What to look for in a good podiatrist?

In my running life ive been plagued by shinsplints ....its been described a thousand times on this forums....the one really sore spot inbetween the bone and calf muscle (posterior) just above the ankle (both legs in my case)

Now over the years ive seen a couple of podiatrists...1st one was very quick to perscribe orthotics but i wanted a cure so i paid the £200....as soon as i got them i badly tore my calf muscle ( nothing to do with orthotics) playing footie so i didnt run in them for 4 months , when i did they made no difference so i went to get a 2nd opinion from another local podiatrist who slated the orthotics i had...this podiatrist was great he wanted to try everything before we tried orthotics....in the end i went with his orthotics  after a few trial and errors and he did also see me on the treadmill....these seem a lot more robust but im still getting the same problem,..and can only train twice a week... now my latest podiatrist has told me there is nothing more he can do.

Surely im not the only person with this problem in the world i admit im 6 foot 4 so will never be the lightest runner... ive never had a video gait analysis but have spent hundreds trying to cure this problem..is the video a gimmick or is it worth it...as im considering trying one more time to get a cure or to just lessen the symptoms.Can anyone recommend a podiatrist in the north west?

 PS im doing the GNR in 2 weeks...


  • Aloha

    Sure it's not a stress reaction? Shin splints are more over a general area up the bone....either way you ABSOLUTELY need gait analysis (digital or not).

    The podiatrist should have a masters in podiatric medicine or biomechanics. They should know their stuff and don't be afraid to ask. I know lots of good 'uns in London....no help around the NW!


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