Need some advice please

Im running the Clarendon Marathon (full) on Oct 3rd, this will be my first marathon.  My training is going really well and last weekend i did my last 'long' run before the race which was a 21mile run which took me 3hours, i felt quite comfortable and felt i could've carried on and done the marathon distance without any issues.  

However, the Clarendon marathon is 'multi-surface' and up unitl now ive trained exclusively on road,also i am told it is VERY hilly.  Is there anyone who has run this before and/or knows the course who can tell me a little more about the running surfaces and route itself.  Im worried that my lack of off-road running is going to mean im not going to be able to complete the Clarendon Marathon.  Any help/advice at all would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance



  • quit worrying, if you have done the training you will be fine. Nothing you do now will make any difference (not favourably anyway)....

    if it is hilly (not done it so i dont know) dont be tempted to go out hard and fast, as the hills will take a bit more out of you. Start sensibly and things will be fine...and you will wonder what on earth you were worrying about.

  • Sounds like good advice to me!

    The only other thing I would add, which might seem a bit the opposite is to state the obvious. 26.2 miles is a long way to run! It is a pretty tough challenge. So if you feel a bit rough at times during it, it is quite normal, and okay. In fact, if you felt totally comfortable all the way round, then you could have pushed harder.

    Go off steady, and if you are still feeling great at 20 miles you can try and push on from there (I really wouldn't try it before then - it's often stated that the marathon is a race of 2 halves - the first 20 and the last 6!

    Whatever you do, you will get a pb - just go out and enjoy it (it is meant to be fun).

  • Don't be afraid to walk up any of the hills.  If it feels like hard work, that's because it is!  Even at the sharp end of the field, runners will walk up the hills if running involves pushing the effort too hard.  You don't want to be building up lactic acid, epsecially early into the race.
  • All sounds like great advice, thanks very much.  I must admit, reading my original post i used the term 'comfortable' when the reality was it was damn hard work but i felt at the time i had another 6 miles in me.

    I think the key is just pacing myself, as you said Nick L, ive done the training so as long as i dont go out too hard i should be fine.

     Thanks again all, ill post a review of the race when ive done.

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