sprained ankle injury

At tail end of a bad sprain suffered bad swelled ankle strapped up and ran on soft ground for week packed with ice and use support bandage doing marathon training at peak of my training will my ankle get better and is there anything I can take or do to heal quicker have not been able to enter races but I am doing Addidas Auckland marathon 31st october in New Zealand hope to achieve my pb if my ankle gets better. My charity is Breakthrough/breastcancer and I  want to run a marathon every six months for as long as I can.


  • Yes there are few things you can do and they worked for me. It easy to remember if you think of P.R.I.C.E. Protection (keep a brace on to protect further damage) Rest (try to swim or cross train to let the ankle rest) Ice after each run, Compression, wrap up the ankle with an ace bandage to keep the swelling away from ankle, Elevation (keep ankle up above the the level of your heart so lie down and elevate the ankle. I read a great article and some good exercise videos at this link http://www.sportsmd.com/Articles/id/12/n/sprained_ankle.aspx
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