Aldi winter riding gear

Some cheap and cheerful winter riding gear coming up for sale at Aldi on Thursday 16th September


Quality of other stuff I have had from there has always been absolutely fine for my needs, though no doubt there is better quality stuff around. But for value its a winner I reckon.


  • I tried some of the bib tights and they are a no no for me, terrible fit, padding etc - although I do know a few people who have used the jackets sussessfully. 

    Each to their own I suppose, I still find the buy cheap buy twice very apparent when it comes to cycle clothes, especially winter ones.  Personally I want confidence that my kit will keep me warm and dry throughout those long winter rides and £10 kit from a supermarket isnt convincing.

  • Hmm.....I am in the market for some cooler weather gear, might take a trip and see what the kit is like.
  • yep....already got my list.

  • I love my aldi bib tights, they have lasted be well while my ever increasing waist....ever increased.


  • ooooh arm warmers.....


  • And a bike rack. The perfect accessory for my room 
  • Had mixed experiences with Aldi stuff - some has been OK for commuting in  - some a complete waste of time.     Worth popping down and having a look I suppose.  
  • Pretty much the same experience, most of its ok for the price but some wore out quickly. The winter bike gloves were a real bargain. But stuff like arm and leg warmers I buy from Decathlon, good prices and quality is better than Aldi.

  • For the price, I think it's great.  I popped along last time AliAird let us know and got a top and a jacket that do me just fine.   I am gutted that I will be away on the bliddy 16th and won't be able to kit myself out at a price that I can actually afford!! image  Desperate for more tops so looks like I shall be spending a bliddy fortune out somewhere else.
  • Saffers - FB.
  • I love the running socks and compression socks so might just try some cycling socks!
  • great stuff for training, you can't beat the price image
  • all my stuff is aldi or lidl - and, apart from the grey running shorts which are completely see thru, everything is fine
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