Suicide Six



  • I ran through Himley/Baggeridge on Sunday morning and there was not much water in the stream. Pretty muddy elsewhere though........
  • wot did every1 think? it was my first time, i really enjoyed it. really muddy in some streches, but i mastered the jump into the stream. Will be doing it again next yr, but certainly will be wearing spikes - i reckon that will take a couple of minutes off my time
  • Brilliant today. Took 1400 photo's at the water jump. That chap with the Toy Aligator wrestling in the water was a brilliant stunt. Results now coming up on West Midlands Running Scene
  • My first time today too Matt, thought it was every bit as good as I expected. A really good fun event. Managed to stay on my feet through the watercrossing but someone right behind me fell over and I was soaked by the bow wave! I have written a review of it
  • Gywn, are you from WABAC?  ...cheers for the pics brian, i did a masterpeice of a long jump into the stream, hopefully u captured it!
  • Matt, yes I'm from Wolves & Bilston, you do know me and we have run together in training . Good showing today from the club, first lady and second man. You ran a good time too I see, well done! See you on Tuesday.

    Looking forward to seeing the rest of Brian's photos, he does a fantastic job at all the local events. Thanks Brian, keep up the good work!

  • Yes gwyn, its tall ginger mat (the new lad) - im workin evenings this week and away the weekend so wont b there this week. i shall be running by myself in the mornings... so ill see u at trainin the week after
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