See? I knew this would happen...

The first time I've gone out on a training run without my iPod and I come back injured.

2km in and some tit in a G-reg 306 chucked an egg at me. It caught my right on the arse and means that I've got to wash my shorts. The feeky chucker didn't even stop for a chat. Pussy. And I've got a bruise on my backside from it.

@Nick L - if you're out this week watch out on Evesham Road - the gypos have moved on to the Racecourse car park for the fair, so there'll be pikeys everywhere for a week or two.

No iPod was harmed in the making of this post.


  • What a dick.  Someone threw a carrot out of a car window the other week, it hit one of the women from the club right in the chest and winded her.  There are some complete knobheads around.
  • That's horrible! My sister and niece got egged while running a few months back, they don't live in a particularly nice area so I thought it was just a local thing.

    I haven't lived in the UK for a few years now but I'm moving back in the spring, I don't want to have eggs and carrots thrown at me image
  • To be fair, whilst not a pleasant thing, it is not the norm.

    The worst I've ever had is a few twonks who think it is great fun to beep their horn and shout rude things out of the window, but even so that has probably only happened on average once a year.

    Thankfully though there is a solution to even this rare event - running off-road!
  • Ok, horn beeping and shouting I can live with and I'm always planning more off-road running anyway image
  • I've never had anything thrown at me, just the usual 'run forest run' and some stuff I can't make out shouted usually by knuckle dragging, fat, tracksuit wearing cavemen sitting in white vans.
  • we don't have many pavements here in Dubai but all roads even residential ones have a hard shoulder, was running last week on the shoulder with the club when one of the friendly locals decided to try and run us down with his 4 x 4. Fortunately we all jumped over the kerb and onto the area of soft sand next to the road, he meanwhile drove off laughing.

  • im, did you go straight out and do 25km without building up your distance? The usual recommendation is to walk around the house without your i-pod until you feel comfortable and only then start doing short runs. Build up to longer runs once you know nothing untoward is going to happen. IMO, egging is bound to happen if you jump straight in, i-pod free, at the longer distances! image

    Seriously though, there are some twunts around and it's a nasty thing to happen. Hope the bruise isn't too tender.

  • Lol Slugsta image

  • Seems like if you keep running around we can gather enough for dinner....
  • jeez interm - i was out on my pink fixie this morning, and came up the evesham road from cleeve. I have had an egg chucked at me before, and it stings.

    Technically it is assault - as a friend of mine had a pot plant (yes...pot plant) thrown at her while cycling. It knocked her off.

    Noted on the presence of the undesireables

  • personally i think you should report have the car, the reg pre-fix (and i assume the colour) there cant be that many of them around. Had it hit you in the face, it could have been a bit more serious
  • I've never had anything thrown at me although a bird did poo on me once.

    I never called her again.
  • Madlot wrote (see)
    I've never had anything thrown at me although a bird did poo on me once. I never called her again.
    some people pay.........
  • lol madlot  image
  • Lol madlot!!!
  • My wife threw a lettuce at me once....that was just the tip of the iceberg.......image

  • @Slugsta - no. I built up to it by listening to my iPod at work, and while walking around my living room until the sensor was detected. Al that was done over a period of several years. I guess iPod decided to pay me back by getting me egged.

    @Nick L - have you ever been hit by a squash ball during a game? It felt like that, and the welt I've got (pictures, anyone?) looks like that's what caused it. It didn't particularly hurt, but I was 2KM in and making good pace, so I was loaded and already filled with adrenaline. When I touched it I thought I was bleeding quite heavily - no light for me to check what it was as it was dark.

    I reported it when I got back, and patrols were advised to keep an eye out. This has been reported a few times in Cheltenham over the last couple of months. The report also refers to a "dark-colour car". The one that got me as either deep blue, black or green.

    I'm not holding out any hope of the police finding the car, to be honest, but I'll be out on the same route at the same time tonight to see if there's a follow-up. The problem is that there's no streetlighting on this 1M stretch of road, so it's pretty dark. I'll have a handful of gravel this time and plenty of time to mooch around Cleeve to look for it, though.

    @Madlot - wah-wah-wah-waaaaaah.
  • What sort of weirdo keeps an egg handy whilst driving image.

    A BT engineer shouted at me the other sunday afternoon to hurry home & get the dinner on. I must admit though, I wasn't offended, it just made me laugh image

  • Interm - i have more sense than to play squash!
  • MrGFB has had rocks thrown at him when out running - the only consolation was that the chavs were very bad shots!  He passed a group of youths and then next thing he heard was the BOING as the rocks they threw bounced off a lamp post.  He did a pb that run!
  • bburn plodder wrote (see)

    What sort of weirdo keeps an egg handy whilst driving image.

    Good point BB. image   I've had attempted egging twice but they missed, probably because I was going faster than they realised. image

    Inter and Dubai Dave imageimage  Did you report the attempted murder Dave?

  • Interm, my son and his gf run in Cheltenham, I've warned them about this, thanks for highlighting it.
  • If the stereotype of the anti-iPodders is correct, namely that iPod wearers wander about all over the road, then wearing an iPod would be a good strategy as it makes you a harder target to hit.  Far easier, surely, to hit someone who moves in a predictable straight line? image
  • The One and Only XFR Bear - 90,892 posts! Jeez.
  • Whilst running I got shot by a shite bag with an paint ball gun last year, that hurt like buggery at the time, reported it to the old bill what did they do....sent me a letter saying how sorry they were.....
  • I wouldn't call being shot with a paintball a "mild frustration", I'd call that physical assault.
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