Beginners program

So...I think I'm the 'newest' beginner...I started running last night! I am VERY determined to keep it going. BUT, there is absolutely NO WAY I'm going outside (the world really isn't ready for it...) so I've developed my own beginners plan. I'm running the length of my lounge/dining room 50 times (10 at a time with a walk in between).And I'm going to increase this weekly. I reckon that I should be hitting the pavement by about September? Or I could put a bag on my head. Any ideas to make my running more interesting? (I'm not decorating before anyone suggests that)


  • why not go outside?

    if there's absolutely no way you'll consider it, why not join a gym and use treadmills - boring, but less so than 50 laps of the living room... if you join any of the chains (cannons etc) there are loads of absolute beginners and no need to feel self conscious
  • Good for you!!!!
    I started to run in January,and like you, i was worried about running outside,but honestly you meet all shapes and sizes whilst running,and what you have to remember is that you have had the nerve to get out there and get running..most of the people watching will think that also..its just the few idiots who spoi it!..DON'T LET EM !!!!!! ok?

    Good Luck to you mate..........
  • Why not try running very early n the morning
    hardly anyone about then, and those that are are half asleep

    by the time its dark in the mornings, you wont care
  • Thanks all!
    Just off to do my 50 laps now...
    Then, I think, to bed..
  • Congratulations on becoming a runner, Plodfather! I know running outside can feel daunting. Most people will just be very impressed!

    Using a treadmill is a great idea. Also, do you have a friend you could persuade to go out running with you? On days when I need to be at home, I just throw a ball around the garden for the dog and chase her! You just need to find out what works for you.

    I'm sure you'll be tempted into running outside very soon. I'm worried that your carpet will be worn out pretty fast otherwise! :)

    Good luck and let us know how you're getting on.
  • Wow, how big is your lounge?
  • I think you're bonkers doing laps in the living room.

    It's lovely outside, and all sorts of shapes and sizes plod along. It's much better for you than twisting and turning.. I'd be a bit worried about straining your ankles.

    Go on, you can do it. Try and build up using some of the beginners schedules here. Or do a treadmill if you really don't want to go outside.

    btw, most people in here are obsessive bonkers anyway, so welcome to the club. But it's the first time I've heard of people training by running up and down in their lounge...
  • obsessive bonkers?

  • I've never bonked an obsessive in my life.

    Actually, that's not true.

    Plodfather. If I can run outside, anybody can. Please don't be shy. Just do it! Or get on that treadmill. And enjoy!!
  • Plodfather, go outside.
    If you feel embarrassed put on a normal pair of shorts and t-shirt but wear your running shoes,
    and pretend you are just out walking to the shop or post box or walking the dog.
    Keep a log and within a few days you will be hooked.

    You already are showing commitment so go on, be brave! You can do it.
  • probably best not bonk obsessively outside though
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