IM on a shoestring.



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    lurking, its all very interesting and these pirates and tri guys are so helpful!!!  good luck se!!!
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • image Whats your swimming like and how goods your crawl? If you can try to get some coaching from the swimming club at your uni. I'm assuming there is one there always is. Even if your good there is always inprovements that can be made.
  • x post Wabo

    No need to lurk you can play as well if you want.image

  • Cake - I haven't swum much since I ended my last gym membership, so maybe a year ago. I should hope to get up to a reasonable level of technique quickly though, as I used to be a lifeguard! image That said, I never did much open water, except the odd training day - I'm guessing it's a lot different when you're freezing your bollocks off!
  • Yes a lot different and your in a different position in the water with a wetsuit on try to get as much OW training as you can. Try Leeds, Wakefield or sheffield tri clubs for openwater sessions. Live 30 miles south off you mate in sheffield I'll shout up when get info for next year.
  • Wabo wrote (see)
    lurking, its all very interesting and these pirates and tri guys are so helpful!!!  good luck se!!!
    Wabo's doing an IM too, aren't you Wabo? image  image
  • I agree with Wabo. People are nice here. image

  • SlowEngineer wrote (see)

    Ok so do most bike shops do such a thing, or is there anywhere more specific that I can go? Obviously a bike shop is there to sell bikes and I don't want to particularly to ask for a fitting if I can't afford their shiny new bikes... image

    Any decent bike shop should ensure that the bike they sell you will fit.  Some however, will offer a fitting service for a charge and will then give you a picture of the 'ideal' bike fit.  I was fitted using a measuring system created by their website gives a list of franchisees in the UK.  I had the standard fit service (which was either 35 or 50 quid).  A brief google indicates there are other shops which offer similar (paid for) services. 
  • Ahaaaa. I'll do that I think image
  • I don't mind paying for a fitting as long as I get something useful from it. I just didn't want to go asking a shop to size me up, then either be in a position where they want me to buy a bike or I feel obliged to!
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    I knew lee the pea would pick that up!!!

    mmm not till 2012 at least!!

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Oh go on Wabo! image

    I'm putting my name down on the thread of accountability... no going back now... image
  • I've been perusing the PSOF site, and there's a link on there for a beginner doing an IM with a limited budget, but the link is broken? Anybody know where I can read that?? image
  • Can anybody offer their opinions on why this is good/bad/ugly? Fanks!
  • image Best to track down some of the kit hoes. Just typing stuff so this is at the top of the threads and will get there attention. How you doing matey?
  • Thank you Cakey!

    I'm doing alright actually, have been swimming most mornings, only up to 1km or so. Then training with the uni cross country boys has got me back into some sort of shape! Yourself??

  • image Beem mostly t*ssing it off for a bit. After a buzy year will be training again soon though was actually in leeds friday working with ladybird project thingy up there. Will probably be there again towords the end of Nov if you fancy a saturday afternoon train sesh will make sure bring the bike or trainers.
  • That is if I have a bike! Sounds like a good plan though! I daresay t*ssing it off you'll still embarrass me! Far too many beers and a long summer with not a lot achieved has taken its toll. Working on that though, and when the Outlaw opens for entries I can have something to be accountable for...! image
  • imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage It's a slipperly slope dude.
  • Is that a good thing or a bad thing? image
  • image Depends on what bad things meldy does to you. image
  • I'll have to learn to run quickly then!!
  • image Yes she can't run for sh*t very good company through and one off the good guys.
  • Good to hear. I hope there's more good guys than bad guys round here, cause I'd hazard a guess you're all faster!!

    1km in the pool this morning and feeling good for it. Lets see if I can do every morning this week...
  • image Nice one make sure you consentraite in tecnek and not just distance you can worry about distance in the swim nearer outlaw. Mendy's not here yet would have expected a slap by now. she must be sleeping?
  • Hmmm... I've just borrowed the Total Immersion DVD and I have to say I can't see the appeal. Having been coached before for swimming, my technique is rusty but it's nothing like that on show in the TI videos. Have you used it, and is it helpful?? A quick google suggests there are some detractors, but that lots of triathletes use it... image
  • Got the book and stuff last year when was struggling with crawl it’s helped a lot but still not the best swimmer out there, it’s brilliant image

    From talking to people I think a lot of the people knocking the TI training guides are swimmers who have always trained a curtain way and haven’t given it a chance. Worth thinking thought that what works for one person won’t always work for someone else.
  • True. I'm going to stick with what I know for the time being, got plenty of time. If I hit a plateau where I just can't improve my endurance (which appears to be the primary goal of TI rather than speed) then I might try switching it up. Just wish I hadn't ordered the book already! image

    That said, I'm still looking for a bike, so should probably get me priorities sorted!

  • image To be honest I right grad you have ordered it. It will explain a lot bettr than the vidoe. Tell you what read it and I will buy you a packet of chocolate hobnobs! image
  • I've also ordered Joe Friel's book and an Anita Bean book on Sports Nutrition... any other recommended reads??
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