Qualifying for Two Oceans Marathon

Hi all,

 I am in South Africa next year for a friends wedding, and thought whilst I was there I would do the Two Oceans 56k Ultra marathon.

 As an international runner from outside South Africa, I don't need to qualify for the race and could start at the back.

 But I would like to qualify and to get a decent seeding. I ran the Brighton marathon in 2010 in 4:02 and would expect to run another marathon before the Two Oceans in a time of around 03:40.

 My question is what are the qualfying races? On  the website it says "races run under the auspice of the IAAF." But having seen the IAAF calendar this appears to be London, Paris, New York all the big marathons. But the marathons I intend to run before then are Rutland and then I may look at another small English marathon. Am i right in thinking these wouldn't count?

 If someone could provide me with a list of eligible races or some tips it would be much apperciated. Thanks.


  • Hi Cheg,

    I ran the Two Oceans this year and it was the most amazing race i have run. The scenary is simply stunning. You will love it.

    As per the seeding, i think you can run pretty much any marathon. I ran Gloucester for mine (I think this had about 300 finishers this year) and this was fine. If you have any doubts about a marathon just email the organisers. They reply pretty quick.

    Any other questions about the race just ask.

  • O brilliant thanks Marty. Well entries open 1st November, no plans to do it again? Have you done Comrades? Do you have any training plans for Two Oceans? I can only find Comrades plans.
  • I have no plans to do this again in the near future, its comrades all being well for me next yearimage

    As per training plans, i just used a marathon plan and modified it slightly to include more 20+'s as the long run. I ran a couple of marathons in prep but nothing longer. It seemed to suit me well and i finished fine.

  • How did people find that their pacing went over this extended distance?

    what food/ energy sources are provided at the drinks station?


  • Hi Cheg


    This is th list of marathons.  Quite a few in the UK.


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