Naked race 2010

volunteers required

 My place

Cheers! Phil


  • image NUTTER !!! LAMO
  • forgot to add, Men in pumps only ! Hi Tec Silver Shadows Welcome.
  • really
  • hi tec silver shadow remember when they first came out, i got a pair for school, do they still sell them ?

    if they do will get a pair for the party !!! image    lmao

  • Believe it or not there was actually a race advertised in the RW mag a while back for a 5km run for naturists - not sure how many takers there were but the thought of all those wangers n things wanging around was enough to put me off and a smile on Mrs RWMS's face image

    If I can find it I will post it - they had a website and everything!!!!


  • Mikey Blue - Silver Shadows still in use in the military image

  • no way didn't know that amazing I thought they stopped making them, i will look out for them just for retro purpose only image love the picture of your dog. 

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