Gloucester Marathon



  • Many thanks for shuttle bus info T-rex. Also thanks to muzza and woody2run. It's real comforting to read your names and makes me feel real excited about the race.

    Sadly, weekend run didn't go to plan as a tight lower right calf muscle reared its head and i found myself having to stop on many occasions to try and stretch it out. My fault really as my orthioics have long over-due needing replacement. Podiatrist informs me calf muscle over-working to try and counteract pronation that i have quite bad in that leg. Anyway have new ones to begin training in post run when i do my 40 miler on my 40th birthday mid march.

    If you catch a woman hobbling around then chances are it's me!!! I fear sunday may be a painful yet euphoric day. Thank goodness i have a good pain threshhold.

  • Vicky

    Take hat off to you for giving it a go, hopefully adrenaline will get you through it! Good luck! Planning on a easy week and stretch till I almost snap, so far it's not going to plan, just like the training schedule, but.... Running is a funny old game, isn't it weird what a sound of a gun does to a runner! image
  • I have been listening to this Free podcast for a year now, if your not already its a must, go have a listen and download it free off itunes some good advice and great interviews on there, the interview with Prof Tim Noakes is a must!! image
  • Did the recci of the course today. Its nicely sheltered with loads of twists and turns to keep you interested. Without a doubt a few undulations but nothing to worry about.

    I almost blew a fuse doing the Gloucester half last year albeit in the process of a pb. My advice would be go like the clappers. Bring it on my first 26.2. 

  • Muzza wrote (see)
    I have been listening to this Free podcast for a year now, if your not already its a must, go have a listen and download it free off itunes some good advice and great interviews on there, the interview with Prof Tim Noakes is a must!! image
    Seconded. It's essential listening every week! Tom Williams and Martin Yelling do a really good job with it.
  • Another vote for marathontalk podcasts. I'd never heard of them until someone mentioned them on the realbuzz blog site and since then I've been a real fan. A good mix of news/race reports in the world of running, training advice, light-hearted moments and an interview with some bod from the running/triathlon world. Really interesting stuff and great to listen to on your long runs. Or you can listen to whilst ironing!  Great stuff and now they try to make it interactive via monthly challenges, rate your runs etc.

    Can't believe marathon is only 4 days away- gonna start upping the carbs from tomorrow- and lay off the booze! image

  • I don't really carb load anymore, would have a few extra sat eve and a hearty breakfast, I just swell up and feel bloated. Think I am going to just go for it Sunday, s@@t or bust!! Could anything between 2.50 and 3.30 depending on weather I fly or die! Sub 2.55 would be great but cant see it.

    What's everyone else hoping for?
  • I'm looking for Sub 3:15, see how it goes though. Taper madness and a niggly calf have brought on the doubts, just a bit of x training this week, did n't want to risk the calf.  Weather still looking OK for Sunday.

  • Best result would be a sub 3:15 to renew my GFA time. (Trouble is, it's two years since I last went that fast and I'm two years older - and slower - now!) I think the weather will be a key factor and I'm hoping for clear and windless, like last year.
  • Yeah I agree, nice fresh still sunny day, perfect!! Fingers crossed!! Good for age this year finishes earlier this year, think it's hotta be in by July? Taunton is another good course to have a crack! Sure u will both do it tho! Good luck guys!!

    Must admit I am full of niggles and lack of training, but have been Osteopath and had a massage this week, hope the expence pays off!
  • Only run 2 Marathons, Kent coastal in 3.40 was my 1st and Portmouth Coastal in 3.35. I would have liked to do a sub 3.30 for this but not sure weather I can after being ill and my Lack of training. Guess I just take it as it comes and see how I feel on the day.
  • My dream is sub 3:15  but in reality I will be happy with sub 3:30
  • Finally caught up with this thread.

    I'm doing the 50K on sunday. It will be my first attempt at that distance, although i have run further (off-road).

     Getting really nervous now, don't imagine I will sleep much from here on in.

    Good luckto everybody doing either race. image

  • I'm doing the 50km as a training run so expect 3.30 - 3.40 running to a very planned pace, just hope it is not raining.
  • Thats good running Gobi, sub 3 pace for 50k is great! will probably see you on course! Good luck!

     Good luck everyone, its gonna be perfect weather cool and sunny! Just watch out for ice spots on shaded areas!

  • Hi folks, blimey this has come round quick,

    just been reading the race notes and it talks about a race briefing at 10am is this worth hanging around for? or is it safe to head to the start and begin me warm-up?

  • was a good event today

     every body looked in real good shape

    cheered on who we could

    well done to all

  • Thanks for your support Mick and Phil - sorry not to see you competing though. Good event, enjoyed today, quite a scenic loop once you leave the housing estate.
  • Shambolic group of organisers. Arrived early and went to enter only to be told NO ENTRIES ON THE DAY. Contrary to the infomation supplied on this site and the BEYONDTHELIMITS site. Very Very disappointed, wont make the same mistake of attending a BEYONDTHELIMITS venue again.


  • Yeah thanks Mick and phill, seen u a few times!! Good support!!

    Had a good run, pb 2.55.27, was hoping to go sub 55 but course was long fine up to 26m then last .2 was .4, how do they do that?? Should be called Beyond me!! Not image
  • Any idea where results will be posted?
  • If that's the case, I'm a bit peed off. Did 4.01.
  • Having said that, I've no complaints. It's my own fault, should have done better.
  • +1 for thanks to Mick and Phil and their support, vocal as ever image

    I really enjoyed it, the hot showers at the end were absolute bliss... A group of us walked back from the finish as the bus was full - but I guess it was a decent cooldown!

    And an unexpected medal and hat - I think my only gripe would be that I only saw water at the drinks stations, some energy / iso drinks might have been nice...

    My Garmin made it 26.17 miles - with a surprising 224m of elevation!

  • I felt for the guy who did 3.00.11, ouch! I have been there tho, 26 m marker was bang on! Then it went to pot.

    Never mind it happens. Over all I enjoyed it, nice passing 50k and lots of other runners, everyone friendly and supportive. May try 50k next time
  • Muzza - that could well have me or the guy just in-front, was aiming for a sub 3 time to improve my starting gate at Rotterdam, I'm gutted. at 21m it looked easily in the bag then it all went weird with the mile markers coming out long.  still looked on at 26m but that was a very long 0.2m of a mile, ended up recording it at 26.45.  but I notice GeeM has it slightly short, so not sure what going on their.  Anyone else find it weird? a few around my time did.

    nice interesting cource though

    GeeM - their was hi5 at the 6m water station

  • Yeah 4.14 in the 50k for me. I was .1 off at the last mile marker then .2 became .4 and i was .3 off. Very strange. Was a good day and i enjoyed it.

    Kinda hard but enjoyable course. Always had me on my toesimage

  • I have done this race 3 times now and the 50k once and I don't wear a Garmin so I can assure you the course was spot on. Garmini are not 100 per cent right.If you go off the measured line as you twist and turn
    through the lanes you will lose 000.1 or thereabouts. I am not too good with numbers but I know it all adds up.
    I did read on a web-site that the race was full and there were no entries on the day.
    Mick you are a credit to the running scene on more levels than i can mention. Big up to you and Phil.
    Perfect weather today so I guess most of us had something to be grateful for. The Hat is nice and the medal
    is pretty cool and when I wear them both together then smile
    I look like a happy young fool. Which i am not, I am over 50.

    Thanks to the hundreds of people who made this event happen.
    Well done everyone.

  • Well done Muzza, job done

    I did 3.34.30 going through marathon in aroun 2.57.40, had some hamstring cramping late on which is a bother but all in all as planned.
  • WR - i totally agree that garmin's are not 100% accurate, mine had me running up a Sheer face cliff at snod mara image in sub 5m/m pace image

    I don't want to criticise what was a enjoyable race, and on the whole a well run race. but something cocked up towards the end, probably just the markers.  And I'm not the only one who thinks so, i've noticed that someone has commented in the ratings about the markers at around 22m / 45k mark being wrong/mixed up, about where i said it went weird.  And I'm pretty sure (not 100%, wasn't checking the k markers) that  I noticed a 25 mark on the floor, which had a non matching k marker, that incidental corresponded with where 25m should roughly be according to my garmin.  The last 26m marker was either very short or the finish was long.  I looked at my time as I was going past it and i've been running long enough to assure you i didn't 10m/m the last 0.2, and that's nothing to do with my garmin.

    I not necessarily saying it was long, as i've admitted garmin's are not 100% accurate, and GeeM has it slightly short by GPS, but something was definitely out in the latter stages.

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