New Running Groups

Run in England are setting up beginners running groups throughout England. Members are charged £20 each for membership plus probably £2 for each training run.

These groups could save a lot of money by affiliating to the Association of Running Clubs (ARC). Affiliation to ARC would cost approximately £2 per member. Affiliation to ARC provides liability insurance under the ARC Group insurance policy.


  • I was reading about that yesterday. I thought the training might be useful, not sure I've got £90 kicking around though.
  • Bikermouse

    When I did my club coach training through SEAA my club paid the fees.  image

    Thats an EA registered club not an ARC registered club.  image

    Maybe you could talk to your committee if you are a club member ?

  • Anybody can enrol in England Athletics training courses whether they are a member of an EA registered club or not.

    To answer UFO's comment. ARC has 178 member clubs and organisations. It provides liability insurance for 13400 individual club members. It has issued permits for 250 races to be held during 2010. It has substantial funds and is sustainable in the long term. Quite a large organisation now.

    In the face of Government cuts are UKAthletics and England Athletics sustainable after the Olympics in 2012 ? I suspect not in their present form.

  • Lets all use the UKA & EA for their courses & qualifications...............................

     Then form an association and tell everyone how cheap we are...........

    Then let us make statements deriding their future financial implosion....................

    BUGGER...............Already been done.

  • Bikermouse,

    you would probably get subsidised by UKA for doing the course

  • Bikila

    ARC is a not for profit company. Nobody at ARC is paid for their services. ARC receives no public funding.

    England Athletics receive  £5,000,000 per annum funding from the taxpayer and the lottery. England Athletics put on the courses but the costs are all covered by the charges. ARC do not at the moment wish to compete with EA in the provision of coach education.

    ARC do have written Guidance for leaders of Endurance Training Groups, they do not require their run leaders to attend training courses provided that they have sufficient experience.

    If there was sufficient demand ARC would put on training courses. It would cost nothing since costs would be covered by charges..

  • i refer you to my original post   imageimageimage
  • Apathy has a long history of turning to regret!  image
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