Sketchers Shape ups Walking and Exercise shoes

Sketchers claims that "Shape ups" shoes can help you burn more calories, tone your muscles,

improve your posture and improve the stress in your joints!!!


  • Do you have a list of stockists?
  • they are simply cheap versions of the rebook easytone, The basic way in which these types of shoes work is that they are constructed for creating instability or making it harder than usual to maintain balance. It’s pretty well-known that maintaining balance requires muscle tension and thus creates more developed muscles.
    So the idea behind the these types of shoes checks out; it appears logically sound and feasible. However, it’s not a quick fix. These shoes won’t help you suddenly shed loads of weight and develop a perfect posterior. Walking is walking, even with the shoes calories won’t burn much faster than walking alone. So, these kinds of shoes are at best a step up from regular walking, but not a huge step.
    You are also advised not to undertake sports in most shoes of this type.

    I've got a pair of this type of shoe and can say that the most noticeable change is my wallet is lighter.
  • The shoes are interesting and at first they 'appear' to work for you, this is due to them making you work muscles which you do not usually work, once you have got used to them the feeling of them having any effect seem to deminish. Over time I believe your body adapts and learns how to balance and react to changes when wearing them. I also can't say that I have noticed any real change to my body tone over the last 5 months of using them.

    There are many people who suggest they work magic, and when pushed you soon find out that the majority of these people actually do no excercise and are looking for a quick miracle cure. The effects they see I believe are largely due to doing more excersize as much as the shoes.

    One of my neighbours comments interested me enough that I went a got a pair of these shoes as she seemed convinced they were magic. The reality is that she walked to the shops instead of driving and because her leg and thigh tone improved this was evidence enough that the shoes worked for her. The fact she was walking 60% more was of little importance. She still swears they work as well.. lol

    Im not convinced Karen and my bum still has a lot to be desired image

  • I had a pair of fit flops over the summer and with being an already active person I didn't notice a difference. However it may be different for someone less active people.

    I actually took them back after 8 weeks but only because the instep side of the heel had squished up which was probably due to my supinaion but after only having had them a short while (they were recommended by my orthotist)  good old John Lewis refunded me!

  • I didnt know Dry Cleaners sold shoes ..........      image
  • Holy fuck for £159 quid i want them to run a sub 2.30 marathon while i sit in the pub
  • Reebok have been told by the Advertising Standards Agency to pull their ads about their easytone shoes firming up the buttocks etc by just walking around in them as they have not been able to provide any proof of this. so on that basis, the same would go for Sketchers....

    it's all hype so save your money and just run - you'll get more benefit from that
  • Theyre a load of snake oil.

    I have something thats proven to help you burn more calories. I'll sell you two bricks for the bargain price of £129.99.  Put them in your pockets and you'll burn more energy every time you walk. 

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