Gloucester Marathon



  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    50K Mick?
  • What pace is everyone running the 50k. Dont wanna do the whole 50k on my ownimage
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    I shall be doing about 8:45 miling, frank.  That will land me a PB if I can keep it up.
  • Hi Frank, I'll probably be doing 9:30-9:40ish miles, I fully expect to be one of the last people to finish.
  • I'm in! Target: PB!
  • Anyone going to try for about 8.15 for the 50k?
  • Who trained at the weekend?

    I got a 12 miler in. 1.43. Felt great throughout.

  • Not a lot 4.2 cycle + 4.2 easy run
  • Hi all,

    Well done le-runner, great run.  I did a 30 mile ride and a 5.5ish mile run yesterday.  Was meant to go to the track tonight but missed it because I was stuck at work.  Got the Dublin marathon next Monday so it's a taper week for me.

    How's everyone else going?

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    frank mc d - that's my marathon pace, sorry.  I'd better not go off that fast ...

    25.5-mile offroad event  at the weekend with 5600' ascent.  Just got Snowdonia marathon to go this year and hopefully some decent winter training.

  • Hi All
    Some familer faces (well avatars).
    I am in for the marathon, I accidently PB'd here last year so might try for a PB again image.

    No events for me till December, in the mean time I am going to try training! Apparently it's  blast and if you do it propoly it makes you run faster!  

  • Hi all

    thought would show my face. Attempted Abingdon at weekend. Training had gone well and was looking at 3h15/20 but had had an awful cold in the week prior and come mile 16 felt awful, chest was painful and had to drop out. Very depressing.

    Anyway got Portsmouth Coastal as a training run in Dec but mainly focussing on Gloucester. Is it a pb potential course???

    Best Wishes

  • Hi All,

    I've just ran Abingdon and set a massive PB breaking 4 hours for the first time, and am thinking of another marathon early next year... I was hoping Feb/March time, but there's not that much around. Just seen this one, but notice it's a really small field... it is lonely at the back? Am I likely to be getting lost/running alone for a large portion of the race if I enter?

    Many thanks,


  • Hi Cara

    The Marathon is is three laps and the ultra is four laps of the same course so there will still be runners doing the ultra as you turn off for the finish. In my experience of smaller events they don't tend to attract lots of fast runners and the majority are average. I'm sure at around 4 hours pace you will have plenty of good company. 

  • Cara - i was about the 4 hour mark last year and there were always people about
  • Thanks guys... sounds good! Now I just have to workout if I can be in shape again in time... i'm in recovery at the moment and will be another couple of weeks before I can start building the mileage and pushing pace again... looks like I need to get planning image

    My goal would actually be 3:50 with the aim for a GFA for London 2012

  • I'll be there but just trying to decide whether I do Anglessey the day before & make it a double as I have done the past 3 years or do i go for a 50km PB ? (7.54 for 50km with a 3.09 marathon PB might be a bit soft ?!!)

    If i double it'll be 2 marathons - i've done a marathon followed by a 30 miler but 5 hours might be tight with a tough Extreme terain marathon the day before ? 

  • I'm in, managed 3:21 at abingdon(trying for sub 3:15), but after a stop/start training campaign was happy to get around in that time.  I usually do Stratford but they have moved it to May and after running it this year in 20 degrees in April, running a marathon in May does not appeal. 
  • difficult to judge the UK weather that time of year I ran 3 maratons in April in warm conditions, one that was very windy & one chilly with a wet finish.

    3 of my UK May marathons were partly run in hail !

  • Hi all,
    I'm not too worried about the weather, what will be will be. I'm not a big fan of ice or heat, but both just have the same slowing effect on me.

    Foxy, five hours seems quite tight to me and that'll be with a nice relaxing rest day/week leading up to it! Sounds like you've had a busy year?
  • Hi, are any of the organisers posting on here. Ive entered through Runners world, but didn't get a confirmation e-mail. Ive e-mailed both the organiser and runners world but neither have responded. The money has come out of my account and I'm getting a bit anxious now just incase my entry hasn't gone through.

  • Ashley- I entered yesterday and  received a confirmation email from runners world.
  • Hi All, Entered a few weeks ago and just found the thread, Ideal, not done this one before, Glad to hear its a fastish course.

    Cornish marathon next month, then tick over till this one.  

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    The admin for this one is very low key.  I wouldn't be worried about not hearing anything.

    I don't what it is about Stratford but every time I've done it it has always been hot, one year very much so and there were people collapsing all over the place along The Greenway.

    Hi, Muzza.  Yes, a fast course.  Is that a pic of you finishing in Cardiff Millennium Stadium?

  • Hi Muzza might see you at the Cornish then.
  • T rex, yeah cardiff mara 2004 i think, 1st time under 3 so enjoyed it!

     Woody, if you havent entered do it, £5 extra on the day....definatly see you there, i love the cornish. weather permitting.

  • have had a few good runs at this event

     4:40 - 5:03

  • Delurks Micker it's time to rock! image
  • Muzza wrote (see)

     Woody, if you havent entered do it, £5 extra on the day....definatly see you there, i love the cornish. weather permitting.

    Not entered Cornish yet but will do in the next week, pre entered and ran it last year was one of my better runs and first time I'd managed to run a negative split.

  • Hoping to do better in this one this time Mick.  I experienced my worst marathon performance here last time.

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