Was ment to be 15) I really felt tired but managed to finish. I tried slowing down but just didn't feel comfortable.

In a few days time I start doing some runs instead of jogs, and to me this would be very fast.

So what would others class Jog and run as?

Run 1: 15min jog 1.50 Miles (10:00m/mi)
Run 2: 17min Jog 1.76 Miles (9:44m/mi)
Run 3: 10 Jog, 8 Walk, 7 Jog 2.44 Miles (10:15m/mi)
Run 4: 17min Jog 1.85 Miles (9:17m/mi)


  • I would define a jog as being at a pace that is easy and does not place high demands upon your bodys resources.

    I would define running as requiring greater effort which places higher demands on my bodys resources.

    I cant define them by a pace, as what I am capable off changes as my health improves.

  • I would agree with Squeakz, but I would be worried about getting overly hung up about this.

    When you are starting out don't worry so much about pace. Worry about time on your feet and not getting hurt. Go at a pace where you feel tired, but you have recovered enough for your next session  - don't get to the point where you make yourself too fatigued to consistantly go out and run. Then you know you are going too fast.

    Ramping up pace and time together can also be a recipe for disaster - trus me on this one!! image Do what feels comfortable. When you are starting you will find that as you complete longer times on your feet, when you run shorter runs then they will naturally get quicker. You will start to see a difference in this quickly.

    I am in the middle of half marathon training, and where I struggled to complete 4 miles at a particular pace 2 months ago 6 miles at that pace is now natural. I am now at the point though when I am starting to think about pace and pushing it more on some of my shorter runs, and I am finding that that is getting harder and harder to do without specific speedwork.

     As a beginner just enjoy it. and build up to the milestones of 30 mins continuous non-stop on your feet, then 45 then 60. Sounds like you are putting in good times though! As I said, if you are feeling OK during and after the sessions then I would say you are doing it right!

     Sorry for rambling and hope this helps (though I know there are others on here with better advice than this!)

  • Many running schedules use a score out of 10 for the effort needed for a run and how much you can talk during it.

    10 sprint pace, unable to talk
    8-9 fast pace, one or two words
    6-7 fast run, short sentences
    4-5 Steady run, hold a conversation
    2-3 Warm up, easy to talk
    1 Walk

    or something like that

    That's the best I can remember it, it's not an exact science but it works quite well for me when i haven't got my heart rate monitor on.

  • Thanks for the replies

    Flat - Going by that I would say im a 5 or 6 so possibly a little fast but nothing to bad.

    Alison - Your prob right, just enjoy it and worry about it later. But as you say pace and time can be a disaster, thats why im trying to keep the pace lower. First 30 min jog is next fri so that may be interesting lol

    Squeaks - I suppose your rite, everyone is going to have there own paces over time so I think I just need to chill and see how the next few weeks go.

    Just out of interest is it better to go by pace or heart beat? I havnt invested in a heart monitor yet but its on my list.
  • Seriously good advice from Alison - as a beginner you will make massive pace improvements merely by adding more time (and therefore distance) onto your runs...if anything I'd say you're running too quickly at the moment - think of being really relaxed and not out of breath at all and you should stride into the correct pace. 

    Good luck!

  • I wouldn't worry about going too fast at the moment. Your pace sounds fine. It's very similar to my pace for tempo runs and I have been around these paces since I started. Everyone is different. If it feels comfortable then just do it. Your body will tell you if it is too much. Just listen to what your body is saying and don't worry at the moment about what the watch/plan is saying. As I said, if you are always feeling like you have nothing left in the tank at the end and going out for your next session just seems like impossible as you are so fatigued then then is the time to slow down and rethink (and obvioulsy if you are getting hurt)

    I certainly agree however that there is a pace that feels too slow, where it hurts more to run at that pace (like my long run pace is around 11/11:30 and I feel that hurts me a bit on the knees) When you start going for much longer and pushing the time, you will find that you slow down naturally anyway and just have to resist the rush to start off too quickly when you feel fresh! image

     I don't know how fit you are -you certainly sound in good shape, but just be careful about going out for so long so early in your plan, especially if running on concrete. Though you might be fit, your legs might not be used to the battering of the hard surface so let the weakest part of you get stronger first. (Very frustrating, I know but less frustrating than weeks out due to shin splints)!

     I don't know this plan, but it sounds quite hardcore, like it's for someone gettting prepped for the marathon quickly. How long is the plan? Is it a total beginner plan? I would guard against embarking on a marathon plan without a good base. Doing the half has made me realize what a commitment even that is, I don't think that I am ready to commit to a marathon yet, and even after getting much stronger cardio and muscular wise, I am feeling the fatigue with 5 weeks till the race to go. 

    Hope this helps, let us know how you get on - just enjoy it  and you will soon be hooked.

    Oh, and I am the biggest tracker of pace, time, routes in the world, but I don't have a HRM, some people swear by them, for me it's just another thing to get stressed over and to add to my over analysis. Since I have gone back to basics and started listening to my body, my running and the enjoyment of it has improved a hundred fold

  • "I certainly agree however that there is a pace that feels too slow, where it hurts more to run at that pace "

    Alison that hit the nail on the head, at least im not the only one, I was thinking to myself when I say that to people they would think im nuts lol.

    I have actually put in for the belfast marathon in May '11 lol ( Dont have bright ideas when having a drink) I have around 8 months, and the way I work I shouldnt have a problem getting out for runs. Im doing it for charity so just want to get around not to worried about the time for this one.

    As for the training it here http://www.virginlondonmarathon.com/training-centre/training-advice/training-plans/ im using the beginers and it lasts just short of 6 months so was thinking that gives me some slippage time incase things dont go to plan.

    Im also planning to do a few 5K and 10K at the start of the year just to get some practice in before it.
  • hmm that plan looks tough - only 1 rest day in the first week. To be honest that would totally burn me out, especially running 5 days a week and a half marathon distance by week 12. I can honestly say (and I am miss injury prone) that you need your rest and time to build up to the 13 miles. As I said, it has taken me a good 9 weeks to get to 11 miles and that is with a base of running for 6 miles as a long run. This is a mental challenge too. You have time to train to get yourself round but I would look for another plan. That just seems a little too full on, for me certainly, though we are all different!

    I would be a bit concerned that in the next 5 weeks you will be running for an hour. Maybe someone else will step in, but I think that this plan is a little tough and although the distances are short at the moment, they will quickly ramp up, especially if you are a complete beginner .

     Have a look on here for training plans


    This is the no nonsense 16 week plan, you have more time, so you can modify it with the use of other plans, but even this seems to start out more slowly than the vlm one. Maybe someone else can comment on it....?

    It's such a mental thing, start slowly and finish strong. 

     Good luck!

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