Are there any 'less sweet' tasting sports drinks?

I am slowly increasing my milage as a recover from a recent injury and I'm starting to look at energy drinks. I have tried a few in the passed but they have all been so sweet tasting. Are there any less sweet ones out there?



  • Try Lucozade sports lite it is pretty fair.
  • Fair... but useless as it doesn't contain enough calories.  Try the SIS drinks, PSP22 or Go.  They're not very sweet.
  • The general concensus regarding Lucozade image

    And why would you want a 'lite' drink - chemicals instead of fructose/glucose yum not.

    Just use water - add a little fruit juice of your choice and a little salt. Make it tatse the way you want. All drinks are too sweet imho - they just pander to the masses, no wonder the nation is getting fatter.

    Save your pennies and make your own - orange juice seems to be a fav. I like plj.

  • How about eating sweets and drinking water to wash down the taste? Or finding a bottle with a straw attachment so you can down it without having it swishing round your mouth too much.
  • Gatorade and powerade are not as sweet as lucozade. Personally I think that you are better off training  your body to cope without them.
  • seconds for Gatorade.
  • alcohol free beer.

    No i am not joking.

    Has carbs, and fluid. 

    I have used it when out on looooong training runs before recent injury. Go into a pub, packet of crisps, and a becks blue or whatever....lovely.

  • I was reading up on different sugars and the way your body process them.  Apparently, fructose is harder for your body to use as a fuel than glucose.  It is used by your body to replenish liver glycogen but not muscle glycogen which means fruit juice is not as good an energy drink as I thought.
  • I make my own - half apple (or other juice) half water and 4/10 tsp salt.  500ml water/500ml juice.

    Or Taut drinks are not sweet and contain all natural ingredients.  I can't get these where I live any more.

    Tried Gatorade the other week as I got it in a goody bag from a race and it was surprisingly OK.  Don't think it has any nasties in it and isn't sickly sweet.

  • Just out of interest, how far are you actually running at the moment?
  • I really don't mind Lucazade.  I use the powered stuff though which isn't as sweet as the bottled product.
  • Thanks for the advice. I think I might have a go at making my own. Little ninja,.I'm not running very far at all at the moment. just looking adhead as if I can get over this injusy properly (itbs) I will be training for a marathon.
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