Commonwealth Games

Personally think that Delhi should be the last one.


  • I can see why you'd say that.  Very expensive affair too
  • That's what I think about the olympics, BRT!  image

    (and the last one should have been the last one).

  • You could say the same about the european championships as well...................I think they should stay as its the only games where we can enter as our own respective nations...............and we have a chance of a medal......image
  • I like the Commonwealth Games and the Olympic Games, because they 2 of the very few sporting events left in the world where the people who are at the top of their game can compete and not get paid for it.
  • Who said they are not getting paid??????????????

  • Agreed - a load of post-Imperial hangover bollocks.
  • Although I accept that statement may be a tad judgemental
  • isn't that saying why do we bother with any amateur competition?
  • The Commonwealth has no real important relevance,so why would an athletic competition based upon such archaic ideologies?
  • With the amount of drop-outs, it shows the importance of the event to the top level athletes.
  • They should never have changed the name from The British Empire Games - never been the same since.
  • Yeah - why bother, when British athletes are going to be beaten by the Canadians, Africans, etc.? Let's just have our own Games where we can win all the medals.
  • The only people seriously interested in the commonwealth games are the families & Friend's of the competitors.
  • What's the point of any sporting tournament?  The football premiership is irrelevant as is the rugby union premiership.  F1 has no bearing on peoples lives either for that matter.  As for the snooker, darts, cricket, horse racing, Moto GP, Super League, GNR, Oxford and Cambridge boat race, triathlon series and Tour de France, I say scrap them all.

    The point is that sport brings people together and hopefully inspires others or at least lifts their spirits. Otherwise we would get born, work, shag, reproduce and die.

    I like the Olympics and Commonwealth games for the reasons stated above.  Far less cynical than the bloated professional sports we're severed daily and told to enjoy.

  • Commonwealth Games rock!

    Went to manchester in 02 as Mrs P was working up there - fantastic - loved the experience so much we went to Athens in 04, which waseven better

    they really do bring people together - just a shame about the turnout at Delhi - and an even bigger shame about the organisation

  • The amount of public money being spent & people the BBC have covering this is truly staggering.

     I would love to hear the reasoning  & justification for this complete waste of our money by the director general,anyone would think they are covering the Olympics.

    Come to think of it,the World Championships don't get this amount time,money & effort lavished upon them,

    Hopefully Delhi may be a bit of a watershed & their shambolic organisation & low interest from the residents of Delhi will be final nail in the coffin.

  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭
    would love to see Paula Radcliffe win the 2012 London olympics marathon
  • Please don't knock the commonwealth games - I am so excited about them coming to Glasgow and already there are bits of the city that are looking much brighter - giant murals covering bridge underpinnings - ever so cool.
  • Empty sports halls tell their own story...
  • I think they could maybe be done a bit lower budget - not sure why every tournament requires so many brand new sporting facilities.    Maybe some of the events could even be in different cities or different countries.  

    Take the Glasgow one coming up  - do they have a velodrome in Glasgow now - I'm assuming they are building one - yet the Meadowbank velodrome in Edinburgh was shutting down the other year (it may have shut now for all I know).     Same with London Olympics - would it kill them to have the cycling in Manchester etc  It's nice to have lots of velodromes but not if it's a case of building a new one whilst an existing one is shutting down.   Other sports must have equivalents too.   

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