Strained leg and half marathon in just over 2 weeks

Hi all, I'm due to do a half marathon 2 weeks on sunday and on sunday I think I've pulled something in the top of my leg. I don't know what I've done it happened near the end of my run and I though it was cramp but its just not got better. Where its painful it right at the back of my inner thigh at the top of my leg and its not pain ful all the time. I can manage to put weigh on it and it just gives way every now and then. I've been swimming this morning and managed 30 minutes breaststroke but front crawl cause the leg to hurt.

I really don't know what to do. I've put so much training into this run and I really hope it'll be ok. Does anyone have any suggestions of anything which may help it heal quicker because I really want to be able to run

Thank you xxx
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