IM on a shoestring.



  • Re Fleabay bikes - good plan if you are sure of your sizing....otherwise a potential wasteof money.

    Bike Radar also a good place to look for second hand, and most people there would be happy for you to go and check the bike out if you're local.

  • It's probably too big - it's big on me and I'm 6'1.5 so you'd really have to be that height.  I'd imagine you are looking at 55.5 or 56cm top tube.
  • To answer the question previously I have a Tacx Sirius, but a brief google would suggest most turbos can take both a 26" (MTB) and 700cc (road) wheel. I'm certain the more knowledgeable will pull me up if I'm wide of the mark
  • Cake wrote (see)
    SlowEngineer wrote (see)

    there's some filth up here!!

    You've not met Lee and scmuckee yet. image

    Oi, I ain't that sorta girl image

    And even if I was, I am dahn 'ere, not 'up here' image

  • SA - thanks for the heads up, I'll let you know... I am back this weekend but sadly tied up with sister's birthday festivities. Which might involve some beer training. image

    Lee - I can certainly sympathise with the buy now pay later attitude, that's part of the reason why I'm a broke student, and not just a student! I am going to plan my purchases carefully in order to make the most of this money though, make it work extra hard.

    popsider - Thanks for the offer anyway! I'll have a look what there is on the 'bay with that size, and take myself down to the bike shop to see what they say too. I'm expecting it to be mostly "give us all your money"... image

    Schmunkee - Are you a dirty southerner then? image

    Regarding turbo trainers again... I've read about getting turbo tyres for ones steed, but is something like that possible for MTBs? Or have I missed something? image

  • MTB turbo tyre

    Although I might be tempted just to stick a cheap slick on the back (I use a regular road tyre on the bike I have on the turbo).

  • Thanks FF image

    Wiggle have a sale on trainers.... Hmmm... imageimage

  • image Dude if you’re going to get trainers make sure you know what your gait is first. A lot of running shoe’s these days are specialized to how you run. Sorry if you know this already but if you buy some posh trainers that are set up for someone who run’s completely different they you might cause an injury. Worth taking a hit and getting them from a running shop first time and them getting all the rest off the internet.
  • Sorry, to clarify... "turbo trainers". image

    And to give a little bit of background I'm not coming into the idea of doing the IM totally green, having done Paris marathon in April and running Abingdon next month. I have a stationary bike, which I can spend a couple of hours at a time on, but I'm very aware that I need a bit more resistance than it offers and also that it isn't the right geometry for me.

    I've also let myself in for the OMM next month... so there might not be a me left to do the IM actually... image

  • SlowEngineer wrote (see)

     running Abingdon next month.

    Look for the yellow and black cross bones there will be a few of us there. image
  • I'll bring my binoculars... image
  • (to see you lot disappearing off into the distance ahead of me...)
  • image I think you overestimate some of the crew dude. I for one will be near the back skipping and looking at flowers on the way round. image
  • You'll not need binoculars to see this lot SE!!!  Oh, and despite what Schmunks says, she is that sort of girl image Good luck with Abingdon image
  • Cake wrote (see)
    The Silent Assassin wrote (see)
    SlowEngineer wrote (see)

    FerrousFerret - What turbo was that, do you know? And I'm based in Stoke (home) and Leeds (uni).

    Let me know when you are home, I work in Stoke, live in Macclesfield

    Mrs SA is doing the outlaw next year, so I dont think she will mind the company for any bikes rides etc.

    i might be able to help you out with kit etc as I'm doing nothing next year

    Speaking of which should be at new mills weekend after next if you guys want to play? Should be free in the afternoon.

    IS that the 26th - Macclesfield Half for Mrs SA that day, that said Viking and Colourin are also running and then coming round for food, you are welcome to join us

    Cake wrote (see)
    SlowEngineer wrote (see)

     running Abingdon next month.

    Look for the yellow and black cross bones there will be a few of us there. image

    Us as well, Mrs SA looking for a PB

  • image Dude we are all going to party next month. image
  • A PARTY??! That sounds more like what I've been training for!image
  • Its got flat handle bars!!!!!!!

    You wont be allowed to complete in an IM event with that

  • Ah. image

    Thought it was too good to be true. image image

  • SlowEngineer wrote (see)

    What do people think of this bike? It's got two wheels, and looks quite nice. image

    nothing special there move alongimage what height are you SE? 
  • Unless you know what you are buying I would ster clear of ebay.

    A cheap second hand bike THATS FITS YOU

    will be better than an expensive one that doesn't, you need first of all to find out what size frame fits you best

  • What SA said regarding fit, something like below will do fine for starters then when you get realy into it and have a bit more cash that becomes your hack bike

  • OK so taking everything in... second hand that fits better than new that doesnt... will this, then, in theory, be cheaper?

    I realise that flat bars aren't suitable for the event, but completely missed that when I looked at the bike, which is embarrassing. I think I'd prefer to go for a more upmarket bike that was second hand than a brand new bike of the same cost, but I'm concerned I'm gonna make one of my signature spectacular-cock-ups... image

  • If you want to go second hand, you might want to try finding a bike fitting service first.  This should give you an idea of what size frame/stem etc would suit (and shouldn't cost loads).   I did this, bought second hand and then got the shop that did the bike fit to give the bike a service and set it up to the dimensions from the fitting.
  • If you fancy an IM branded race then approach a charadeeee and commit to raising say 2K and they'll happily stump up the entry cost. Then you can use the £200 saved to buy some cheap flights to Europe and camp next to the race.

     Big event - all the bling for little cost, easier to get sponsorship for an official IM (even though it shouldn't make a difference). IM France will still have places.

  • Buying second hand you need to know what youre looking at.  Could be a false economy if you need to replace any or most of the following after 3 months training.

    Brake blocks
    Brake/gear cables
    Wheels (if the rims are worn)
    Check frame/forks for damage

  • Or you need to know someone who knows what they're looking at lol!

    Both my bikes have been second hand, and with a fair amount of help from my friends (thanks Bassy!) they've turned out bargainousnesstastic.

  • Ok so do most bike shops do such a thing, or is there anywhere more specific that I can go? Obviously a bike shop is there to sell bikes and I don't want to particularly to ask for a fitting if I can't afford their shiny new bikes... image

    Barlist - you've summed up the main concern I have with buying 2nd hand. That and I can miss blindingly obvious things such as handlebars. (!!!)

    I have a friend who does tri but he spends most of his time in Cardiff and I spend most of mine in Leeds, so will have to see when he's free...

    I think I'm gonna shoot for the Outlaw, it's close and I have a couple of months to start assessing where I'm at with fitness before taking the plunge. Signing up for the Uni gym today so I can take advantage of free pool sessions... image

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