Woo Hoo!!

Tonight I managed to run non stop for over 60mins. I am so chuffed even managed a hill. Started back 2 weeks ago and I am truly plodding but still twas no walking tonight.


  •  Well done!  image

     I started a week ago and can only manage about 30mins without having to stop and grasp for air.

    Hopefully in a few more weeks I can get up to 60mins.

  • Well done!

    I managed about 40 mins before a walk break this week and 5 miles in all, so hopefully 60 mins by the end of next week!

  • It's worth the beetroot face. I am steadily improving even after 2 weeks. I went out today and did 2.5 miles and beat my previous time by 5 mins.
    Just worried about being back at work next week and keeping on top of training and progress.
    Well done Chris and Dinky. Lets give ourselves a massive pat on the back
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