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  • Hi all,

     I too was a little perplexed by the last mile marker.

    I just squeaked under 3hrs by about 20ish seconds but I passed the 25 mile mark in about 2:48:30. Having thought that I would (relatively) easily go sub 3 I had to put in a proper sprint to make sure in the end.

    Whilst I was suffering and not going as quickly as at the beginning I'm pretty sure it was nowhere near a nine minute mile pace.

    Having said that I thought the event appeared well organised and enjoyed the route despite it being much more hilly than I expected!

  • all the markers in the 50km were out from 15kms as they seemed to suddenly be accurate for the marathon course, had to adjust for everything being wrong by about 2 miles.

    Oh and the course came up at 50.37 on the garmin but hey you race the course.
  • Gobi great running at that pace for 50k mate, awsome.

     I agree garmins can be wrong but at 26m it was bang on bleep bleep then it went over, almost all of us around the finsih was saying same thing so I would queery the course! everyone cant be wrong??

    dunno if this will work but heres my garmn read out, lost it from 10-20 felt crap but got back on track from 20. only reason i question it coz it was only wrong in the last .2 or 33ish

  • Muzza - everyone ran the same course mate. Did you realise for a course to count officially it should always be slightly long.
  • ideal! trustworthy PB then! image ha ha more in the tank tho. Kids took some good pics so ill upload them to fliker and ill post them on here soon. everyone help yourselfs if u see 1 of you that you like.
  • Entries close January 11th 2011.
    No entries on the day if the limit of 450 is reached before then.

    From the entry form

  • I knew i read it somewhere.
    Waiting lists for fully booked races are a good thing. I have got into a few like that.
  • Had a good run all thing considered. didn't get my sub 3.30 but there will be others, still got a new PB though image

    Well done to all.

  • Well done Paul.
    I managed a 3:28:30 so I just got under.
    and a seasons best!!
  • I managed a new pb 3:25:19

    I have my Garmin set in km's and it measured it as 42.5kms so also came in long.  No complaints though as it was a great event, and much better than last year.  Medal was a nice surprise as they didn't give them out last year either.

     Good to see Mick and Phil on the sides .. hopefully participating again next year though!!

  • Well done to all for completing and congrats to those getting PB's.  I came home in 3:17:22, thought I was on for my Sub 3:15 and with 3 miles to go  I had 24 minutes to make it, but that longish hill at mile 24 took it out of me, I tried to kick for kast 2 and a bit miles but did n't have enough. My Garmin logged  26.39 but I think they normally read long.  The confusing thing for me that for the first 20 miles my garming was beeping mile splits way after the mile markers but that reversed for the last few -  which did n't help with pacing, but you have got to race the course.  An enjoyable day even if I did n't achieve target.
  • Hi all my calf managed to hold up better than i thought and i managed to do a pb of 3.55 marathon within my 50k time of 4.48. Had to switch off from looking at the mile markers as they were so off beam for the 50k. Good job i had my garmin as i would have been all over the place with my times. Ran the first half plus at 8.30 miling comfortably and thought wow this is it, i'm gonna thrash last summer's 50k time. You know what it's like, you do all these calculations in your head and you think this is it!! Sadly, wheels came off a few miles on and as i said earlier, although i managed to hang on and do a 26.2 pb, i came in 2mins slower on my 50k time. Oh well. I do think that that route is more difficult than the Boddington route back in the summer, so i take solace in that.

    Are the 50k results out yet?

  • really enjoyed the course and everyone I spoke to on the way round were really friendly and supportive.  I came in at 3.28.59 which is a pb and 19 minutes quicker than last year.  I can hardly walk this morning though!

    I saw a few photographers on the way round, does anyone know if there is a website for the photo's?

  • Muzza - I was the guy who came in on 3.00.11. Thought I would be fine after passing 26 mile marker pretty much bang on 2.58 but cramping up. No way was the distance to the finish 385 yards, as I wasn't going quite that slowly. Would have liked to have gone sub-3 as was the target, but was only a training run. 15 mins away from last year's PB though. Must try harder next time.
  • That was my first marathon. 3:14, got to half way at 1:27
    I have now experienced a new level of pain.
    Start to 18 miles still comfortably under 3 hours.
    18 to 20 now I'm suffering.
    20 to 22 now I'm really suffering
    22 to finish stop, stretch, walk, run, repeat to finish.
    At the finish I said never again. I have now slept. Bring on Edinburgh in May. Hopefully won't miss 5 to 6 weeks of 18 week schedule due to injury and this will make the difference.
    My Garmin measured it at 26.5 it was spot on with mile markers up to about 23/24 miles then went astray. Like has been said, the course measure will have been done on best line, not keeping to left.
    I am pretty sure that high 5 and water was available at both stations, I only took water, as I had my own support team.
  • Gary, you were a mad man!! image for sub 3 you certainly went for it m8, I passed you at 23 miles and you were well on for it, you defiantly got the speed just lack endurance, a good effort for your 1st marathon it's all about learning, you will smash 3 in edinborgh! Think our other halfs got friendly as mine was asking after you!

    Dan, looking at the results you wernt the only 1 close to 3.
  • Well done to you all

    Gloucester course is very challenging - there are some flat bits, but also long drags and sharp inclines

    Some runners took off far to fast yesterday, and seriously paid for it in the latter stages, ( I know they told me so as they went by ) and I’ve also don’t it myself before now

    I've taken Phillip around that loop on many occasions ( we’ve done it in both directions ) in mild conditions like yesterday and also in horrendous ice, and in gale force wind and rain

    The Gloucester 10 miler - which was out. A clockwise loop and back - ( the Old Gloucester 20 Miler out, two anti clock laps, and back ), and this current marathon

    Still to this day I stand by the decision that the clockwise direction is easier, but it’s tough which ever way it’s done

    With all my experience, we’ve done the loops on a good run and some days it’s been bloody hard going, almost giving in - but then it is all on the day,

    So, my thoughts and advice to anyone who may of felt that for what ever reason yesterday they didn’t perform well - then Don’t

    Fact is, if you got around, no matter how, then stand tall and proud

  • many thanks for all the support Mick - I was the very slow one, number 65! I did a PW by 32 minutes but have only just finished 8 months of quite intense medical treatment and only had 4 weeks training, so was pleased just to get round and all the encouragement really helped! Hope to see you both racing again soon (first time we spoke was somewhere near the top of a ridiculous hill at Langdale I think!)

    The course was good, I quite like a couple of laps so I know what's coming near the end (whatever that may be!), the sports hall very comfortable, but I agree the 385 yards was long - not that it mattered much in my case.

     A friendly and enjoyable race to get back into running, and a good medal, and great hat! Some organisational niggles which have been well discussed in the ratings, but overall I really enjoyed the day.

    And yes Mick I'm proud I got round image

  • Hi all, well done to everybody - some fantastic results, and even those of you that are disappointed can still be proud that you finished! There's always next time toget that PB or whatever.

     Photos are on Mick Hall Photography website which hopefully you can find here if it works. Think you just put your race number in to search for photos of yourself!



    here you go guys, free pics, hope the kids caught you?

  • Thanks for the support Mick and Phil great seeing you image

    Well done to everyone some great times in both distances. 

    I was on for a sub 3:30 managed consistent 8 min miles up to 22 miles then went of the rails and struggled to the end in 10 min miles.  3:37 not happy but better than I did in this race last year.

    I'm happy with organisation , medal, facilities etc a fairly tough but friendly race.

  • Anybody know where I can get photos from the race?

    I saw a guy not long after the 'band-drop' area with a camera on a uni-pod looking quite official.

    (Unfortunately Muzza I am not in any of your photos)

  • Just had a long chat with Norman Wilson and he explained why it would be difficult to bring the finish area closer to the Sports Centre.

    The bridge over the canal needs to be opened to allow boats through and it is not possible for the canal to be closed to traffic for a long time. The only way to get back to the Sports Centre is via the bridge. However he is having discussions with the authorities to see if a compromise can be made for the future.

    Hope you are all recovering well and I look forward to seeing you around the circuit.

  • By the way, if anyone wants to sponsor me for the Virgin London Marathon check out my page or my website


  • Trailrunner2 wrote (see)

    Anybody know where I can get photos from the race?

    I saw a guy not long after the 'band-drop' area with a camera on a uni-pod looking quite official.(Unfortunately Muzza I am not in any of your photos)
    Pongy wrote (see)

    Hi all, well done to everybody - some fantastic results, and even those of you that are disappointed can still be proud that you finished! There's always next time toget that PB or whatever.

     Photos are on Mick Hall Photography website which hopefully you can find here if it works. Think you just put your race number in to search for photos of yourself! 
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