Doyen of the Downs 30



  • has it been cancelled???

  • It's on the website.  i'm amazed they didn't think to email us all. - of the Downs


  • Really disappointed to see this is cancelled. Anyone have any ideas for other events on the same date?

    Highly recommend LDWA events- Founders was brilliant.

  • Furious about the way the organisers have handled this. It was cancelled on about 4 November (first time I noticed it on the website) and despite emailing them to complain I've heard nothing about refunds. What's the point of giving them all those contact details if they can't be bothered to use them. Not convinced by the official excuse (blaming reluctant landowners) either
  • After the sudden and unexpected cancellation of the Doyen of the Downs race we needed to find an alternative, as I'd committed to raise £5000 for a very good cause. So I decided to create a marathon route from Clapham Common to Box Hill. It is mostly off-road through parks and footpaths, culminating with a stiff climb up to the 623ft summit of Box Hill and a final steep descent to the finish. There is good public transport at both ends.

    This is a completely informal, unmarshalled, disorganised event. But if you too have been wondering what to do instead of the Doyen of the Downs, in return for a donation to the charity (follow the website link - no matter how small your donation) I will send you a link to a detailed route map. I think it will be a lot of fun.
  • Great idea Arthur! Good luck with it.

    I am afraid I have commited to a family party this weekend now, but I wish you well and hope you get lots of interest and raise your money for charity. Perhaps you could do it next year too? So few events on this time of year.

    Anyone heard anything about a refund yet from the organisers of Doyens?? Where do we stand on this?

  • Good work Arthur. I was left in a similar situation so am doing something similar (sadly on road and probably on my own) the following weekend from London to Horsham. Hope yours goes well.
  • Thanks for the support! If it goes well might make this an annual fixture. Fed up with paying loads to a company that then pockets the lot and scarpers.
  • No refunds??
  • Arthur I might be interested as I'm London based and am training for the country to capital in January so need a few marathon distances in my legs.  I cant seem to find a way to contact you on this - can you email me at  Also my work computer wont let me open the link so can you email me the map also?

    Thank you,

  • Oh dear this is not good.

    No sign of a refund yet..

  • I've emailed extreme running to ask about refunds but had no reply. I replied to the confirmation email from runners world online event entries to see if they had any info. They told me that the refund should come from the event organizers. There is an address on the confirmation email but no name:

    The Race Director
    38 Havelock Road
    East Sussex
    BN1 6GF 

    No phone number. Any ideas anyone? image

  • hmmm i wonder how long we leave it before we take legal action??  Actually, i have no idea what that even means!  Who would we even go to with this??
  • Just sent them this:

    Dear Sirs

    To the best of my knowledge, this event was cancelled almost a month ago. Neither I, nor my fellow entrants, have received any refund of their entry fee, nor any indication of how or when this will be arranged. Many of us have emailed you about this and received no reply.

    This is not acceptable and reflects very badly on Extreme Running.

    You should be aware that entrants are voicing their concerns about this on webforums – see here for example

    I urge you to address this situation immediately to avoid further negative publicity or other action by entrants.

    Yours faithfully

    There are some details of the company here but if you want to know any more its £18!

    I have an email from someone called Alli dated 2009 which says  -  If you have any questions, please call Denis on 0776 549 2341

  • Excellent letter Ben. image

    I've just phoned the number Dips has given us - the phone went straight to answerphone but I've left a message and hopefully someone will get back to me!

    Although I'm not sure I should hold my breath!? image

    I'm also about to email runners world to point out that they are still allowing online entries for other events scheduled by Extreme Running and maybe they should think about looking into this incase lots more people lose money. image

  • I emailed them 2 weeks ago, and guess what?  No reply.

    Have now entered Gatliff Marathon (50K) for £6.00, will be doing the Tanners 30 in January and the Trot in Feb.  Was looking at doing the L2B, but having looked at this thread, no way!  £84 and the risk of it not going ahead - not worth it.

    Beginning to wonder if Extreme Running has gone bust?

  • I have also tried contacting them a number of times and had no response. All those that paid by Credit Card should contact their card provider, who will refund you. Those like me who paid by cheque are going to have more of a problem getting our money back . . .
  • Urgh, just contact my credit card company - it seems without any actual direct communication from the organisation it may be a little difficult.  However they asked that i print off the webpage that states its been cancelled and refunds will be given and the bank can try and chase it up with the company or wait for them to go into liquidation.

    I somehow thought it would be easier!

    Have any of their other events gone ahead?  I see the london to brighton next year has not been cancelled???  did it go ahead this year ok?  What about the Brighton Trail marathon? 

  • As far as I know all there other events have gone ahead.
  • Has anyone heard anything from the organisers yet?  It turns out the accomodation we booked was non-refundable so not only did I lose the race money but the money for 2 at a nice hotel.  Gutted.  It was going to be a crucial bit of my Ultra training too image
  • That sucks. HSBC refunded me the entry fee without too much persuasion and I think are now on Extreme Running's case. Might be worth another word with your credit card company.
  • Probably had the same problem that many people have in getting my race entry refunded! Infuriatingly extremerunning do not reply to my emails (and I've sent plenty) and they do not boast a contact telephone number! Absolutely scandalous! I shall never again enter into an event of theirs and furthermore I shall endeavour to make everybody I know aware of their incompetence! Anybody got any tips on getting your money back??


  • Anyone had any luck with a refund?

  • No refund as yet. I contacted Brighton trading standards and below is their advice:

    The basic advice is that the trader is in breach of contract – you have paid a fee for a cancelled event – so you should expect a refund within a ‘reasonable’ time.  I suggest as you have not had a reply so far, you write by recorded delivery saying that if you do not receive a refund within, say 10 working days (quote a date), you will have to take action via the County Court (Small Claims).  Whether or when you do take that step is of course up to you.  You mention others who have also not yet had refunds - perhaps those you know could write as well.
    The trader’s registered address quoted on Companies House’s records is:
    Extreme Running Ltd
    38 Havelock Road
    BN1 6GF
    You could address your letter to ‘The Company Secretary’.

  • Thanks Glen!

    I will do this. I think people who paid by credit card may have been able to get refunds so some credit card companies will probably be on the case as well.

    I paid by debit card so this is a good chance for me to do something positive now.

    Here's in hope!! image

  • Yea thanks Glen.

    Last thing I wanted was to take legal action but gettin to the point where I have no choice.

    What utter tossers.

  • Interesting how things come full circle Dill, I've just read your first post on the thread and subsequent posts which eventually led to where things are now. I can only hope in future whenever an Extreme Running event comes up there's enough people out there now who know what they're really like and spread the word.

  • I know I know I was wrong I'm a fool..

    Seriously though I was only going on previous personal experience which was all good.

    Now I just want my money back. 

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