IM on a shoestring.



  • She was, but she isnt now !!!!

    SE, how tall are you?        I have a bike sat doing not a lot at all and it is too big for me
  • ...and do I get more biscuits if I read them?!
  • I'm c. 5' 10" Meldy... this isn't a plot to do horrible things is it?! Cake says I should run away... image
  • Bit taller then me then, I am 5'8 and it is a tad on the big side for me

    You shouldnt listen to Cake, he is a big girls blouse
  • That sounds like it could be the kind of steed I'm after then! How much would you be wanting for such a bike, and what would I need to do to it to make it Iron-worthy? (I don't know a lot but people seem nice here and my mummy always said I was too trusting... image )
  • I'll mail you  image

    Or mail me as you are not 'enabled' !!
  • I don't have it enabled I don't think... coulnae work that one out. I'll mail you my email address though? image
  • SE - I have a copy of the Swim For Tri that you could 'borrow'. It might be interesting for you to compare against TI.

    PM me if interested
  • M...eldy wrote (see)
    You shouldnt listen to Cake, he is a big girls blouse
    image I've been rumbled! image
  • Guess who swam with the Brownlee brothers today??!
  • Did you keep up????
  • Yeah!!.....

    ...for about 5m. image

     They were in the same pool as me, but there was a gulf in class!

  • 5 mile, not bad!!!
  • SlowEngineer wrote (see)
    Guess who swam with the Brownlee brothers today??!
    image Local lads and all that.
  • Aye. They were doing a Leeds Gryphons session at my pool. I nearly tried out recently as the trial was a swim/run time trial. My running is fine, but my wimmin ain't up to scratch yet!
  • she looks pretty enough to meimage
  • SE - The item was posted on Tues, first class.  Hope it arrives soon
  • I got it today actually! My housemate just gave it to me. I'm going to be a typical student and reuse your packaging when I can work out how to make my computer work... image
  • Off to the LBS (get me - I can use acronyms!) today to get sized up properly. image
  • Oooh .. let me know how you get on  image
  • Well that was odd. I went in with a plan. Get in, get size confirmed, have a nosey round, get out. Instead I appeared to have haemorraged money and now have a bike worth twice my car. image
  • Ha Ha, dangerous places!!!
    I did something similar, popped into UK Tri on the way home from holiday in Devon just to look at wet suits.
    First Tri shop I'd ever been in, I left feeling a bit sick!!!
    Love it now though image
  • So what did you get and most importantly what colour is it? image
  • It's a prettyful Specialized Allez 24 in like a silvery grey colour. It's my baby. image

    I met my first pirate in person yesterday, too! What a weekend!

  • I have questions!! Just got a turbo - is using my bike on it going to destroy the tire? Or rather... should I get a special tire for it?

    And come race day, will there be lots of people dressed like this? image

  • turbo won't destroy a tyre per se but it will shorten it's life more likely than not as they can get very very hot. turbo tyres run on a special compound that isn't affected by the heat so much

    best if you have a separate wheel and cassette to use on the turbo - it's much easier to swap a wheel than a tyre. but many just run it with their standard tyres
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