Running tights etiquette



  • We have linguist in our midst!

    For the marshmallow, old bird..

    Diction for dress.

    dress (drs)
    v. dressed, dress·ing, dress·es
    a. To put clothes on; clothe.
    b. To furnish with clothing.
    2. To decorate or adorn: dress a Christmas tree.
    3. To garnish: dressed the side dish with parsley.
    4. To arrange a display in: dress a store window.
    5. To arrange (troops) in ranks; align.
    6. To apply medication, bandages, or other therapeutic materials to (a wound).
    7. To arrange and groom (the hair), as by styling, combing, or washing.
    8. To groom (an animal); curry.
    9. To cultivate (land or plants).
    10. To clean (fish or fowl) for cooking or sale.
    a. To put a finish on (stone or wood, for example).
    b. To tan or prepare (a hide) in leather-making.
    1. To put on clothes.
    2. To wear clothes of a certain kind or style: dresses casually.
    3. To wear formal clothes: dress for dinner.

    Ya, Running Tights!

  • does it matter if my big fat belly hangs over the front of my tights. my belly buttons going to get cold!!!!!
  • Jon Paul 2 wrote (see)
    For the marshmallow, old bird.. Diction for dress. dress (drs) v. dressed, dress·ing, dress·es Ya, Running Tights!

    So many!  Who knew!

    Heh -  I have running tights and didn't know - but sadly being a short bird they have to be rolled up somewhat which gives the illusion of my having (very) fat ankles - pffft

    I shall take scissors to them.

  • Heh -  I have running tights and didn't know - but sadly being a short bird they have to be rolled up somewhat which gives the illusion of my having (very) fat ankles - pffft

    I shall take scissors to them.

    Your such a Mottie...
  • Why thank you - unless, of course, you mean..... nooooo surely not!!

    *covers eyes

  • "Why thank you - unless, of course, you mean..... nooooo surely not!!

    *covers eyes"

    I'm serious what i say or mean and write, your welcome.

    Only have to correct your description of "fat ankles", do they jiggle or do you lose your finger pressing into them. There called kankles and everyone has beauty just sometimes they can't see it. Love yourself first, or who will.

    "does it matter if my big fat belly hangs over the front of my tights. my belly buttons going to get cold!!!!!"

    Unless you have a navel piercing and good piece of jewellery to show.
  • Sorry JP - I think we got lost in cyber translation.

    I was refering to the amount of rolled up tights (due to my short legs) material which gave the impression of 'fat ankles'. I don't actually have fat ankles - but if we're talking calf muscles - then blimey - I should play for England as a Prop. I blame all the years of weight-training and power-lifting that I did in the 80s and 90s .....soooo long ago image

  • well folks ive been thinking and i've came up with a great idea

    just ware the dam tights, and if u think u look like a wnkr in them stick a balaclava on as well.

    or 1 of em masks batman wears

  • I wear them on my run unless it is too hot or cold







  • Unless it's sub zero outside I usually go with the "Apollo Creed" crop top and hotpants combo!

    "Come on Stallion!!"

  • Took me ages to feel comfortable wearing these...but I'll never go back. It actually makes you faster and reduces the amount of things you have to worry about (like chafing). 

    If anything these days I feel proud to wear them. When I turned up to my first race with them and was making small talk at the start with someone he clearly thought I was going to be one of the top people simply because I had the lycra shorts on.

    We all get the odd comment or funny look but I give it right back and think to myself, "I'm part way through a run you couldn't contemplate. You're standing there drinking a Stella and smoking a fag. I know who's winning here."

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Jon Paul 2 wrote (see)
    3/4 tights have benefits, while long tights i have difficulty to understand the benefits of the zip up leg is old fashion of sorts. For one thing 3/4 or capri tights give compression at your knees joints and don't bunch up loosely like long tights at ankles. What is the deal with the ankle zipper for long tights. I understand people wore long tube socks and needed to unzip there tights to put them on or to adjust, but today who the hell wears long socks? We all now see men wear short ankle socks don't we? Only see dorks or geeks wear long socks or baseball, basketball, football players etc..which they need to have no choice of there uniform. As calling males who wear 3/4 running tight style for men gay or girly is unbelievable... It is that type of ignorant thinking that gays have a proclivity in wearing running tights more so then other males sounds so absurd. Anyone who speaks of this or writes about it is, dare i say, redneck or very immature person. This would be hurtful to gay people to hear even though they have no interest in wearing clothing like 3/4 tights or be associated with people wearing something they feel looks odd or ugly to there sense of manly style. If you ever notice gay men wear clothing much more masculine then a heterosexual male. I'm not into the gay scene or populous but what i observed from gay males time to time on there attire, it is more conservative refined and to the liking of many mainstream people. The insane thinking that clothes have something to do with your sexual preference is preposterous. These hatting group opinions are very foolish, in clothing make or say, something about sexual predisposition. As if you called every black man N**er because it suited your view. Saying every N**er either plays sports, sings, deals drugs and abandons there children or is in prison. What does it say about you when you agree or say these things to black people in general? The same goes to when you slander or label falsely men who are pleasant, decent, respectful heterosexual working out in adequate 3/4 running tight attire or leggings how's that make them feel? For those who judge men who are not suppose to wear 3/4 capri tights only that women look good in. Last time i checked men have legs and haven't grown a tail in the back of there ass. Most men who are fit have tapered legs, ankles, to calves, to knees, to thighs and narrow hips. While many today's women get away having no shape to there lower body only to be described as elephant leg syndrome, don't need to say, or describe, what i mean, it does not look very attractive. While women routinely go out wearing tights, as if they got nothing to wear buying bread. Men finishing or in route do the same as women buying bread it is frowned upon as incorrect same standard should be kept for the gals. I know when i complete my workouts in the gym i change into street clothing when doing errands afterwords or walking to my car. Same consideration should be dawned onto women's clothing when they walk around civilization, stop from being lazy and change out of your smelly sweaty clothes, please.. Let's not judge people on what they wear or how they look accept people that are different not in a bad way but respectful. By changing peoples opinions on accepting men wearing capri tights as normal mainstream workout clothes for both genders. Only then we all can get rid of hatting, mockery and foolish childish behavior some people generally feel they need to write about or spew out of there mouth like snake venom. Even those who say nothing and don't accept the clothing of choice men can pickup mocking looks or ill will feeling from others without hearing a word.


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭


  • Oh, for goodness sake! Who are you (JP) to judge anyway? People can wear what they like. If they have chunky legs or whatever, so bloody what?
  • Thank you Patrick, for dragging up a two year old thread and posting pics of yourself.

    I think people should wear what they feel comfortable wearing but there is a line to be drawn somewhere. No one wants to draw attention to themselves for the wrong reasons. There is a reason why some clothing is designed to fit men, and some to fit women.

    Me? I looked at some Nike and some Ron Hill running tights the other day, purely because of a particularly bad weather marathon, if I was to do a winter fell run I might be tempted.

    If it's cold enough for me to wear long trousers for a long run, then there will be ice about and I'll be only running short runs.
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Patrick's pictures put me right off my Sunday lunch!
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Two year old post! why you're right.

    People have been shot for less.

    I wouldn't been seen dead wearing close fitting tights. My arse almost scrapes the ground.

  • Clothes....








     Hmmm ... not sure ... any opinions?

  • Why does anyone compare clothing to sexual disposition?

    One has something to do with the other?

    Clothing is suppose to be practical, correct? For cold we wear more insulated fabrics not exposing skin.. In the heat we need our clothes to breath release the moisture from our bodies.. This is all sensible, why do others not understand this basic need and pick on lycra wearing males?

    Only because lycra wearing male has the confidence to wear it comments from others of ridicule follows. Its not valid or smart..
  • i wear running tights all the time if the temp is low, i wear shorts over the tops to keep me warmer, as i dont wear underwear when running (it chafes) and to carry my phone gels etc.

    nothing wrong with them, anyone who says there is clearly isnt a runner... i would like to see anyone run longdistances comfortably in close to freezing temps without them...

  • Bloody hell. The knuckle dragging, try-hard macho attitude applied to tights from some on here is akin to when rugger buggers claim their sport is better than another because no one cheats.

  • tights are gay? wtf? who cares

  • Don't believe i protest to much. Frankly i keep a low key approach around others knowing there dismay about my choice of clothing.

    Feel i stand up for myself or others who wear tights on this forum... Being labeled gay is juvinile and frankly disappointing on peoples behavior atitude towards male attire..

    The whole notion of the label gay towards clothing is tiresome and invalid.. Call someone wearing what other males think is gay or straight because it is unique versus the norm of what others wear is stupid ridicule or narrow minded individuals...

    Rather not know people who slander falsely males because of what clothing they wear. This is simply discrimination and bias towards lycra tight sportwear.. If you fall in that group your comparable to a racist or bigett plain and simple..

    People like those i described are useless individuals walking on this earth..

    Thinking that male in tights looks gay or is one says alot about the individual

    ridiculing. Ask yourself seeing a male in tights turns you on thus you need to label someone as gay laughing for what your feeling... In reality your bias label in turn to say he looks gay is a defense mechanism hiding your true homosexual desires.. If a straight male sees a man in tights and appreciates his appearance commenting how well he looks is one individual that is secure in his sexuality..
  • Understand people misuse words. Doesn't make it alright or excuse to be disregarded..

    Had friend say to me he found certain concert goers terrible what they wore saying it looks gay, faggy, disgusting don't want to accociate with these sorts of people..

    What does that description or mindset say to respectful minority who are gay? Just shaking my head at the commentary being unfair and out of line that needs correcting, not encouraged or passive outlook..

    People have been frightened to say nice things to me only because it maybe miscontrued.. What society we live in when people can't compliment others only be regarded as gay or slutty.

    Had couple talking about me overhearing the man saying to his wife he would like to compliment me on my tights and how i look but was afraid i may misconstrue as a gay overture.

    Same is true with women who are afraid to compliment me on my body in lycra swimwear. Married Woman believe i may take it the wrong way and feel they are hitting on me while in reality they want to be kind and respectful.. So people have become mice hiding there friendly thoughts or comments because soiciety will think the worst..

    Guessing it's so much easier to hate and be crass to others making a joke out of a minority group which you despise for whatever reason... That is plain evil, simply put nothing ever good comes from it... Suppose the smiles you gather from like minded peers makes you feel better and appreaciated as good sense of humor and personality to expense of one lonely soul...
  • JP - with respect, this does seem to be a bit of a pre-occupation.  Do you really have that many confrontational situations relating to the way other people view what you wear to partake in sport?  Or are you just imagining it?

    If I ever want to reassert confidence in my own sexuality I usually reach for the skinsuit.  Mmm!


  • WiBWiB ✭✭✭

    Tights are just a transition step towards a unitard. image Who likes short shorts?!

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