Brooks Beast - advice needed

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Ive been seeing a new podiatrist today out of sheer frustration due to persistent shinsplints (posterior tibialis) already got some custom orthotis from my previous podiatrist which i took a long.Anyway this was the 1st time id had a video gait analysis which was fascinating. The podiatrist recommended i keep using my orthotics and instructed  meon a series of  stretches and also to change trainers from my Neutral Asics Nimbus to Motion Control Brooks Beast. To be honest if it helps im willing to do this...

My question is though...i looked up my local specialist running shop to see if they had any instock but the guy ( on the phone) said he respectfully disagreed with my podiatrist that i should use orthotics with Motion Control trainer... does anyone else do this??

ill be ringing my podiatrist just to make sure but in the meantime would appreciate any informed replies....


  • An orthotic should, in most cases, be corrective on its own.

    But it needs to have a nice stable shoe base to be able to do its job. If you put it in a soft neutral shoe (like a Nike air pegasus), the orthotic will probably sink into the midsole and give you the proper support.

    Some 'stable' neutral shoes like the Brooks Defyance can work well but if you're an extreme over-pronator it might be prudent to use a mild/moderate stability shoe which has a medial post that will hold the orthotic up well - but not a motion control like the Beast - that's overkill.

    But that's assuming the orthotic itself is as supportive as it should be! If your orthotic is rubbish, maybe you do need a Beast to compliment it!

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