My training partner and I were out for a long run the other day, along Brampton Valley Way, when three "ladies" with two dogs were running in the opposite direction. Such was the control on the two dogs that both were allowed to run at us. When my mate commented the response was that we should have slowed down.

If any of those "ladies" is reading then please bear in mind the following:

1) We weren't running fast, after 2hours 15 minutes we don't do fast.

2) I am a dog owner myself and often run with my dog, when I do I make sure he isn't a nuisance to anyone.

3) It is up to the dog owner to take responsibility for the dog.

4) This lack of responsibilty is how stupid injuries occur.


  • Your response should be "The law does not require me to slow down however it does require you to keep your dogs under control, which they clearly aren't"
  • You're absolutely right - this has been gone through many, many, times before....
  • I agree, I'm a dog owner and would be thoroughly mortified if I let my dog run at anyone. Especially runners who could trip, or anyone who might be scared, or small who might get knocked over etc. etc. There are so many reasons NOT to let your dog behave like that. And doing so gives all dog owners a bad name.

     If it happens again, I suggest trying to get a hold of the dog (assuming they were friendly enough), petting it and taking note of the info' on it's collar tag so you can then threaten to inform the authorities that they're not keeping the dog under appropriate control. Of course, if it's a hulking great dane slavering on you, that may not be the happy choice of action. image

  • My dog has NEVER eaten a whole child. image
  • Wilkie +1

  • Goodness me.
  • Doesn't sound like a big deal - nless you've missed something out like the dogs jumping on you ?    

    I had to wait for a gap in the traffic to cross a road this morning - bloody car drivers !  See what I mean - sometimes other people going about their day will cause us a minor inconvenience - hardly worth getting upset over.    

  •  The woman was wrong, but was there any harm done ? I quite often have dogs coming to say hello as I run. Makes the runs a bit more fun ?
  • Talking dogs? Whatever next!!!
  • cougie wrote (see)
     The woman was wrong, but was there any harm done ? I quite often have dogs coming to say hello as I run. Makes the runs a bit more fun ?

    Dogs coming up to me "to say hello" frightens the shit out of me. Why do owners think that everyone loves dogs? "He doesn't bite!" - means he hasn't bitten anyone yet. "He's only playing" means he is out of control.

    Keep your dog under control please.

  • cougie wrote (see)
     The woman was wrong, but was there any harm done ? I quite often have dogs coming to say hello as I run. Makes the runs a bit more fun ?

    I agree Cougs.  The woman shouldn't make a comment like that, but dogs are animals and therefore not fully predictable at times.  I'm not able to have a dog but would really like one, so I have to make do with making a fuss of dogs in the street or out on runs.

    Last Sunday while I was out running, I grabbed a dog which had run into traffic.  It wasn't strictly the fault of the girl who was walking it.  I'd passed her quite a bit earlier and wondered what animal she was calling out to.  It turned out that she was looking after someone else's dog and it was probably trying to get home as it had wandered away from her and got a bit lost.

  • It does depend how the dog approaches you.   If it's just running in your direction but not really aiming at you or if it just sniffs you as you pass it then it's hardly a big deal.   If it charges 100m straight at you then it's a bit different.   

  • GDB, do you assume that every running who is running towards you is going to suddenly whip out a knife and stab you?  No.  Therefore, why assume that every dog which runs towards you is going to have your leg for lunch? 

    If every dog is a biter which just hasn't achieved his true potential yet then every random runner is just murderer in the making.

    Be afraid, be very afraid. image

  • some walkers do train their dogs the right way and some do not and some try to block your way as you run or chase you
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