Shoes for orthosis wearers

I'm struggling to find a comfortable pair of shoes to wear with my orthotics. Currently in Saucony Grid Web, & have tried 2060's & 2070's, Mizuno Wave Creation & Rider. I have a high instep so need deep sitting shoe. Any suggestions?


  • Hello there. I started with orthotics a couple of weeks ago, and the running shop recommended Asics Cumulus as a neutral shoe. They seem to be comfortable, so it may be worth you trying a pair on and taking a gentle jog next time you're in a decent shop. Best of luck finding something comfy :)
  • I had a pair of 2070's with orthotics which really ripped my feet up (horrendous blisters), and the running shop suggested Brooks Vapour to me.
  • I have had some blisters with my orthotics in Brooks Adrenaline GTS. Do you think it's worth trying a different shoe? I'm running NY in 6 weeks so can't afford any time off through blisters etc. I'm thinking of losing the orthotics until after the race. I've only had them for a week but they do seem to help my shin splints. Any advice??
  • I use Nike Air Pegasus and find there's no problem with my really bulky orthotics - and being neutral means they leave the orthotics to do the work.
  • I use Saucony Grid Jazz with mine but had to take the sock liners out of the shoes. It's a bit wierd at first but you get used to it. I've also found that using my orthoes in normal everyday shoes was totally useless because they pushed my foot so far out of the shoe at the heel I found it bloody uncomfortable and I think was doing more harm than good. I only use them in my running shoes and walking boots now, which seems to work fine.
  • Currently using orthosis in a pair of Mizuno Wave Legends, I have removed to insole and find them very comfy.

  • New Balance 854. No question.
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