Jurassic Coast Challenge 2011

Entries opened today @ www.votwo.co.uk

I'm in image ... Anyone else??


  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    I would be interested in the Oner which I am glad to see is a separate event next year a month later.  But £140 ... image

  • Anyone done this event before, I'll check out their website, but look forward to peoples views, before I possibly dip my hand in my pocket and pay £150.
  • Tempting, very tempting.  
    Can't quiet belive I am considering it again though. Those hills... the horror the horror!

  • How did you find it last time then Mr Guy?

    Was this a special event for you or the type of thing you do a lot?

    Attempting the 'compete' training plan that I found from previous years event. used to distance running but tbh I've never done a six day schedule. How'd you get on training wise?

    I've opted for a bunk in a shared caravan to add to the whole 'adventure' ... may even hitch hike there from Essex image

  • It was the first time I have done anything like that and it was my target event for the year. I thought the runs and transport to them check points and scenery were all good. I did get the hump about the lack of food supplied in the evenings and every night I had to go out and buy extra which kind of defeated the point of booking the accommodation. But that aside it was good.

    Training wise I dropped down to 4 runs a week but upped my mileage. Peaking at 66 miles. I would do back to back long runs in the week and either a marathon or long run and recovery on the weekend. About a month before I did 18, 20 and 17 miles on consecutive days which gave me confidence going into the race. If I do it again I think I would stick to a similar patten but try and up the mileage a bit more and get a lot more hills involved in my runs.

    You will haver fun and meet some interesting people. That coast line is something special to run on.
  • hmm the food situation was one of my main concerns image I plan to take plenty of supplies so should be able to keep myself fed and watered.

    My schedule starts proper on the 3rd of Jan so intend to use the time until then building up to 6 days at around the 40 mile mark. plenty of cross country to do during that time so that should help. got some lovely off road hills round my way as well.

    how was the actual race? do as well as you expected? was it better or worse than you'd anticipated?

  • The race is fun, the check points are all well stocked with pretty much everything you could want to eat and drink. It is very very hilly.
     I didn't really know what to expect but I hoped I could place quiet high over all. By about mile 8 of the first day all I hoped for was not to be sick on myself!
    Finished about 57th over all with time of about 5.25,  5.25 and 6.14. My road marathon PB which I got in January is 3.38. So that gives you a clue about the terrain and hills.      
    The first 8 miles of the first day where tougher than any other marathon I have done, with the possible exception of the first 8 miles on last day! The navigation is easy though.
    I still get a warm glowing feeling knowing I have done it but it was very tough and not for the faint hearted.

  • Mr Guy wrote (see)

     ... By about mile 8 of the first day all I hoped for was not to be sick on myself!

    image pmsl

    Jolly decent times there Mr Guy image
    We're pretty similar paces then I reckon. My road pb is 3:40 and off road 4:08 but both were undulating at the most.
    I'd love to finish under 5 hours each but I'll take it as it comes and just make sure I finish in one piece.
    The one thing in my favour ... I love hills ... must be my capricorn side .. part mountain goat me.
    I train in and around the Benfleet area and, although not quite of jurassic proportions, we're not short of a hill or two round here.
    I've got a lot to live up to tho ... last years winner and this years 2nd place, Graham Booty, is from my club so no pressure or anything lol 

  • I'd love to do this.. but walk it image

    oh.... and keep my eye on OH/gmike to ensure he stays safe!

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    No, they're good times, Mr Guy.  My road PB is 3:35 and it took me nearly 8 hours to do each one, but then I did do them in one go which is definitely not for the fainthearted!

    I'm always worried about food, logistics, etc on multi-day events and prefer to enter something, run it, and then go home.  Oner is east to west this year - not sure if that helps or not!   Much scarier clifftop sections for the night, though.

  • sssh don't mention scary cliff tops ... TracyB had a bit of an episode on the Clarach Coastal path ... thought we were gonna have to air lift her off image
  • This was an awesome event to do this year and I am jealous of anyone doing it in 2011.

    I only have good memories of it. My road mara pb is very similar to Mr Guy (albeit about three weeks after the end of this - Brighton 3:33) but you can throw any comparisions in the bin. It took me about 30 mins to do the first two miles of this - bear in mind that was mainly up golden cap.

    The scenery is just amazing and the camaraderie between runners was brilliant. Heard a few moans about food etc but the accomodation and organisation for me was fine.

    Isn't it the other way round in 2011 - Studland to Charmouth? Not sure if that helps or hinders. You're hands on knees trudging up verticals for half of it whichever way you look at it.

    Good luck all.And anyone doing the ONER needs their head tested. Most of them were like zombies as we passed them on day 3 this year.

  • Awesome event but never again...I had nightmares about the steps that were on the last day for weeks afterwards!!
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    lol sweetfeet.  I can identify with that - did Oner in 2009 when it was over a fine evening, a warm night, and a scorching August day.  Not sure about doing it in all this mist and dampness you get in March and April. Coupled with darkness and scary clifftops.  And £140.  I think I've talked myself out of it.  And I haven't told you yet (and perhaps I shouldn't tell you) about my blisters.
  • image to scary clifftops!

    We had a lovely coastal walk in Wales, it was 5m cliff walk and hilly.. honest! No barrier between the clifftop and sea.. I got the train back! I had to wait an hour for a 15minute journey. I got an icecream on the corner near our holiday park, just as I saw gmike racing back ... he ran it back on the cliff path, in the same time I got the train back! Then again.. he didn't get an ice cream image

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    I don't remember anything scary at all - don't worry.  Mind you I don't remember much about that last marathon.  It was very sunny and hot and there were endless views to distant headlands that had to be reached and never seemed to get much closer.

    If the Oner was moved back to August I would have another go. 

  • Has anyone got a garmin route for the runs?
  • I've entered this race in 2011 for the first time and the more I read about it the more scared I get! I've never done a race like this and so am quite unsure about training schedules. At the moment im just trying to build the miles up until xmas and then try and start doing back to back long runs and more hill running after xmas. Any training schedules and advice people have for this would be greatly appreciated!
  • Hi Sam, welcome aboard image

    I think there's training schedules available for entrants at some point but I managed to find a copy from a previous event on t'internet

    I can mail you a copy if you want .. pm me.
  • I still have the schedule from last year if anybody wants it PM me. Personally I didn't rate it much but horses for courses. Your plan sounds good to me Sam.  

    I have decided not to do this again this year, instead I am going to do this instead: Toad Challange for a few reasons but mainly because the prospect of doing back to back long runs in the winter isn’t appealing right now! Good luck to those who are doing it.
  • Hi all, I've been looking at something like ths for a while but never clicked that "sign up now" link. I've never done a marathon (only some unofficial halves) but did a duathlon earlier this year (10k 20k 5k).

    for those of you who have already done this event would you recommend it for a marathon noob?image  I'm not afraid of putting in the training miles and need something to keep me motivated over the winter!

  • anoyone got any wisdom about how much harder this one is than the Atlantic challenge? crawled round Atlantic in Oct and (with hindsight!) loved it .... generally people seem to think this one is harder, but I'd be interested to find out more ...though I can't quite believe I'm contemplating it ...
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