perfect dinner party

if you could invite 3 people to make your dinner party the greatest ever who would be your dream team?

mine would be

Trevor McDonald, Jim McDonald & Ronald McDonald


  • Lurker, AL &....well i think that would do me nicely....
  • Germain Greer, Keith Richards, Peter Ustinov.

    The Good, the bad and the...amusing

  • Stephen Fry, Rob Brydon and my wife!
  • I'd invite my father, he died 40 years ago when I was 18 months old.

    The world has changed so much since he was alive and I would just like to sit and chat.

  • Chrissie Wellington (Ironman world Champion and record holder), James Patterson (extremely successful murder mystery author) and Petar Stoychev (first person to swim the English Channel in under 7 hours.)
  • garrison keiler, erm

    this is annoying - i had this sorted in my head the oterh day and now i can't remember

    thanks nick

  • Karl Marx, Bertrand Russell and Margaret Thatcher.

    I'd lace one of the meals with arsenic image

  • Me, me mum and me dad and my gran and we would have a vindaloo image
  • Piers - that  is both lovely and very sad. made me ring me dad and say hello 

    thank you

  • Three ex-boyfriends.  I hope they'd character-assassinate me, and I'd take notes.
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