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  • we haven't seem to move on from this. Just wear what you're comfortable in. If you're concerned about shape showing out from tights, just wear something under. I read in some forums ago, runners wear underwear, some also suggested a dance belt" to be a good alternative as it works for ballet dancers in white tights!

    I wear skins half tights during summer, 2xu long tights during winter. I recently bought the Nike Swift Gyakusou range which has very cool designs. I wouldn't want anything over my tights when I invested £100 on it.

    Why would anyone be so conscious of how they look in the front when they are running? Spectators would only have a glimpse of you for 3-4secs when you run pass them. I haven't come across anyone running in front would bother looking behind just to gawk at your front. Anyone who does has a different intention from running.

    Hope this helps.

  • Believe i only vent what i observe from others about my lycra tight clothing with many years of reflection wearing them.. Yes people have commented to others enough for me to clearly hear what haters they are and what they think of me. Save everyone the horrible things they say without regard that they don't care to hurt my feelings or make me out as an outcast..

    As regards in feeling self concious about hanging it all out there believe me when i say i got it all covered in that respect. Not that i hide or wear clothing to coverup quite the opposite being i'm not self consious being a nudist... Not afraid of showing my body off or shy about it.. Yet very respectful wearing a cod piece and thong for the sake of no offending others...

    Yet i still can't imagine why others are pointing fingers while most are use to seeing me tend to ignore me and label as a weirdo... With my experience observing behavior from others about what i wear, easily i can know when group or crowd of people don't appreaciate my lycra attire.. Through basic body language and other tells it is easy to know what there thinking or saying about what i'm wearing, overheard it all and it's mostly bad or just amusement from looking upon me...

    Would i trade wearing "normal" clothes versus my tights not at all because i know it works and practical to wear.. Rather be comfortable in clothes rather then miserable and regretting not wearing tight clothing only because of criticim...
  • This is in your head, no one really gives a toss. Do you run or just wear the stuff, agree with Philpub this is a massive pre-occupation of your own making

  • Suppose everyone is correct about my views... If my haters and there are some protest constantly telling others trying to embarrass me about wearing tights, has to be a reason why...

    I've concluded if they protest enough being my worst haters in reality they desire me in some strange level.. Sort of like a child pulling girls pigtails in school liking her but being mean and crule at the same time.. Guess some females really like me to some extent but prefer if i wore something other then tights, thus the obsessIon of my clothing. Also i ignore others if they have strong negative feelings about my clothing.. Thus some want to go beyond the norm of hate to get a reaction from me and aknowledge there correct and take there advice...

    As for being preoccupied by it only when i see peoples sly grins looking down upon me as there better then me.. Not in my head just years of years of careful observation of people finding me as a joke wearing what i do.

    Leave you with one quote. My mind is like an elephant i never forget the cruel things they say! Some say i may have more in common with elephant then there brains looking upon me in the front.. Thus the ladies want to get to know what i really got hidden so tightly down there... Everytime i do alternating bent leg abdominal crunches always women feel it is a good opportunity to stare upon me... Suppose there is slight envy and intrigue when people see me in tights. While others feel i look confident to wearing tights i must have a big ego thus the need to put me down. Never have i thought i was showing off my big bulge for everyone to see on purpose. Yet others feel the need to look at it first then any part of my body.. Yes, some females have commented on how big it is, having made fun upon how i look so unsymetrical...small hands and fingers asking how on earth could i possibly masterbate or walk correctly with three legs... There jokes not mine that i overhear...

    So ya, i suppose envy is a factor when others look at me..
  • Easy Dave!

  • JP - Surely more impressive if it just falls out of your shorts and you finish a track session looking like the Isle of Man flag?

  • Doubt gay guys are interested.. What I observed or heard gay males prefer generic manly men also attired such... No gay likes a male who is attired looking like a female in tight clothing is a turn on to them...

    Yet same is true with females not desiring males in female tight wearing style clothing. Have overheard women chat to why on earth does i wear such tight clothes, either he is just crazy, weird or probably gay....

    In many or all cases women feel a turnoff when I dress in tights.. Seemingly they find me attractive but the clothes are a total turn off thus a deal breaker to them....

    Even gay guys who workout with female friends stare confused and repulsed to why on earth do I make a spectacle of oneself..

    As many believe or some think only reason to wear tights is to show off my bulge is not true...

    If I do want to show off I go to the pool and with thin wet layer of fabric squeezing my penis wearing a tiny bikini brief... Then I can agree with my critics I enjoy showing off and letting my female haters know in great detail what I'm sporting.. Only reaction is big smiles and mouth open ajar not taking there eyes off me.. Then all the stares and looks are justified but commentary is not issue many are speechless. Nobody not even a soul dares to ridicule me then only smiling or subtly leering to see more close up view or just shocked never seeing someone so bold..

    Only negative reaction was from one tight hating female critic which considers me as someone that has no modesty allowing anyone seeing my privates in plain view through thin sheer like Lycra swimwear without regard of anyone's feelings.... Yet she was my biggest fan reacting to me initially at the pool.. Suppose some can't get me out of there perverted sexual frustrated minds..
  • *...backs away slowly from thread...*

  • Thought you people would be more mature and understanding with my afliction.. Guess it would be to much to ask for some compansion or sober thoughts. Yet your typical of juvinile behavior i'm attacked semi regularly..

    Yet not once have i given anyone of you reason to attack me..

    It is so easy to spew hate although i will not stoop to anyone's level to go after them..

    Only say, bigger man's manhood is, the more females interest about him.. Don't want to rub it in but some here are envious about me thus the sexual enuendo attacks... Guessing some here are so smart they need to bring up sexual orientation as humor, really so clever....

    Yet i know i enjoy certain females and some not all just lust after me in whatever i wear. While most women prefer me to wear nothing at all showing plenty of smooth buffed skin... Being an avid cyclist and swimmer..
  • this thread is hilarious.  Is JP2 currently doing a "men in tights" degree at Cambridge?   

    Personally, I wear running tights for running and at the gym and I do not give a shit what anyone thinks or says. My wife likes seeing me wearing them and that is all that matters to me. 

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I think he has a strange obsession with tights and Lycra. I'm yet to see him post on any running related subjects.
  • This thread has descended into plain creepiness.

  • My affliction is wearing which is so commonly worn in society for relaxed comfortable casual clothing..(leggings tights for woman)...

    The problem being my complaint or hardship about others bias thoughts or treatment of me. Be it they respect me much less thinking I'm weird causing me to be simply mocked as an easy target. My belief is clothes are just that nothing more. We use it to stay warm, to protect our skin, release and regulate body temperature.. Also stay comfortable that is why so many females wear leggings on the street or couch rather then the gym..

    Don't understand why females are do easily amused seeing any male wearing leggings in a fitness atmosphere what they see woman wear commonly on the street regularly...

    What bothers me is the females sudden shocked stares stopping and giggles or making comments to others not ever seeing any male wear what they perceive or she might wear to workout in...

    Others say they don't care how they are perceived by people wearing tights... Maybe it bothers me with the prejudice of woman can wear that but a man can't or should never... Feel society makes rules of attire and if you go out of the norm you will pay a price or very least get ridiculed as outcast....

    People have said while wearing lycra tight clothes I may have a fetish.. Don't know why if a male wears something like running leggings, tight shorts, Capri tights to workout in he must have a problem.. Yet if a women wears it she isn't labeled weird.

    Yet when I try to have a discussion about it on a forum about running tights I'm questioned having an obsession.. It's not like I breath every moment about tights or wear them unlike many females who wear them 24/7 and don't do anything remotely athletic...

    Like to have others talk about there plight be it positive or negative rather then dismissing or getting off the topic as being overly sensitive to others....
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭

    J P, do you ever contribute to anything "running" related on this forum that doesn`t involve lycra based clothing?

  • What a top quality thread, centred around some truly remarkable posting from JP2 as we all strive to get the image of his "tiny hands" struggling to control his moist mankini covered mega-schlong out of our heads

    Why not post some photos of your top 20 lycra outfits for us all to comment on JP2 ??


  • ** Tights, tights, tights **

    The crowd are going wild !!!

  • Millsy1977 wrote (see)
    I think he has a strange obsession with tights and Lycra. I'm yet to see him post on any running related subjects.

    You took the words right out of mouth Millsy. The way JP2 keeps coming back to this thread - there's some onsessional behaviour there.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    I wore some of these items once. 

    Running past a guy and his girl-friend I overheard him remark "F me!, look at the arse on that c..t!"

    As I said.


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