to run or not to run

Hi all,my first post on here so please bear with me.....

Im just short of 50 yrs old.I gave up smoking nearly 2 yrs ago but put on a lot of weight!!..I thought id take up running and entered the GSR in October as an incentive to do well.

My problem has been my calfs,they keep going on me.ive had sports physio 4 times but they still keep giving me such bad pain during training sessions.The pain goes after a couple of days but my question is should I keep on with the physio at 37 quid a time or should I forget the GSR and start walking instead..As the race gets nearer im thinking how am I gonna do 10 miles when I cant even manage 1 and a half without 1 of my calfs breaking down,like a lot of people on here im so frustrated with my injury so im open to any advice,be honest,brutal,I really dont mind..maybe some ideas re training,i run 1 1/2 miles every other day,which was advised  by my physio...running shoes,aids anything..hope you can help with my dilema.thankyou


  • What did the physio say was the problem and what has caused it?
  • hi

    He hasnt actually said how the problem was caused..He says he can feel where the pain is in my calfs and gives them deep massage.The pain is just about bearable when hes working them..I do have very large calfs due to walking the dogs a lot and walking in general,thought they were the strongest part of my body but obviously not..Hes a runner himself but im not sure if he really understands.

  • It could be a muscle or biomechanical imbalance and you might need orthotics. You wil need to see a podiatrist or osteopath about that.

    I bought some calf guards on Amazon from 2XU and they help to keep the calf supported. they cost arounf 25quid a pair. Good luck

  • I've had feet probs partly caused by tight calves. So, FWIW, my thoughts:

    Firstly, I'm surprised that your physio didn't give you any more advice, if that's all he's prepared to say, then it's not really helping you.  I'd see another physio and try to find out what's causing this. If he can "feel where the pain is" then I'm surprised he can't tell you what's causing it.

    Secondly, you may possibly have a small tear in the calf itself which is semi-repairing, then re-tearing as you keep exercising, even walking.

    Again, you'd need to get a proper diagnosis to establish this and then you'd expect a programme for recovery, which, I suspect, will include rest.

    You don't say where you live, but I'm in Hampshire (ie local to the GSR), so I can recommend a good physio, and, should you need it, podiatrist.  If so, pm me and I'll let you have the details.

    I don't think that it's enough to give up, there are a lot of people on here who have had really bad times, recuperated and gone on with training.  I just think that you've got a crup physio who hasn't diagnosed your condition.

  • My oesteopath is based in Bedford. She's called Wendy Russel-Rayner. She specializes in preventive sports medicine and applied here. Have a chat with her and she'll be able to tell what the cause may be.
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