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  • Mick

    You and your family are always in my thoughts. Hope Christmas is going o.k. for you. Would be great to see you in Gloucester.

  • Hey waccyracer I have sent you a message regarding the Travelodge accommodation in Gloucester.

  • I stayed in the Travelodge, Gloucester Docks recently and can recommend it. Got a Friday for £9 and Saturday £15. Their sale (from £9) starts at 6-00am on the 29th of December. No free car park though.
  • Hi all,
    hope you all had a good Christmas. How is everyone's training going? Mine has been a bit disrupted this month. The Luton Marathon was cancelled, then I had a stomach bug that put me out for a week. I ran the Portsmouth marathon after this but cramped badly from 18 miles & had to shuffle to the end. It was my slowest time for 5 years, but in the end I was glad to finish. Struggled to get any long runs in with the recent ice but seems to be thawing now. Aiming for a nice long run on New Years Day. I'm staying at the Travelodge so might see some of you there.
  • Hi K.P

    you'll bounce back mate, stomach bugs really take the stuffing out of you, HM's are ok, one can hold on to an extent, but FM's are something else,

    so, if u can shuffle to the end of a FM badly cramped etc after as stomach bug, then ure made of tough stuff

    good luck always 

  • Hi Mick,

    Cheers for that, I appreciate the encouragement.  Feeling much better now and enjoyed a steady 14 today.  Hope things are ok with you and maybe see you at Gloucester.

  • What a mess, run 1st time today sinse xmas eve when I smashed my ribs up on the ice, GRRRR Exeter 10k and It was almost 2 mins slower than 10k last month so not looking good for this one, will have to treat it as a long run i think, still looking forward to it tho. see u all soon!
  • Any idea when we will receive our race info?? 3 weeks now I think!!!
  • marty74marty74 ✭✭✭

    I have just checked the website and there is a document up. I have attached the link below.

    The route and instructions appear to be the same as last year, pick your number up on the day. Don't worry about the lack of info though, the organisation is top class and runs like clockwork.

    See you there.

  • Bit worried if I could do this, had bad cold virus and been out of action for 3 weeks! last run was the portsmouth marathon. di my first carido session yesterday, 10 mins row, 20 mins bike and 30 mins treadmill. was ok but concerned weather I should even attempt it. on the plus side is it's laps so could pull out after lap 1 or 2.

    anyone else had 3 week break before?

  • Hi Paul I've just Done the Liverbird marathon after 6 weeks break not ideal and suffered in the last 4 miles.

    Personally a think 3 weeks is fine and is nothing more than an extended taper, I would be more worried that you are over the virus, but all depends on what you're aiming for? if it's to just get round you should be OK, going for a time may be a little different, good luck which ever it is image

  • Hey Paul - Jim was saying you'd been suffering. I think you still have a bit of time to see how you are though. But if there is any doubt then just don't do it. It's not worth risking it for the sake of one race, and knowing how you are I am sure you'll want to do your best rather than just get around.

    I was stupid at Abingdon. I'd been in bed for a week with flu/cold and thought I was over it. When I tried to maintain an effort on the day I just felt like I was about to collapse and my chest felt so heavy I could barely breath. It then took me about a month to properly recover.

    Anyway - at the end of the day is just one race. How about entering the Shakespeare Marathon. There are still places if you enter now and that way you won't have to try and raise money.

    All the best and hope you feel better!!!
  • Any of the ultra lads planning 8.30 miles?
  • Thanks for the advise woody. 6 weeks off! blimey. as you say it is kind of a taper without any running!!!

    Hi Lilly, yeah I was at Jim's NYE and was rough by the end of the night. (nothing to do with beer either!). but feel so much better now and just have a sinus infection that is going now. did 10k tonight and did feel it a bit but longer run sat and bike ride sunday so should feel better then.

    Was looking forward to the day and as Iv'e paid for the run i'm going to do it. as long as i'm sensible and not tyr for a PB. just get the miles is for Edinburgh in may.

    Thanks for the advise image

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    I'm out of this, unfortunately.  Was down for 50K and looking forward to it, but have got achilles tendonitis and there's no way I'm going to force myself around four laps or even half a lap.  Will be telling organisers.  Don't know if it now means there is a spare place.
  • Paul, I am in same boat, I did a 20m run on 17th dec then couldnt run till xmas eve due to snow, did 11 miler then slipped on ice and busted my ribs up, did a 10k sunday but wasnt so good, but have run 3-4 m twice this week, I have been in a simular position before and the key thing is NOT try and catch up, just go for runs, build up to a hour or so over the next 2 weeks and u will get round ok I am sure, Ill be doing the same. Goodluck mate
  • Paul - fab news you are going to try it. Indeed, just take it slow and enjoy it and yes, use it as training. Make sure you look after yourself hun in the meantime. Also, tis a lapped course so worst happens and you need to stop you can do so easily.

    Muzze - sorry to hear you haven't been well either. Hope you feel better soon and have a good run regardless.

    T Rex - sorry to hear about your injury too!!!

    Everyone is almost dropping like flies! I am looking forward to it. My cold forced a week of probably much needed rest and now seem to be well. But don't want to say that as OH has a cold atm (hopefully the one I gave him so I won't get it back...) ha.

  • Muzza, sorry to here about your ribs mate. the ice was a problem wasn't it! took weeks to go around here. I had to do 20k on the treadmill when we had bad ice and that wasn't much fun. But Lilly how you did 18 Mile on the treadmill is something else! good on ya. I overheat on the treadmill as the aircon is crap in the gym.

    Anyway look forward to seeing you then Lilly. I guess we will leave from Jims. I will force some fuel money in his pocket image

  • Bloody dreadmill - I overheat too and find it SOOOO boring. I love outdoor running and this is the complete opposite. But downloaded a few Marathon Talk programmes, picked a dreadmill overlooking a lake and it was bearable. What the dreadmill is good for doing is keeping at a set pace. So I was able to stick to exactly 8 min/mile and it felt comfortable.

    Of course yes, we will make Jim take our money. I have said if he doesn't then I will make sure I get him dinner and/or lunch after. Lol. Hope you feel ok, looking forward to it too!!

  • Does anyone know if the organisers inform you of your number before the race. I know you collect your number on the day, just wanted to know if they tell you the number beforehand.

    Many thanks

  • Hi Ashley

     From the info I got, we just register on the day and get issued our race number then.

  • I haven't got any info bar my runners world acceptance thingy

  • I received race info from this email address a couple of weeks back.

    If you email them they should be able to send you the info I got.

  • I dont have anything either. I reember queing up last year, but I cant remember why image
  • I've not received anything but all the info you need is here I presume all you will need is your name to pick up your number at the school.

    Good luck everyone. image

  • Less than two weeks to go!  Hope the tapers are going well.

     I sent off an SAE with my paper application form and assumed that an acknowledgement would come in the post. So far, nothing. However, from experience of past performance by Beyond The Limitations, I am not particularly surprised.  They seem to get the essentials right - the race will take place, there will be drinks stops and times will be recorded - but I think they view a lot of the other stuff as a bit optional!

    I think most people are taken aback the first time they do a BTL event, but you soon get used to it!

  • Yeah thought id receive some sort of conformation but hey ho! Thanks for the link woody!

    Just turn up on the day I suppose.

  • Yeah I'd agree Tim everything seem to go like clockwork last year apart from my running image hopefully do better this year.

    What you expecting from this Muzza I'll be happy with a sub 3.30 with my current fitness level.

  • I spoke to soon info came today!! image

    Woody, I was hoping to go for a 2.49 at xmas but its all gone to pot sinse I slipped on the ice and busted my ribs xmas eve, didnt run for 10-12 days and I didnt run for a week before that due to snow/ice, have been running the last 10 days or so but not been good as I did Glute med/TFL GRR, nothing but problems at the mo so just going to see what I can do on the day, no point in doing anything now as it wont make a difference. Sub 3 would be a good target tho. ask me again about mile 20, image

    I am looking forward to it tho. Got loads of marathons lined up again this year so its a start. Never done this one before. Travelling up sat and staying in Gloucester Travelodge.

  • Mine to image

    Sounds like you've had quite a few set backs but the way you push your self is admirable. I think if I'm to get my goal of a sub 3:15 I will have to submit and actually do some proper training image.

    I've got a XC the day before and a fortieth birthday party at night so traveling down early hours Sunday. Not the best prep but running this more for training than a pb.

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