Gloucester Marathon



  • Hi Carrot top

    Yeah that is the right route for the marathon . Talking of track marathons,a friend of mine done a 24 hour track race a couple of months ago and he is still injured. He said running the tight bends is a nightmare. The only plus side is your food and drinks are allways near you

  • Have a friend who did a track 24hr in Ireland. In that one  they reversed the direction every (I think) 4 hours hrs to avoid injuries

  • cheers wayne
  • I have done 24 hour races 14 times on 400m tracks and once (indoors) on 150m circuit.

    The outdoor ones always turned every 4 hours and the inddor one was every 6 hours.

    If anyone fancies trying a track race why not come to my Crawley Charity event on the 2nd of April. It's 6 or 12 hours.  Details on Runners World.

  • Even track session cause problems with injury, its sinular to a cambered road, you are running for so long putting so much stress on the left hip, Glute, IT and hamstring nightmare!!!! ok doing it but look out afterwards!!

    Still wanna do 1 tho! image 

    Pam........ you are crazy!! image you runing or marshalling Dartmoor Discovery this year??

  • Muzza,

    Afraid I will be missing Dartmoor next year as I will be helping out at a 24 hour race in Switzerland, too good an opportunity to miss as it might be world championships.

    Looking and learning about events ready for my 6 day Ultrafest in August next year.

  • Sounds amazing!! good luck with that Pam!!  6 day ultrafest????
  • Pam - that link does not appear to be working
  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    I shall be there in January doing the 50km

    Track races are ok, have done a few.

    Pam - will let you know about April just depends where Rach and I are.
  • Anybody heard anything from the organisers yet? I remember they where low key last year but I think I got sent something.
  • I've not had anything yet, its my first time doing Gloucester, when were the race packs sent out last year?

  • Hi guys I think you collect on the day. I'm sure I remember queuing in a sports hall to collect my number and T shirt
  • Yes I remember collecting the number and t shirt on the day but I am sure I sent off a stamped addressed envelope with my cheque as well. Not that it matters really, I know where I have to be and when image
  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    Race is still 6 weeks away so I would not expect to hear anything until into the new year.
  • I will be seeing the race organiser at the Glos. A.C. dinner on Saturday night so I will mention your concerns about race info packs.
  • Thansk Pam. I think Gobi is right though I think I am jumping the gun a bit.
  • 2011 will be first time at this one for me, but I think forum searches will show same sort of debate takes place every year. The organisers are probably efficient types who's race does what it says on the tin but they don't overdo communication. For others new to Glos, I found 2010 details at this site and am guessing not much will be different in Jan 2011.

    Bit strange to ask for a SSE though. I'd have wanted to get as many of those as I could away before christmas post rush starts.

  • I have entered this one to see if i can improve on my last years time and position.

    I am going to train like crazy over christmas so as to get the edge over all those who  eat and drink too much.image

  • HowFar - Cheers for the link.
  • anyone know how full this please? ran the last two and entered late i think.
  • Not sure how full it is but my wife and I entered ans since both getting nasty viruses are unable to run.  If anyone want a place (or two) please contact me through the site.
  • Mr Guy wrote (see)
    Thansk Pam. I think Gobi is right though I think I am jumping the gun a bit.
    Yes Mr Guy, a bit like in the South Downs Marathon went you ran with the top 3 for the first mile!
  • I'm in!  Looking forward to my first Glos!
  • Anyone heard anything back yet??
  • I was meant to be doing the 50km but having to pull out due to lack of training image

    I have a cheap travelodge family room booked if anyone would be interested in it as I cant get a refund.

    Give us a shout.
  • Think were all lack of training at the moment, bloody snow image
  • Marcus- I'm interested in taking that room off you.
  • not sure what we'll be doing

     may just spectate or have a training run for a bit

    see how i feel on the day,

    far too many personal problems to concentrate my mind on

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