Friday 10th September



  • MO - nice half and congrats on the PB!! I'm another one who doesn't like the earphones I'm afraid! A friend is doing her first marathon in Dunedin this weekend and I've been trying to persuade her to do without (to no avail)

    Mava - hope the job things get better - to the extent they can anyway. and 3-5 on a Friday really is an awful time to have a meeting.

    nice swim there Gobi

    Paddy - MIL for 5 weeks! eeeek.

    hi Chomski

    Wabo - good to see you - tell your daughter it really is lovely here too
  • Sat morning here and it looks like being a lovely one - if a bit windy. Just about to head out and do my long run. The place we are staying for the weekend has a pool so I may come back sounding like the tri folks with their huge amounts of swimming (perhaps not so huge given I haven't swum in over a year!)
  • M. - enjoy your long run - I think I'll leave mine till tomorrow.

    AF - you are alive!! Enjoy your running. Don't leave us!!

    Wabo - good to see you back - didn't know you were going travelling too.

    Madame O - I've never worn headphones, but always have some tune in my head. My son, who is new to marathons wouldn't run one without headphones - whatever gets you through I say. There worst thing I saw was a girl on her cell phone ringing someone at the half-way point! Now, that was really discouraging - though - man, has it come to this, I'm running so slowly people are talking on cell-phones!!

    What: 6 miles hilly - easy by myself.

    pm - went to see Dave Dobbyn - iconic NZ singer.

  • LMUH I think it is, will google.
  • LMUH or anyone else found this but how long to hold the stretches for?

    (is this clever posting or what!)

  • Evening,

    AF: Hope you come back to this madhouse mate.

    MadameO: Good pb and pic (forgot to mention that earlier).

    An early 'all the best' to any weekend racers.

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    MadameO well done

    AF - Stay please

    Welcome back Wabo

    No trg today just a spa session with Mrs RFJ....<img /><img /><img />

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