Running tights etiquette



  • fb - i did mean running lycra shorts...... its just that all my years as a footballer leads me to call them cycling shorts!!
  • She's got bigger biceps and smaller boobs than me image
  • Best. Link. Ever.
  • Good heavens. She'll catch her death  image
  • I just watched that at work - its quite likely I'll get sacked at somepoint soon now!
  • Quality grouting. I like that 'wet t-shirt contest' has cross linguistic divides too.

  • how can she have a decent shower wearing kit?? pah......


  • Blimey.  She's fit.


  • I am amazed that this thread has been going for so long.

    Im with FB in the 'get over it' camp.

    44 - so you wear lycra/cycling shorts for a reason. As for them being white?.....get another colour/pair...jsut a suggestion thats all. I have some Vulkan shorts that i got from and they are really really good.....tough/and supportive...and a bargain at £8.

    I even have a white pair that I wore on sunny days while doing LeJog...making sure i had appropriate undies to prevent the see-through thing that that brilliant video highlighted!!!

  • I have said this too many times. IMO under no circumstances should men wear 3/4 length tights.  Long tights, sprint tights, lycra shorts, tracksters are fine. 3/4 length ones. No.
  • why?
  • and so the discussion starts again................
  • I 2was initially quite shy abbout running the streets in indecent lycra shorts, but now I feel wonderfully liberated and if it wasn't for the subsequent ASBO....
  • I wear 3/4 ones although they are probably more 2/3 (just over the knee). I think they are great, don't have the zips that full length ones have. Will wear full lengths when the weather gets colder. I'd never wear baggy / loose fitting shorts again.
  • Men should wear shorts or tights and nothing in between. Capri's are definitely for the girls. IMO you don't wear anything underneath your lycra and nothing over it. Underwear creates unnecessary chafing spots. And why would you create layers over the lycra? As long as you are running, you wear the appropriate outfit and don't have to feel ashamed about anything. As long as we run we're the ambassadors of a healthy life style, so we're not the ones to feel ambarrased about anything! The moment you stop running and will go buying a bread, everything changes however, please wear something additional, otherwise everybody will be staring downwards...

    Well built men and women both look excellent in tight fitting lycra, it enhances the sportive looks. So: DO run in your lycra and enjoy your run!
  • Tracksters - only for the over 50's

    3/4 lengths on men..NO NO NO NO NO! (said in a Ben Kingsley 'sexy beast' stylee). They look gay, no 3 ways about it image

    What about those compression things that look like women's stockings??...dear god.

  • The woman in the shower really ought to know that you wear flesh coloured undies under white clothes.  No two ways about it image.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    "Tracksters - only for the over 50's"

    Phew. I'm alright then!

  • I remember when wearing anything lycra was considered to be a bit girly. After I decided to avoid ribbing by my mates on a ten mile run my inner thighs were raw and blood was covering my legs.

    So as previously stated - wear tights or three quarters. Its not as though running gear is flattering at the best of times and you'll be well past anyone before they can comment anyway.
  • FU all if I'm going to be told what to wear, I've got 3/4 lengths and they're great. Along with owning full length and lycra shorts...


  • 3/4 lengths on men just shouldn't be worn, total no no, shorts or tights, leave the 3/4 to the females who have the shape to get away with it.  Unless you're specifically wanting to look like the only gay runner in the village, don't do it!.
  • Can't understand this 'Gay' comment. Do gay men who run actively go out and purchase 3/4 length shorts?

    Is there also a stigma about gay men running?

    I wear 3/4 lengths , purely due to the benefits they give. If you're unsure of your own masculinity, or you really are that much of a tit that you worry that much how you look when you run .. maybe you should find another sport.

  • If you want to look more feminine that's fine go ahead and wear the 3/4 length jobbies.  Don't understand what specific 'benefits' you can get from wearing them mind you. 

     I do think you're deluding yourself if you say you're not at all worried about what you look like when you run, otherwise you'd just put on a brown sack and head out the door.  All of us have a certain level of vanity no matter what the occasion, otherwise you wouldn't choose to wear 3/4 length trousers, you obviously think they look good on you otherwise you wouldn't wear them.....  Obviously we don't all agree on that one but that's life.

  • "If you want to look more feminine that's fine go ahead and wear the 3/4 length jobbies"

    what's feminine about them? they're running tights for dog's sake. what defines feminine or masculine is the contents, not the bloody length.

    get over your Victorian attitudes and move into the 20th century at least
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    This backlash has gone too far.  I think I might get some now, since I've got the calves to pull it off.  Do they do men's 3/4 lengths with pink trim?

  • If you see the same bloke wearing a pair of regular running shorts and then see him wearing a pair of 3/4 length capri pants, he will look different and in my opinion more feminine in the 3/4 thingies.

    I couldn't really give two hoots if anyone wants to wear them, like I said if you're okay with the look then go for it.

    If you ask if I'm okay with all the rest of the current 'trends' for blokes to wear their jeans around their ankles and have silly coiffured hairstyles, then I think I'll stick with the 'Victorian' attitudes.

  • are you Victorian Dadfrom Viz??? image
  • MACbMACb ✭✭✭
    Wear what is practical and comfortable, simpel as that. I wear full length tights, they are the only legwear I can stand. They are comfortable and warm when needed, they also keep my legs clean from the mud. I wouldn't go for capris mind, they did look a little odd, not sure why, but just not for me.
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