I'm hoping you can help me by giving me some motivation to dust off my battered old trainers and get back out to pounding the streets after a very non-committed running summer!

Does anyone else find it hard getting back into the full swing of running after a couple of months off? I think back to feb when I was lighter, and feeling great when preparing for the reading half.......and that's where I would like to get back to but I'm struggling to get back into a routine. Seems silly as I know I love it once I'm training hard

Anyone out there who could give me a bit of advice as to how I get out of this rut I seem to be stuck in? I think I need a big kick up the bottom to get me out there!

Much appreciated



  • I've just started again after 4 years off running, and one of the hardest things is avoiding comparisons so, especially if you've lost some fitness, maybe find yourself a new route or even a new surface, and make sure you make it fun and enjoyable until you get back into the routine - you'll have plenty of time for being structured and goal-focused later.
  • What is a 'rut' is that a technical term for trying to find a way to justify not doing something which requires effort?

    What has changed in your lifestyle that makes it hard to get back into a routine. You need to be brutally honest with yourself and make the time you require.
    I do the majority of my running in the early hours of the morning as once I'm out of bed and have forced myself out the door not running seems pointless.

    I don't mean to be rude but Im not certain that you want it bad enough, you appear to look back at February with fondness of times past, rather than with determination of achieving a goal.
    You even post that you lack commitment. The comment that you 'would like to get back to the way you were in February' rather than stating 'you are going to get back' suggests that you are idealistic rather than determined as you have not asked for advice on how to achieve the goal.. it seems full of good intentions.

    I think you need take strength from your past achievements but appreciate that you are no longer in the same condition, you can not achieve the same levels of performance. Simply take your time to enjoy running and build up rather than trying to start where you left off which will demotivate you, and probably lead to stopping again.
    I fail to believe that someone who has undertaken the challenge of a half marathon can not find the time or determination to train.
  • I know exactly what you mean. The most DIFFICULT part is getting out there for the first time.

    For me I sometimes trick myself into it.

    Baby steps is the key. I just say to myself okay, just put on your running gear. You don't have to go. Just put it on. Then I tell myself to just do a warm up and see how I feel. I can always back out. Then I tell myself to just get out and do 10 minutes.....better than nothing at all, right?

    Before I know it I'm jogging outside and am into it. By the time I've come home I feel sooooo much better and am ALWAYS glad I went. This reminds me how good it feels and it's easier to go out again next time.   Might seem strange but it works for me.

    First step is to force myself to change into my gear. The rest then follows. It does require some will power to force yourself to do that even when you don't want to sometimes though.

     Remember how good you'll feel afterwards.

    Hope it helps


  • Thank you for taking the time to give me the advice all..appreciated. a bit of guidance from more experienced runners is just what I needed.

    I've just entered a 10k race which is local to me in 4 weeks, so that'll get me back into the swing of things. And Glen, yes, you're absolutley right with remembering how you feel afterwards......that is definitely the key to getting back out there come rain or shine image

     It's just  a case of getitng over the mental barrier I guess......


  • The only thing that works for me is signing up for a race that I'll need to work towards.  There just seems to be something different about letting myself down when something is actually riding on it.
  • JFDI. Stop analysing and just get out there.
  • You definetley need a new goal!  after the 10k in four weeks find another half marathon to aim for.  You have done it once so can do it again.  I always like to have something to aim for, first it was just weight loss and fitness then a 10K and my next goal is a half marathon in four weeks.   The sooner you get out running again the sooner you will get motivated.  Good luck.

  • just tell yourself you can do it I did and am still running 7 years later
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