Apperley Quarter Marathon



  • Hi Rowan, congrats on the dieting. I really enjoyed this one last year and will be there again. I've done a few runs round Apperley recently just for fun and the beautiful scenery image Chip timing is a great idea, will fix the main problem with last year's race (ultra-slow delivery of results!). I hope you've fixed the problem with the (non) sticky race numbers too?
  • thanks - i am half the man i used to be but running drives the appetite!

     andrew has a decent printer so there should be no bleeding signs - think back to safety pins!

     done some house sitting and found running around Tewkesbury (3.5 mile loop) somehow a lot easier --- maybe i am just used to the normal rural runs!

  • anyone doing Dymock half marathon?

  • When is it Rowan, i signed up for the Tewkesbury half today and been for a run to the top of Bredon Hill and back down, now there is a race to be organised for that if there isnt one already from the bottom to the top and back down , works out to about 5 mile but the 2.5 mile uphill to the top is a killer .

  • Dymock week after the Tewkesbury run, will not see this side of 2 hrs but really don't care! - The Bredon HIll Run has a certain ring to it and if not doing Apperley QM would think about it!

  • please follow @quartermarathon on Twitter - this year we are supporting the Pied Piper Appeal as well as the cricket club!

  • if you like hilly Dymock is your place to go! i don't mind but so not used to running in 30 degree temperatures - officially knackered! guarantee no 30 degree temperature in September - do people like medals or t-shirts at the end, i liked the t-shirt option!


  • How did you get on Rowan ? Bet it was hard going in that heat . The t shirt option is good my daughter loves collecting the t shirts . I tried @quartermarathon but it didn't bring Appereley up .
  • i had it down as 2hr 8 running - got cramping at 8 miles, could not run at 11 miles - ran most of the way with 1 hr 50 runners which was very liveable with but heat and hills and inexperience in running longer distances got to me a bit!!! legs like stone today ---!/quartermarathon - try that! trying to sort t-shirts out if can find very cheap supply!

  • The main thing is you got round and completed it , I know what you mean when it feels like someone poured concrete in your calfs .

    I think a lot of people like the t shirt option , usually they use fruit of the loom t shirt brand .
  • Can I just say that a lot of people don't like the t-shirt option?  Unless you're offering a proper running shirt (technical material, wicking etc.) then for most people I know race t-shirts just end up as rags for cleaning the car.  I've now given up accepting them, because that's better than landfill.  Medals are fine, mugs are good too.

  • edward - tbh i worked on basis that most runners know it costs a fair whack to put on an event and that it is a money raiser for club/ charity and as long as the event is well run and fun they were not that really bothered about gifts! most goody bags that i have seen have been tat ... have done certificates but most never collected theirs!

    will see what our brains trust can come up with!

  • In all honesty I agree with you.  I personally race to race, not for the goody bag.  I'm not bothered about medals, mugs or any other flim flam.  Water and maybe a banana at the end is nice.  The atmosphere at the last event was enough to get me back, and I'd much prefer the max money went to the good causes.

  • unless we get something off the back of a lorry (got 80 Virgin Active bags from the Tewkesbury 1/2 marathon e.g.) we probably wont do anything else - we have sponsorship  to cover new banners and ambulance cover so was getting a little carried away. Got to get training for speed over 6.5 miles not surviving 13 now but something in my head is saying do a marathon ... the sane side is winning at the moment as 26 miles is a long way!


  • if we can get to 300 runners we will be getting towards £1500 for Pied Piper Appeal which makes the event worth doing.

  • Ok, good luck with the training.  I gave up marathons five years ago, but may do another in five years time.

  • I do agree I race to race and complete and feel good and last year's was also enough to get me to do it again .

    Edward did you do the Tewks 5 mile the other week ?
  • JB74 - yes, I did, and I'll never again run a race organised by that useless bunch.

  • i was at the finish giving out fliers - got there at 2 hours to see friends run in - those at 2:25 and later did not get the proper medal (given the fun run medal!) and there was no water for exhausted runners at the end for 20-25 minutes. Runners not impressed and nor was I - goody bag had one piece of promotional Virgin material in it!

  • My problem was that the 5 mile wasn't 5 miles but 4.73.

  • Must agree there not the best organised
  • did you do a PB with the shortened distance?


  • Hola,

    Did this run last year and will do again this year, diary permitting. Will try to get a few fam members to join in/spectate as the atmosphere was fab last year.

    Agree with both the no gift and Tewkesbury half/5m comments above.

    Safety pins are a must - carried round a sticky sheet for 4 miles last year!


  • as much as a run can be "fun" we do try! first time i had not run it last year (ill!) and thought all races were like this - after visiting many of them promoting the quarter marathon (signs going up next week!) realised it was not always true. One runner even stayed to watch most of a cricket match after the run! Safety pins will be there in force.

    Look forward to seeing you there. Am thinking of creating a Runners World forum prize but got feeling Edward might have it won already!

  • 3 weeks to go and thanks to Andrew looks like we will be chipped! for a variety of reasons we have taken out a chunk of running in the field towards the Haw Bridge and starting with a little loop near the cricket club itself - your friends and family can watch start and then again!!!

  • thanks for all the runners' support - we were blessed with great weather and we had over 300 runners and a great day! thanks to RW forum we had chipped timing (Cheers Andrew!) We managed to raise a whole wedge of cash for Pied Piper and the cricket club. Any issues or improvements you want to see (no-one is perfect!) please let us know.


  • Sorry Guys the Tewksbury Hilton Puckrup 5Miler was the first run for local childrens charities (as is the Hiltons Foundations Charity). The course was accurate , infact 16 yards long to finish on the green at the hotel. The Hilton gave great prizes for such a small race (winners M/F worth over £150 each). The medals were good, cheap refreshments at the finish. 69 runners, with a little sponsorship & a good donartion from FCR, £400 was raised for the charity.  Appreciate your comments, can only improve on the event next year, one thought being to make it a 10K. Edward do not agree with your comment that useless bunch, 6 experienced stewards/officials travelled down from the North West at their own expense & the rest were volunteers from the hotel a small band of charity officers at their first running event, I thought they did very well.

  • I did the race yesterday.  First time I'd run it and loved it.  The weather was perfect and fab atmosphere, and it was one of the best medals I've received!  I'll be back and recommending it to my anyone who'll listen to me going on about running.

  • I did the race yesterday as well and really loved it. I thought it was a fantastic and unusual course with enough to challenge me but keep a smile on my face. The local families who lined the route were fantastic, the atmosphere was wonderful and the organisers and stewards were brilliant. Thank you very much.

    I also ran the Puckrup 5 Miler three weeks ago and saw no problems with the organisation, in fact, I was very impressed with it. It was a small and very varied field but the marshalls persevered (even for us stragglers at the end). The only comment that I would make about the race is that it is listed as flat/undulating and there's a couple of stinking hills (I'm not complaining - all adds to the experience after all). I'm glad I did it and will certainly be back next year.

  • thanks Aber & Emily (my Mum's idea for the medals - I just had to do the running around to get them all after they had been stopped by Cadburys!) Nice reviews make it worth the effort of putting it on. Weather was brilliant after the summer we have had and we raised a decent wedge for pied piper appeal and cricket club.

    The 5 mile run referred to was the 5 mile run at the Tewkesbury Half Marathon not the Puckrup one which i visited which was well organised!

    some photos of race are at :
    Still uploading, a total of 424 pics in all so it's gonna take a while! will hope to get results up either today or tomorrow.

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