Ironman Wales 2011

There are very strong rumours that next year could see the 1st running of an Official Mdot event in South Wales. FB are you sure you have retired   image

I'm in the route test this weekend at Tenby, Friday is announcement day, fingers crossed.



  • Well I will lay money on that bringing the old bugger out of retirement   image

    Sounds good!
  • Will it be flat (ish)? I don't like hills!!!
  • NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I am not doing IM next year.......................Is it the old LLanerris half courseimage
  • No its going to be Tenby based image
  • this is badimage did the first IMUK, the first Outlaw gonna miss the first IMWalesimage tripetalkers are up to 5 pages on this so it must be trueimage
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    Looking forward to it! image
    Endurance Coach @
    Elite Ironman, Ultra Trail Runner
  • ......hmmm... i read this on tritalk first. image
  • Yeah but I've been quiet just in case image 
  • I heard it first elsewhere, (before it appeared on the other place) who was quite clued up on the ins & outs. Seems like its a goer. Just the bike for you on Saturday Pebble? Or you going in the wet stuff?
  • Date???? That's the most crucial bit of news, and it's missing.
  • I'm looking forward to seeing how this pans out.....

    ***Waiting......... Still waiting........***
  • Ooh, would be great to see Pebble again, might get a bit of exercise in there too.

    I am English though, is that an issue?<img />

    <img />

    And my winkey smileys have bust!

  • Ultra Ironwolf wrote (see)
    Date???? That's the most crucial bit of news, and it's missing.
    Its rumoured to be 11 September 2011 - supposed to be official announcement this friday?
  • isnt that the same rumoured date as Challenge Henley?

    Not sure if that is a smart move
  • Yep Slugs I'm goiing down on Friday and Saturday for a bit of wet and dry  image

  • Hey Brilliant!!
  • Henley is expected to be the 18th.
  • Oh.....................Is it possible for me to do an Ironman......... .then the lakelands again and then do this oneimage...........september would make it a great shoice and the wether this weekend has been lovelyimage

    But I have no moneyimage

    I take it it would be a sea swim in the waves.................image

  • mein gott - IM Cymru - the signs will confuse the Yanks.... image

    nope - irrespective of the venue and whilst it is very tempting I am staying retired but will volunteer instead if it's a goer
  • Max - if this happens you will be there! image   just tell Mrs Max that this is the last one ever ever..........for a long time........ definitely this season
  • FFS - why make it Challenge and this 1 week apart? Don't they know its always blowing a totally hoolie in early September?
  • I guess it's down to diary clashes 10'?

    August already has IMUK and Outlaw, June/July has all the main European events (bar maybe Challenge Barca but the UK can't offer warm October weather), May will be too cold for IM distance - so that really only leaves September I guess, wind or not
  • This weekend there were 4 X 70.3 events on the same day!

    Can't see why they can't clash with June / July as Frankie, CH, Austria all sell out.

  • agree about making it June/July but for their 1st year most who would want to sign up have probably already made their 2011 commitments already and signed for one of the Euro ones already if the usual mad rush is anything to go by. so that means a scarcity of entrants from the UK bar those who are happy to do both a June/July one AND a Sep one - and there's never a whole load of those due to costs and time.

    so if they get it going in September 2011, and the event goes well and gets people interested for 2012, maybe they can revert to an earlier date

    but long distance racing is getting ever more popular so it's inevitable now that there will be clashes with short summers
  • 2011 will be great - 2 m. Outlaw, a Challenge plus the other smaller events!


  • Challenge confirmed as 18th Sept.
  • If Ragensberg is on the 7Th August, then is this too close??????
  • 5 weeks between will be fine..............smiley lady did then a week apart and even barlos has done them this year 2 weeks apart and got PB'simage
  • Smiley Lady isn't normal.... And Barlos is deffo not normal !
  • uuummmmmmm, any idea what a potential bike course would be like down Tenby way SN?
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